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United States Independence Day

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referred to in [[secularized language]] as July 4th or the Fourth of July
[[File:Dcfireworks.jpg|right|200px| The Spirit of '76]]
'''Independence Day''' is the celebration of the birthday of the [[United States of America]], commonly known referred to in [[secularized language]] as July 4th or the Fourth of July. On July 4th, 1776, the [[Continental Congress]] formally adopted the [[Declaration of Independence]]; thus, breaking ties with the Kingdom of [[Great Britain]], and a new nation was born.<ref>The Congress had already voted for independence on July 2, 1776 and on July 4 it gave the reasons in the ''Declaration of Independence.''.</ref> The document, primarily written by [[Thomas Jefferson]], served as a formal announcement that the 13 American colonies were no longer part of the British Empire and would henceforth be free and independent states.<ref>[ Jefferson Writes Declaration of Independence]. ''The History Channel website''. 2010. Accessed Jul 4, 2010.</ref>
Independence Day has long been the most important of all American anniversaries, and its very first celebration was held in the nation's capital, then [[Philadelphia]]. Congress established Independence Day as a holiday in 1870, <ref>[ History of the Fourth]</ref> and as a legal holiday in 1941. '''This is year number {{age|1776|7|4}} of our Independence.'''
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