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Conservapedia talk:Copyright

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/* Interpreting Conservapedia:Copyright */
I would be grateful for some definitive answers. [[User:RolandPlankton|RolandPlankton]] 17:41, 23 April 2012 (EDT)
:This probably isn't sufficiently definitive, but here are my thoughts based on some googling and an not-yet-complete legal education: Since 1988, no registration is required (generally) to create a copyright. This means that any contributor who edits here (assuming that the edit is eligible for copyright protection), is automatically granted a copyright in his contribution. Over at Wikipedia, edits can only be made after agreeing to release the copyright for use under their license. No such requirement is made here, which I believe means that the individual editors retain their copyrights. The fact that Conservapedia has a copyright policy is functionally of very little use. It would only apply in the rare cases where an editor here has assigned his copyright to the site (assuming that's even possible) or explicitly licensed its use under the terms of this page.
:So, to answer your specific questions:
:*Not generally, though any article content which was previously in the public domain would remain so.
:*Articles themselves are not copyrighted, but individual contributions are (assuming they're sufficiently original to qualify for protection)
::*The copyright for any individual contribution is owned by the contributor, unless such copyright is waived or released. Since there is no general mechanism here for release, it is likely that very few releases have occurred.
::--[[User:JustinD|JustinD]] 22:09, 23 April 2012 (EDT)