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Peppercorns, a common spice

Spice is an edible substance of plant origin. Small amounts of spice are often used as a seasoning to flavor foods, while cooking, or after preparation, and also in some beverages. Spices often have distinct aromatic smells that can be used to identify them.

Some common spices used in cooking: pepper, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, paprika.

Eggnog is an example of a beverage prepared with spice (nutmeg).

Spices are also used in fragrances, perfumes, and oils, and for medicinal purposes.

They have a long history of use and are mentioned in the Bible. The three wise men carried gifts including frankincense and myrrh, and Moses was commanded by the Lord to make a perfume of sweet spices, including cinnamon.

Spices were used in the Middle Ages to cover the flavor of rotting food.