Supreme Court 2018-2019 Term

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The U.S. Supreme Court begins its 2018-2019 Term on October 1 with only eight (8) Justices. One vacant chair remains at the beginning of the Term due to the failure of the U.S. Senate to confirm Brett Kavanaugh amid a sophisticated campaign by the Left of smears against him.

A total of 38 cases have been accepted for review by the Supreme Court as of September 30 for this term. That number is expected to roughly double as the Court "grants cert" on additional petitions brought before it in the coming months.

The High Court's first week of oral arguments will be devoted to an environmental case concerning an allegedly endangered amphibian, a capital punishment case concerning whether mental illness should exempt a defendant from it, and a separation of powers dispute.

Pending Cases

  • 21st Amendment versus Dormant Commerce Clause: cert granted to review a 2-1 decision by the Sixth Circuit, which invalidated a state law requiring residency for a certain period of time in order to sell liquor at retail or wholesale.[1]