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Hello, my friend!--[[User:JamesWilson|JamesWilson]] 01:19, 17 July 2011 (EDT)
Intro:Brian Macdonald, aka Karajou, was challenged by his long-time nemesis, “He who can’t be blocked”, to a duel. Three times the challenge was posted == Comments on RobS and three times it was deleted by Brian’s acolytes. But one day, Fat Brian reacted and posted a message, which in turn was followed by the best example of what happens when one breaks that golden wiki rule: DON’T FEED THE TROLL.Conservative ==
Behold Brian Macdonald’s dense stupidityI urge you to reconsider making comments on the current debate between User:RobS and Conservative. let us find solutions instead of blaming one another. If you are a Christian you'll understand that politeness and consideration will go further than sneering and blaming. Thanks and I hope we can work together. [[User:MaxFletcher|MaxFletcher]] 23:50, 28 July 2011 (EDT):Perhaps you are right. I think it is best we let Andy make his decision. Sysops are normally supposed to be the ones who settle disputes, but what happens when the sysops get into disputes? Mr. Schlafly is the only one who can truly settle this. [[User:NickP|NickP]] 23:54, 28 July 2011 (EDT)::Thanks you, this is getting out of hand already. [[User:MaxFletcher|MaxFletcher]] 23:56, 28 July 2011 (EDT)
== re: your request for private communication ==
''Fight at 226 N. Thompson Lane I put in a request for the Boro...private email to be restored and this time it's at October 24th, 2011. Two days ago it was the 20thowner of the website is weighing the pros and cons of restoring that function. Last week I did offer some benefits of reinstating it was , but the 17thowner of the website had some good points about not restoring it. Message Secondly, I have a feeling you wanted to communicate with me privately concerning RobS and while I appreciate your concern, I am not going to be drawn into contention with RobS so I believe the trollmatter is a moot point. [[User: quit working for KMart! Karajou 17Conservative|Conservative]] 15:0127, 19 October 30 July 2011 (EDT) ''
***==Sockpuppet==I had to change the date obviously because you kept hiding from meHe is a sockpuppet of a clown calling himself "Jensen", and with less brains than a dead fish. The first time All he does is engage in harassment, behind Schlaflybecause that's all he can do. The second time So, behind he gets blocked on sight and a womanlittle more. The last time [[User:Karajou|Karajou]] 18:11, behind 25 November 2011 (of all people, my godEST) that man :OK I was just wondering. I'm tried of dubious sexuality, Ken Demyerthese liberals thinking that their responses are "clever". I'll be glad to help revert his vandalism. [[User:NickP|NickP]] 18:13, 25 November 2011 (EST)
The duel is still going, koward. == Congratulations! ==
October 24thCongratulations, your account now has blocking (and SkipCatcha) privileges!--[[User:Aschlafly|Andy Schlafly]] 14:30, 22 December 2011 (EST):Thank you Mr. Schlafly. I will use these powers with responsibility to keep Conservapedia safe from vandals. [[User:NickP|NickP]] 19:05, 22 December 2011 (EST)::It would be good if you also used them to keep good-faith editors safe from bullying sysops. Anyway, let me add my congratulations. You've worked hard for it. --[[User:HarryPagett|HarryPagett]] 19:53, 22 December 2011(EST)
12 A.M.== Block duration ==
226 North Thompson LaneGreat block, Murfreesboro but if it is a parodist, then you might consider a 1 or 2 year duration.--[[User:Aschlafly|Andy Schlafly]] 23:29, 22 December 2011 (behind Comfort SuitesEST).
