Steady state theory

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The steady state theory is a cosmological model developed by Fred Hoyle, among other astronomers, which proposes that new matter is continuously created as the universe expands, so the universe looks the same during all its history (That is, is isotropic in time). In this model, the universe has no beginning in time, and presumably not an end.

According to most cosmologists today, this model is not well supported by evidence. For example, the fact that quasars and radio galaxies are only found very far away from us, and nowhere near our galaxy, suggest that this objects only existed in the first stages of the universe, contradicting the claim that the universe has stayed the same during its history. Also, the steady state model does not provide a good explanation of the cosmic microwave background radiation.

This theory was believed and explained by the aspiring student in the movie Dark Matter, along with the student's embrace of atheism. Presumably the theory cannot be harmonized with Creation.

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