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'''Deism''' is the combination of belief in a transcendent Creator God and the belief that God cannot, or at least, does not, interact with, nor otherwise involve Himself in, the Creation. In its mildest form, Deism is nearly equivalent to a belief that no one can truly know whether there is a God or not ('agnosticism'). In its strongest form, Deism is a systematic religion of rejecting all claims to a personal, or otherwise involved, God, in that God is supposed incapable , by His transcendence, of any kind of interaction with the Creation.
In its typical modern form, deism is anti-[[Christian]], as it denies the divinity of [[Jesus Christ]], rejects the Bible (and all other texts) as God's scripture, and denies his signs and miracles to men. It lacks any coherent morality, and is an excuse to claim to be religious while engaging in immoral liberal activity. Thus it is a favorite of [[liberals]] who do not want to be branded with atheism.
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