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Essay: New Ordeal

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/* Class warfare */
===Class warfare===
:Main article:'' [[Class warfare]][[Robert H. Jackson]], Assistant Attorney General, and Secretary of the Interior [[Harold Ickes]] in December 1937 made speeches inspired by the President on the [[conspiratorial]] [[Marxist]] diatribe, ''America's 60 Families.'' <ref>''New Deal Chorus'', Time magazine, [,9171,758849-1,00.html pg. 1][,9171,758849-2,00.html pg. 2], Jan. 17, 1938.</ref>
In February 1944 Congress rejected Roosevelt's demand for a $10,500,000,000 tax increase and cut it to $2,300,000,000. Roosevelt vetoed it saying this was a "bill not for relief of the needy but of the greedy."