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A Sunday Roast, also known as a 'roast dinner' or 'roast with all the trimmings', is a popular dish in the United Kingdom; indeed, where the meat to be roasted is beef, it is considered the national dish of England.

A Sunday roast consists of a joint of roasted meat - beef, lamb, pork; or a roast chicken or turkey - served with 'the trimmings': roast or boiled potatoes, peas, carrots, green vegetables (cabbage is a popular choice, or sprouts in winter) and gravy. Specific accompaniments are served according to the type of meat chosen: horseradish sauce and Yorkshire Pudding with beef; mint sauce with lamb; apple sauce and stuffing with pork (which should also be accompanied by crackling - crispy baked pork rind); stuffing and cranberry sauce with chicken and turkey.

Sunday roasts are a welcome opportunity for families to get together, and are also popular at other celebratory occasions (not necessarily on a Sunday). Medieval themed restaurants often put on a spit roast - a joint of meat cooked by slow rotation on a spit over an open fire.