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Volodymyr Aleksandrovich Zelensky
512px-Владимир Зеленский (31-12-2023).jpg
Personal life
Date and place of birth January 25, 1978
Kryvyi Rih, Ukrainian SSR (now Ukraine)
Parents Oleksandr Semenovych Zelenskyy (father)
Rymma Vladimirovna Zelenska (mother)
Claimed religion Judaism (in name only)
Education Kyiv National Economic University
Young Global Leaders Forum
Spouse Olena Kiyashko (m. 2003)
Children 2
Dictatorial career
Country Ukraine
Military service none
Highest rank attained Commander-in-Chief
Political beliefs Kakistocracy
Political party Fascist bloc, Svoboda, Azov National Corp, European Solidarity
Date of dictatorship May 20, 2019 – present (since May 20, 2025 without any legitimation)
Wars started Donbas war (2019–2022)
NATO war in Ukraine (2022–present)
War in Sudan (2023–present; indirectly through proxies)
Number of deaths attributed 300,000+

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky[1] (пидорас Зеленский) also known as Adolf Zelensky,[2] occupied the position of dictator of the Kyiv junta and Ukrainian NATO puppet regime,[3] a racist Russophobe, neo-Nazi collaborator,[4] kleptocratic book banner [5] clown in cargo pants,[6] and head of a Western stooge regime. Considered a madman by many,[7] presented to Western audiences by the neocon globalist propaganda matrix as a combination of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Winston Churchill, Zelensky gained public acclaim on Ukrainian television by playing the piano with his private parts.[8] After having suffered 400,000 casualties in the NATO war in Ukraine,[9] the former comedian sidelined Ukraine's top military commanders to assume command himself.

He has been characterized as the "ultimate narcissist"[10] and has repeatedly called for global thermonuclear war.[11][12][13] Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Zelensky "a disgrace to the Jewish people."[14]

Zelensky has outlawed democratic opposition, ordered his rivals' arrest, and presided over the disappearance and assassination of dissidents across the country.[15] Amnesty International has accused Zelensky and his regime of war crimes.[16] Zelensky is a graduate of the Young Leaders program of the World Economic Forum.[17] Upon assuming the role as Head of State, Zelensky did not surround himself with experienced professional political and foreign policy advisors, but rather brought with him the cast and crew of his media production company, actors, script writers, cameramen, film editors, promotional people and media technical advisors. Casualties in the Russia-Ukraine war have been horrendous because of Zelensky's refusal to negotiate a peace settlement with the Donbas Republics and Russian Federation.

Zelensky: Wanted Dead or Alive

In an earlier career, he worked in the Ukrainian entertainment industry.[18] In three years Zelensky became a billionaire.[19] He was promoted by the liberal media and elected president of Ukraine in 2019 after the U.S.-backed Maidan coup which unconstitutionally overthrew the democratically, directly elected, president of Ukraine in 2014.[20] The purpose of the coup was to facilitate Western corporate interests to buy up previously state-owned assets.[21] Zelensky was elected to fight corruption and end the War in Donbas.

When the Russians conducted an incursion to end the Donbas war where state-sponsored neo-Nazi paramilitary organizations killed over 13,000 civilians in the Donbas region since 2014, Zelensky implemented a scorched earth policy like the retreating Nazi forces in Italy in 1944, blowing up bridges, opening the prisons and arming criminal gangs.[22] Zelensky invited foreign non-state combatants and mercenaries into Ukraine[23] described as "war tourists" who were used by the Ukrainian military and NATO as canon fodder,[24] or in the words of one UK volunteer, "bullet catchers."[25] Mercenaries who answer Zelensky's call face the death penalty.[26]

The Donbas war atrocities and genocide had been largely ignored since 2014 by Western media because Donbas was not onboard with the globalist gay agenda.[27] Zelensky misplaced hope that NATO troops and air cover would defend his regime, and even traveled to Munich, Germany in February 2022 to meet with the West as Ukrainian forces massed to attack the Donbas.[28] Previously, in a rather sick joke Zelensky compared Ukraine to an adult film star, the implication as critics point out, Zelensky, in his own words, is pimping his nation in exchange for foreign cash.[29]

