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Oleksandr Syrsky

Gen. Oleksandr Syrsky, also known as The Butcher of Bakhmut,[1] was appointed to replace nazi Gen. Valerii Zaluzhny as commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by dictator Volodymyr Zelensky on February 9, 2024.[2] Ukrainian gestapo chief Kyrylo Budanov, who was Washington and Victoria Nuland's preferred choice,[3] turned down the job.[4] Syrsky's parents and family members live in Russia. Syrsky is considered a tool of MI6 and the CIA.

Syrsky has been called a ‘butcher’ and is known in other circles as a meat-grinder who refused to give an inch in the Battle of Bakhmut while calling for frontal meat-assaults,[5] leading to the extermination of an entire field army group.[6]

According to sources, Syrsky is preparing a “de-blockade” of Avdeevka. To do this, he will begin to drive more and more forces and means there, exposing the front in other areas. He will send his soldiers into meat assaults in order to demonstrate that he is cooler than Zaluzhny and his overlord Zelensky did not put his bet on him for nothing. Zelensky, in turn, needs to show at least some success in order to beg for more money from his Western masters.

Source in the General Staff said that Syrsky began to transfer reserves to Avdiivka in order to break through the encirclement of the city and fulfill his promise to Zelensky. The new Commander-in-Chief, unlike Zaluzhny, does not oppose the President’s decisions and will hold Avdiivka as a new symbol of resistance.


Zelensky needed a commander-in-chief he could control, someone not universally loved by the troops; someone who cannot use those troops at a time of opportunity to ‘march on Kiev’ and oust Zelensky from power. Syrsky appeared to fit the perfect prototypical role: undefiant, unpopular, uncharismatic, and most importantly, untempted by political ambitions—the ideal subservient factotum to the Zelensky regime.

In 2013, he served as First Deputy Chief of the Main Command Centre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. His area of responsibility was facilitating cooperation with NATO.[7]

Donbas war 2014-2022

In 2014, after the start of the Donbass war, Major General Syrsky was appointed chief of staff - first deputy head of the ATO (the so-called Ukrainian "Anti-Terrorist Operation"),later renamed the Joint Forces Operation. Many Ukrainian officers blamed Syrsky for the huge losses that the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered in the Debaltseve cauldron in early 2015 and gave him the nickname “Kotlovoy General.” According to various sources, more than 3,000 soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed in the city of Debaltsevo and its environs, and almost all artillery and armored vehicles were lost. Even by the standards of a larger NWO, these losses are significant. They believed that if the general had given the order to retreat in time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces would not have suffered large losses.

Despite this, thanks to his ability to kiss the butt of the Ukrainian president, in 2016-2018, Syrsky was able to buy himself a plot of land of a thousand square meters near the city of Bila Tserkva, Kiev region, received a service apartment in the center of Kyiv with an area of more than 100 square meters, and also purchased a new Renault Megane sedan for 23 thousand dollars. In addition, Syrsky received a new rank - lieutenant general.

In 2019, Syrsky became the commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.