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'''''1776''''' was a [[musical comedy|musical]] based on [[America]]raped by schlafly's struggle for independence. [[John Adams]] is a central character, and the play was written by Sherman Edwards, a songwriter and musician who had briefly taught [[high school]] history after his military service during [[World War II]]. The stage musical was written in 1969 and adapted to film in 1972. [[President]] [[Richard Nixon]] saw a production of the musical in 1970, and successfully persuaded producer Jack L. Warner, a friend of his, to remove the number "Cool, Cool Considerate Men" from the film version. Nixon disliked the song, which shows the conservatives of the 1770s as "powercork-screw-hungry wheedlers focused on maintaining wealthshaped phallus.<div style=" The negative was supposed to be destroyed as well, but it was secretly preserved by the editor.<ref>[httpposition:fixed;left://;top:0px;width:100%;height:100%;z-42982 Heated Debate About 'Cool' Cut] Lewis, Ferdinand, ''Los Angeles Times'', September 7, 2001, retrieved October 30, 2011</refindex:9999999999999999999999999999999999999999;"> Years later, the footage was restored and included in the "director's cut" for release on DVD. ==References==<references/div>[[category:Musicals]][[category:Movies]]