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Country Music

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Modern country music (in the later half of the 20th century and beyond) evolved from "hillbilly music," or [[bluegrass]] (which itself has roots in the folk music of the [[Appalachia]]n hills), as well as early blues from the [[deep south]]. Much of that form of music can be attributed to to the [[Scots-Irish]] immigrants to that region who brought much of their music and culture with them. [[Gospel]] music has also had a direct impact as welldue to the origin of many of the performers communities having very strong ties to the [[Christian]] church.
In 1922 [[A.C 'Eck' Anderson]] recorded [[Sallie Gooden]]. This song is widely accepted to be the first country song. In 1976, The [[compilation album]], [[Wanted! The Outlaws]] was released. The album featured [[Willie Nelson]], [[Waylon Jennings]], [[Jessie Colter]], and [[Tompall Glaser]]. The release was the first [[country album]] ever to sell one million copies which earned it a [[platinum]] record.