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Students Supporting Street Kids ("SSSK") is a British registered charity the stated aims of which are to raise awareness about the issues affecting street children, and to raise money for projects that work with and for children in difficult circumstances. Its registered charity number is 1071646. The charity operates through branches at both universities and schools.

SSSK was set up in 1998 by two students, Johnny Glennie and Ben Phillips based on their direct experience of working with street children. Today (2006) it is established in six branches.

In 2006 SSSK has branches in Bristol University, Cambridge University, Durham University - Including specialist Team DUSSSK branch, Edinburgh University, Oxford University and at St Paul's School, London.

The non-governmental organisations (NGOs) supported by SSSK are:

  • The Centre for the Working Girl (CENIT) in Ecuador;
  • The Forum on Street Children Ethiopia (FSCE);
  • Let the Children Live (LCL) in Colombia;
  • Organisation for Friends Energies and Resources (OFFER) in Kolkata, India;
  • Young Men's Welfare Society (YMWS) in Kolkata, India.

Consortium for Street Children (CSC)

The principal co-ordinating group for street kids charities in the UK is the Consortium for Street Children (CSC). Gordon Couch, who is an SSSK trustee, is a member of the CSC.

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