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A superhero is a person, usually fictional, who has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • superpowers not possessed by ordinary human beings
  • a distinctive costume and 'nom du guerre' or 'code name'
  • a willingness to use their abilities to fight evildoers

Note that some characters generally regarded as superheroes don't possess all of these traits--Batman, for example, has no superpowers.

Superheroes have been a popular topic for comic books and cartoons since the late 1930s, when Superman first appeared in print.

Three of the best known superheroes in American comic books are all orphans or foster children. Superman was sent by his father Kal-el away from the planet Krypton, to escape its impending destruction, and he was raised by Ma and Pa Kent in Smallville. Batman's wealthy parents were killed in front of his eyes, and he vowed to avenge their deaths by fighting crime. Spiderman was raised by his Aunt May.