Spree Lunch

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Spree Lunch
Directed by Seymour Kneitel
Produced by Seymour Kneitel
Isadore Sparber
Written by Jack Mercer
Starring Jack Mercer
Jackson Beck
Music by Winston Sharples
Animation by Joseph Dommerque
Frank Endres
Tom Johnson
Studio Paramount Cartoon Studios
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) June 21, 1957
Running time 6:00
Preceded by Patriotic Popeye
Followed by Spooky Swabs
Spree Lunch is a Popeye the Sailor theatrical animated short produced by Paramount Cartoon Studios and released on June 21, 1957.


Popeye cleans up at his diner while getting ready to open for the day when Bluto opens up a rival diner across the street from him. Popeye and Bluto get into an argument about the new diner when Wimpy passes between them while he goes walking. Seeing the chowhound Wimpy as a potential customer, Popeye and Bluto start competing for his business. Bluto is furious when Wimpy chooses Popeye's eatery, so he resorts to assorted dirty tricks to lure Wimpy away to his diner, prompting Popeye to retaliate.

At Popeye's Diner, the sailor offers a special of baked beans to Wimpy, who says he will "gladly pay on Tuesday" (his signature phrase). Bluto pulls a prank by replacing the baked beans with Mexican jumping beans, which cause Wimpy to bounce over to Bluto's place as soon as he eats them. At Bluto's Diner, Wimpy is served a thick steak on a sizzling iron plate, but Popeye pops up through a trap door under the lunch counter and uses a magnet to drag the plate with the steak, with Wimpy following, back to Popeye's place. Bluto turns up outside and grabs a container of pepper, then he turns on a fan on the counter and blows the pepper Popeye's way. Popeye inhales the pepper, making him sneeze with enough force to blow Wimpy back across the street.

Bluto then serves up spaghetti for Wimpy at his diner, but Popeye tilts the lunch counter and slides the plate of pasta his way to lure Wimpy back to his place. Bluto soon has enough and throws a garbage can at Popeye, who retaliates by throwing a hot plate at his rival. Popeye and Bluto start throwing assorted kitchen utensils, furniture and food items at each other, and Wimpy plucks a table and chair from midair and sets himself up for a free lunch in the middle of the street as he grabs a variety of thrown food (including a turkey, ham, sausages, pancakes, cheese, a cake, coffee and his favorite food, a hamburger) to eat.

Production notes

  • Spree Lunch is one of a number of Famous Studios/Paramount-produced Popeye the Sailor cartoons in the public domain in the United States.

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