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The branch of Conservapedia that helps you succeed.

Have you ever dreamed of the ultimate tool for studying history? Have you ever wished for a way to learn that is more fun? Well, here at Conservapedia, we have found it.

The method of learning that StudyConservapedia utilizes was developed by the teacher and home schooled students of the world history class in northern New Jersey that put together this website. Students studied for half the year using this system. When the mid-term exam finally came the students who had put in extra effort with this system got among the highest scores in the class!

I am sure you are wondering just exactly what this method is. Simply this, that students research and create definitions for a list of terms in world history. Believe it or not, that's all there is to it! In addition to the simplicity of this method it was also highly addictive and fun! Because of the amazing success we had in our own class with this system, we wanted to share it with as many people as we could. Since we already had Conservapedia we decided to simply add a branch to it that would introduce this method of study, thus StudyConservapedia came into existence.

So what exactly do you do with this service? Exactly what our class did to learn world history; study a list of terms, improve them, or add a new one. Below are the links to specific term lists (World History, American History, etc.), just create an account (instructions here), click a term list below, and improve away! Right now our class is focusing on the Pre-Modern Era.

Ancient history

The Middle Ages

The Renaissance

Pre Modern Era

Modern Era