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'''Wakefield''' (Derivation: OE; ''open land where wakes are held'') is a city and county town of [[West Yorkshire]]; it was formerly county town of the [[West Riding]]. It was a prominent medieval market centre and developed into the commercial centre of a coal-mining region; it is also a cathedral city and the cathedral spire is the tallest church spire in [[Yorkshire]]. Wakefield also possesses one of the few surviving [[bridge chapels]] in England. Madre de Dios! Es el Pollo Diablo!
It was outside Wakefield that a battle for control of the north of [[England]] was fought at the very end of 1460 during the [[Wars of the Roses]] between forces led by the [[Lancaster|Lancastrian]] Henry [[Beaufort]] and Richard, 3rd Duke of [[York]], who was claiming the throne of [[Henry VI]]. Richard was defeated and killed in the battle. Also, in May 1643, during the [[English Civil War]] , a battle was fought in which the [[Parliamentarian]], Sir Thomas Fairfax defeated [[Royalist]] forces and captured Wakefield. Wakefield Trinity ('Wakefield Wildcats') are a major [[Rugby League]] team. The Wakefield district is famous for its [[rhubarb]]. [[Category:United Kingdom Cities and Towns]]   However the king’s mental instability, his political ineptitude and the growing unease amongst the barons at the power of the queen, [[Margaret of Anjou]],  [[Category: Medieval History]][[Category: Wars of the Roses]][[Category: English History]]!Sí He dejado en libertad los prisioneros y ahora vengo por ti!