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A spoon is an eating utensil characterized by its smooth concave surface (from the eater's point of view).


There are various types of spoons, including soup spoons (a mid-size spoon with a round bowl), dessert spoons (a mid-size spoon with an oval bowl), serving spoons (a large usually oval spoon used for conveying food from a serving dish to a plate or bowl), teaspoons (small oval spoons), coffee spoons (even smaller oval spoons), egg spoons (often made of horn), grapefruit spons (an oval spoon with a deep bowl and a sharp edge), and jam spoons (which have cutaways like a violin on each side of the bowl).

A spork is a cross between a spoon and a fork.

Other Uses

A spoonerism is created when a speaker switches the consonants between two words. For example: "shake a tower" as a substitution for "take a shower." The Shel Silverstein book Runny Babbit is another famous example.