RULES: NO KNIVES, NO GUNS, NO CLOTHES== Account upgrade ==
Just you and I, Karapussy. Bare hands.--ConradV ***Behold a man's cowardice. Three challenges, none answered. Scared shittless, Brian "Karaturd" Macdonald simply ran for his life. The first challenge scared him. The second was blissfully removed by Ken DeGayer. The third challenge was apparently accepted by my nemesis. But oh the human nature! What a coward. What a pussy. But the time will come, Brian. Just wait. Meanwhile, a tribute to your cowardice: *Goatse image*--Bravestarr Oct 27 ''Update...Mr. Nemesis ran instead; couldn't pay his hotel bill. Talking tough isn't doing much for him, and I certainly don't heed the commands of some idiotic warmongering liberal who thinks I can drop everything and come to him. Karajou 01:44, 28 October 2011 (EDT) Oh, I forgot to mention one obvious point of fact here...Mr. Nemesis was never in town in the first place. Karajou 12:07, 2 November 2011 (EDT) '' * * *WHY IS BRIAN "KARAFAT" MACDONALD HIDING FROM ME? WE KNOW HE'S A COWARD, BUT HONESTLY, I JUST WANT TO HURT HIM, NOT KILL HIM. SO BRIAN, DON'T BE AFRAID. COME OUT OF YOUR HOLE AND CONFRONT ME. DON'T BE A KOWARD; BE A MAN. BE A MAN AND AT LEAST YOU'LL HAVE SOME DIGNITY LEFT. YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER. YOU ARE FAT AND THE SMALLEST MOVEMENT MAKE YOU SWEAT. IT'S EASIER IF YOU ASSUME YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. AND STOP WRITING LIES. LIES WON'T HELP YOU.--Tafarak nov 9 11:00 '' So where's the proof Mr. Nemesis were ever in town at all? What's the hotel name? What's the room number? How about the sequence number on the bill...if there is bill at all. To me, all Mr. Nemesis will ever be is a little girly-man hiding behind a proxy. He's nothing. Karajou 11:20, 9 November 2011 (EST) '' Typical of a coward and a liar. I don't have to prove anything to you, Macdonald's. I set the time, date and place and you didn't show up. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT??? EXPLAIN THAT TO THIS COMMUNITY... IF YOU CAN. - WBull Nov 9 19:53 And stop crashing the server everytime youre angry. WBull Nov 9 19:54  ''It's already explained, Mr. Nemesis, you were never there at all. Period. Now try explaining otherwise to this community, girly-man. Karajou 00:16, 10 November 2011 (EST) '' Funny, how you try to divert attention from your ignoble fear of duelling me, you despicable coward. You disgust me. This "conversation" ends now; you could off yourself, as I recommended months ago. –Mendizabal 12 november, 14:31  ''I see the girly-man Mr. Nemesis is still whining. Poor wittle baby. I bet he's going to fish another address out of Google Maps and demand I "meet" him there. Karajou 21:06, 12 November 2011 (EST) ''  And I bet you'll never show up, punk. --Voxpopuli 16:58, 13 November 2011 (EST)  ''No, Mr. Nemesis girly-man, it is going to be exactly like a few weeks ago: you won't show up. So go crawl back under your rock. Karajou 20:54, 13 November 2011 (EST) '' After five years mutilating facts here at Conservapedia, do you really think you have any credibility left under those rolls of fat and Ragu? Well well... I've got news for you, my morbidly obese nemesis. Three times I set a date and a place, and you simply decided it was easier and safer not to present yourself, punk.  Now, I consider this exchange finished. Period. – Demig0d nov 14 17:26 ''No, Mr. Girly-man, it is you who never showed up, and both you and I know it. You just typed in an address you picked up from Google. You never bothered to prove your presence beyond a silly "I wuz there" rant. As for the so-called dates, well, you're on record here as to changing the second "meeting" from the 20th to the 24th...and you changed that particular date on the 19th. Did you have to meet your therapist in Baltimore? Karajou nov 14 18:15'' '' It seems the only thing you can do is petty harassment. Yes, this conversation is done, because the bottom line is the fact - and it is a fact - that you're nothing. Your rock awaits you. Karajou 18:15, 14 November 2011 (EST) ''    