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Ideologies can be rated for relative censorability as an indication of long-term strength.
Since impirical empirical data for '''<math>x</math>''', '''E''', and '''t''' is are currently unavailable for the examples of censorability below, we have assumed values of '''c''' and '''o''' which will produce the correct answers as determined by faith and logic.
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|Virtually impossible to censor; it is manifested in many intrinsic ways. [[Pro-aborts]] have tried with every power imaginable to censor [[pro-lifers]] for 40 years, and even [[Feminist Bible|distorted translations of pro-life references ]] in the [[Bible]], and yet pro-life sentiment grows stronger daily.
|[[Tea Party Movement]]
|[[Liberals]] haven't been able to censor it yet, but are trying very hard.
|Military recruitment
|[[Anti-war]] liberals often try to shut down recruitment centers with protests most notably on college campuses, with little success.
|Opposition to the [[Homosexual agenda]]
|By claiming that criticism of immoral and unhealthy lifestyles is "bigotry," pro-homosexual activists are able to censor critiques of their political agenda.
|Absent from virtually every public school curriculum world-wide worldwide
|[[Classroom prayer]]
|Banned for over a hundred million by the actions of a handful
Over time, movements that are relatively difficult to censor -- icensor—i.e., have a low censorability -- can censorability—can thrive. An example is the [[pro-life]] movement: it has virtually a perfect "0%" censorability.
== Censor-Prone Environments ==
Different media, institutions and environments are more censor-prone than others. Colleges are extremely censor-prone environment, perhaps due to a small group of people acting with no accountability. The [[internet]] is at the opposite end of the spectrum, and is relatively immune to censorship, except in the case of an authoritarian country, where bugs are implanted into computers.
Most censored speech includes:
Ideas and movements' censorability is affected by various factors, including:
* How easily the idea can be taken out of context
* How easily the idea can be distorted and connected with negative ideas (iei.e. falsely claiming opposition to affirmative action is racism)
* How complex the idea is, or how much background is required to understand it (complex ideas are easy to obfuscate, while simple ideas are hard to censor)
== Ways to Reduce Censorability ==
Quantification of censorability may facilitate reducing the censorability of a movement or good idea. Just as exercise improves physical conditioning, there may be techniques for enhancing the resilient attributes of a message.From the above equation, there are two general obvious ways to reduce censorability: reduce '''c''', or increase '''o'''. Specifically, some methods to reduce censorability:* Use rote learning to repeat a message, then when words are altered, the difference is obvious. In the [[Pledge of Allegiance]], the line ''"One nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all"'' will seem different when "under God" is removed. The rote repetition can reveal censorship.* Repeat a core message multiple times on a page, such as at the top, middle, and bottom. If one gets censored, the others might remain.* Reword a core message, after stating the rote form, using different words to avoid a global "search-and-replace" of all identical wording. The [[commandment]], ''"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"'' could be explained, later, as, "Do not tell lies about another member or person in your area". If the term "[[false witness]]" is removed, perhaps the other wording will remain.* Repeat a core message on multiple pages, or in multiple images, so that censorship of all instances will require an enormous amount of effort, or reveal suspicious gaps. On some obelisks of [[Ancient Egypt]], the gaps in the [[hieroglyphic writing]], carved in stone, reveal how names or words have been chiseled away and censored. 
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