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Kent Grusendorf

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/* Political life */
A [[conservative]] in Republican circles, Grusendorf in 2006 lost renomination for an eleventh two-year term to [[Diane Patrick]], a college teacher considered a moderate member of the GOP. In the 2005 legislative session, Grusendorf was the chairman of the House Education Committee and a long-time advocate of school vouchers. Patrick, backed by the teacher unions, made Grusendorf's support for vochers key to her upset victory.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=In Search of a New Agenda: What to look for in the 2007 Texas Legislature, January 12, 2007||accessdate=September 15, 2011}}</ref> In the primary held on March 7, 2006, Patrick polled 5,973 votes (58 percent) to Grusendorf's 4,308 (41.9 percent).<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Republican primary election returns, March 7, 2006||accessdate=September 15, 2011}}</ref> By contrast in the 1992 primary, Grusendorf had defeated T. Arthur Andrews, 7,222 (78.7 percent) to 1,950 (21.3 percent).<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Republican primary election returns, March 10, 1992||accessdate=September 15, 2011}}</ref>
Grusendorf benefited from two campaign appearances on his behalf by Governor Perry, who stressed their common views on education. Grusendorf has supported a $2 billion increase in educational funding but not the $10 billion then advocated by the public school lobby. Ultimately, Grusendorf blamed his defeat on Democratic crossover voters who had not previously participated in Republican primaries in Tarrant County, of which [[Fort Worth]] is the county seat.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Patrick would give schools a new voice, March 9, 2006||accessdate=September 15, 2011}}</ref>
Oddly only eight days before he lost to Diane Patrick, Grusendorf transferred $58,000 in unused funds from his 2006 campaign committee to the Campaign for Republican Leadership, his [[political action committee]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Kent Grusendorf Campaign Committee||accessdate=September 15, 2011}}</ref>
After his divorce from the former Nancy Todd, Grusendorf married and was by the year 2000 divorced from the former Barbara Lynn Thompson, a Republican activist and a Texas elector in 2004 for [[U.S. President]] [[George W. Bush]].<ref>List of United States presidential electors, 2004</ref>
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