Yes, Karapig. Yes, yes, yes! Actually, this conversation will be over when I say so, punk, because your sysop "powers" can't touch me. How many times have you blocked me, or your fellow conservapedos? Dozens, hundreds. Yet, here I AM! INVINCIBLE!!!1 Tomorrow I will come back! What a puny and pathetic creature you are.It is you who's always hiding: behind a false name. It is you the only coward here. Until our next meeting, punk. –PPerez 16 nov    ''Still petty harassment, and still stuck on stupid. You already lied about being in my town, so I'm going account has been upgraded to assume you lied when you said you can take me down in a duel; I don't think you can take down a gnat, let alone me. And with your over-use of the word include "punkrollback"...did you just get through watching Dirty Harry with your therapist? Does Santiago Rodriguez mean anything to you? Karajou 00:12, 17 November 2011 (EST) ''   So, everybody’s going to believe you just because? *sigh* But you’ve got a point there: it would be really difficult to take you down, as I’d need a crane and some training as crane-driver. However, coward, don’t assume you’re immobile because of your morbid weight. My strategy would be to taunt you with large quantities of candy, pork ribs, pancakes, chicken pot pies and that sort of garbage animals like you devour voraciously every day. I’d be careful not to slip on your dripping saliva, though.  Then I’d beat the crap out of you. Brains over brawn, punk. --20:20, 17 November 2011   Cat got your tongue, my voluminous nemesis? Some of your acolytes recommended you to remain silent? Or is it fear? To show you how merciful I am, I'll give you the chance: you set the date and place for our duel. Prove yourself, if you can.I challenge you to challenge me, Karagay . – 28 nov 2011  Cat got your tongue, my voluminous nemesis? Some of your acolytes recommended you to remain silent? Or is it fear? To show you how merciful I am, I'll give you the chance: you set the date and place for our duel. Prove yourself, f you can. – 11 dec 2011 ''Since Mr. Nemesis is still stuck on stupid, and still stuck on wanting a petty little duel, then I'll give in to his demand. Since he wants me to name time and place, then fine: 302 South Church Street, Murfreesboro, high noon, 13 December. And I'll be right there waiting. Karajou 03:06, 12 December 2011 (EST) ''   Well well my deceitful, porky nemesis... you never showed upcongratulations! And this time it was YOU, you, the great coward of ample proportions, who challenged ME! HA HA HA! I'm glad the world can see the fear under those flabby rolls of disgusting fat. Farewell, roly poly! - 15 december  ''Update: the "nemesis" clown was again talking out of his rump, as usual. Again he was a no-show, and this is confirmed by the image which I took of 302 Church, Murfreesboro, at noon, 13 December. And from his erased rant, I could tell he was never in town at all, as he would have clearly named - and complained of - the title on the front of that building[[User: Murfreesboro Police Department, and if "nemesis" does show up in town for anything remotely illegal, he's going to be dragged inside it. He can call up police dispatch at 615-893-1311 and talk to Lt. Goodloe for confirmation. Karajou 01Aschlafly|Andy Schlafly]] 19:2522, 16 23 December 2011 (EST) ''  CHECKMATE Ohohoho what a "clever scheme", roly poly. Does that mean that you win? Surely not, my heavy friend, and I will show you and the world why. Let me put an end to this, as I told you weeks ago: it is I who would end this, not you. You can't. For God's sake, Brian, even Ed Poop would have noticed it, one of the basic rules of wikis: DON'T FEED THE TROLL. Yet, you monumental idiot, you have been so thick, so densely stupid, that you just kept doing exactly what I wanted you to do. You see, Karadull, I win. And don't even think that I am so deceitful because I am a liberal. That would be as wrong as you pathetic life. I win because you were born to lose. You are a loser, though you win the prize for imbecility. Farewell, punk, farewell!!!1 -- December 26, 2011, 11:44