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|[[Anti-war]] liberals often try to shut down recruitment centers with protests most notably on college campuses, with little success.
|Opposition to the [[Homosexual agenda]]
|By claiming that criticism of immoral and unhealthy lifestyles is "bigotry," pro-homosexual activists are able to censor critiques of their political agenda.
|Absent from virtually every public school curriculum world-wide worldwide
|[[Classroom prayer]]
|Banned for over a hundred million by the actions of a handful
Over time, movements that are relatively difficult to censor -- icensor—i.e., have a low censorability -- can censorability—can thrive. An example is the [[pro-life]] movement: it has virtually a perfect "0%" censorability.
== Censor-Prone Environments ==
Ideas and movements' censorability is affected by various factors, including:
* How easily the idea can be taken out of context
* How easily the idea can be distorted and connected with negative ideas (iei.e. falsely claiming opposition to affirmative action is racism)
* How complex the idea is, or how much background is required to understand it (complex ideas are easy to obfuscate, while simple ideas are hard to censor)
* Use rote learning to repeat a message, then when words are altered, the difference is obvious. In the [[Pledge of Allegiance]], the line ''"One nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all"'' will seem different when "under God" is removed. The rote repetition can reveal censorship.
* Repeat a core message multiple times on a page, such as at the top, middle, and bottom. If one gets censored, the others might remain.
* Reword a core message, after stating the rote form, using different words to avoid a global "search-and-replace" of all identical wording. The [[commandment]], ''"Thou shalt not bear false witness against they thy neighbor"'' could be explained, later, as, "Do not tell lies about another member or person in your area". If the term "[[false witness]]" is removed, perhaps the other wording will remain.
* Repeat a core message on multiple pages, or in multiple images, so that censorship of all instances will require an enormous amount of effort, or reveal suspicious gaps. On some obelisks of [[Ancient Egypt]], the gaps in the [[hieroglyphic writing]], carved in stone, reveal how names or words have been chiseled away and censored.
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