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Spero News is a conservative news website formed in 2005 by Robert Duncan and Clint Gillespie. It is a citizen journalist website that anybody can contribute after they successfully complete the Spero training program. Spero News goal is to work to provide constructive dialogue between media and readers, promoting correctly informed and discerning opinion that reflects Christian values. Spero News operates a forum and a wiki in addition to Impactwire and Daily Estimate websites. The organization is based out of Texas.

Characteristics of their writers

  • A true knowledge of and a passion for their topic
  • Commitment to creating informative, "what you need to know" features
  • A dedication to building and updating a comprehensive news portfolio
  • The ability to bring their articles to life
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Basic HTML skills
  • A desire to ensure that Spero remains the best citizen religious news on the Internet

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