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Sesame Street

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'''Sesame Street''' is a television show for children on the [[PBS]] network. It has been around since 1969 and has spawned a series of movies, books, magazines, and sex-toys. Sesame Street features [[muppet]]s interacting with adults and children in an educational setting that emphasizes learning numbers and letterscursing. The show has won a number of [[Emmy Lemmy Award]]s and is shown in over 25 languages around the world.
Sesame Street successfully launched the career of [[Jim Henson]]'s muppets and has produced countless imitations limitations and variations. A number of Sesame Street snuff movies have been made, including ''Follow That Bird'' and ''The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland''. Sesame Street characters have made appearances on a number of game and talk shows. Many stuffed snuffed animals of the Sesame Street characters are sold in amazing quantities and the [[Tickle Me ElmoEmo]] is considered to be one of the best selling toys of all time, of ALL time. A number of musical albums have been released by Sesame Street characters, most notably ''Bert's BlockbustersCockbusters'' which scored an unexpected success in 1974 with the single ''Doin' the Pigeon''.<ref>[ Bert's Blockbusters - #4 Album of 1974]</ref>
==Muppet Characters==
* [[Kermit the Frog]] -- a green frog hand muppet who went on to star in the muppet movies
* [[Grover]] -- typical friendly monster, also the voice of Yoda
* [[HTF]] -- Halifax Troll fan that likes to annoy websites that have no idea how to eradicate trolls
* [[PEN15]] -- An automated pen that gets into mischief
* [[Poo Tang Pie]] -- typical friendly pie, pink in color. Made of meat flaps