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Synchronize only incomplete tasks is the normal setting for connecting your Pocket PC with Microsoft Outlook on your regular computer. Although the wording is a bit confusing, what it means is that completed task will be removed from the Pocket PC but will still appear (as completed) on the regular computer.

The Microsoft Support article about this says, erroneously:

... completed tasks from your main computer do not synchronize to your handheld device.

Here's what actually happens. Suppose you have the same task on both on the main computer and the heldheld device, and you mark it complete on the computer. ActiveSync will locate the task on the Pocket PC and mark it as completed. If you have chosen "Synchronize only incomplete tasks" [sic], the completed task will also be removed from the Pocket PC.

Also, any task marked complete on your handheld device will be synchronized with your main computer as well. The priority, wording, any notes, etc. all are synchronized with the main computer. The "incomplete tasks" setting actually just takes the completed tasks off your handheld device

This is a feature, not a bug. It is a real convenience not to have to deal with dozens and hundreds of completed task on your handheld device.

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