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[[Image:Mcc2.JPG|right|thumb|285px|McCarthy at a fund-raising dinner in 1954]]
The word '''McCarthyism''' according to journalist Phil Brennan "was coined by columnist Herbert Block in in the bowels Washington Post in March of NKVD headquarters at 3 Dzerzhinsky Square in Moscow and first published in the Communist ''[[Daily Worker]],'' Moscow’s U.S. house organ with the justified belief that it would be enthusiastically picked up and used by America’s useful liberal idiots." <ref>[{45A7D4B2-DD6F-4B87-934A-F1811BD31FC5} Symposium: Treason?], By Jamie Glazov, , July 25, 20031950.</ref>
It is a derogatory and misleading term, based on false premises. First, Senator McCarthy had nothing to do with the [[House Un-American Activities Committee]] or the [[Hollywood Blacklist]]. Second, and more important, it was not true that all McCarthy called to testify were innocent or that liberals were merely defending [[civil liberties]].