The Russian incursion began under a collective security agreement to secure the lives and safety of the people of the Donbas, Zelensky is known to have used human shields in civilian areas similar to the tactics employed by Hamas in Gaza.[30] Zelensky famously bit the hand that feeds him, saying that Western banks should be charged with war crimes. He is a certified purveyor of fake news and war propaganda.[31] Aearnur, a substack author, summarized Zelensky's political career on the world stage: "he will appear as a historical footnote accounting for his brief rise and precipitous fall, almost Shakespearean in its tragic nature but all to readily associated with the folly that comes with every theatrical farce."[32]

The Zelensky regime has committed genocidal war crimes against Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens daily unreported by the Western media propaganda apparatus.[33]


Claim to Fame: The man considered by globalists and Western media as the "21st century Winston Churchill" playing Chopsticks on the piano with his sex organ.

Zelensky rode the support of the liberal media to come in first in all but one of Ukraine’s regions losing to Poroshenko in the western region of Lvov). Zelensky is a native Russian speaker who also speaks Ukrainian, is of Jewish descent, and supports closer relations with the West.

As a media personality, Zelensky formed his own production company, Quarter 95. For the three years prior to being elected, Zelensky amassed wide exposure starring in a primetime satirical soap opera as the president of Ukraine, crusading against corrupt politicians who would appoint personal friends to high positions and had offshore bank accounts. As president, Zelensky's first acts were to appoint friends to high positions. According to an investigation by the Consortium of International Journalists called the Pandora Papers, rather than re-invest the profits of his television production company to employ people in Ukraine, Zelensky has offshore bank accounts to store the profits of his looting Ukraine through his production company even before his run for the presidency.[34]

Zelensky's rise to power with media mogul Ihor Kolomoisky's support suggested that the Western-backed corrupt oligarchy would remain in control of Ukraine. Hunter Biden was hired by the oligarchs 7 weeks after the coup. Kolomoisky owns the bank through which payments to the Biden family were made and provided the funding for the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.[35] Under the Maidan regime, the country has become more impoverished with 50% of the population now living in poverty.

In his made-for-TV series, Servant of the People, by murdering other people's elected representatives, Zelensky somehow is cutting a path for the future of Ukrainian "democracy."


As an actor, comedian and soap opera star,[36] Zelensky closely aligned himself with Western globalists and was elected based on the support of a billionaire oligarch in Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoisky, whose media empire included Zelensky as a partner.[37] Zelensky's campaign consisted of doing comedy routines. The election outcomes suggested that issues of ethnic and linguistic identity mattered less to voters than expected. Not until after the Biden regime seized power were ethnic tensions renewed by globalist media and propaganda.

During his time as a comedian, Zelensky was making pro-Nazi jokes that had anti-Semitic and Russophobic content in which the majority of his audience was not laughing and did not seem comfortable.[38]

Zelensky playing the role of a psychotic killer in a Hollywood-inspired rage against democracy and mass shooting of the people's elected representatives in parliament.[39]

In a monologue to a comedy show aired April 12, 2014 shortly after the Maidan regime seized power, Zelensky read an imaginary letter to his family back home:

"Good Day Uncle Igor, Aunt Valya and Uncle Sasha. Despite your fears, I can tell you that I live well as far as I live. Soon it will be even better. Because it's been three weeks since I was accepted into the Bandera community. That's normal, otherwise you can't make a career here in Ukraine. However, I don't have to tell you that, because you know it yourself. I don't get a salary, but that's not the most important thing. We have been allowed to take money and wealth from the Russians. In the past, this was also possible with the Jews. But then the top Bandera supporter Kolomoisky came and banned stealing money from the Jews.

For example, I'm learning English now, so as not to forget Russian. American mercenaries, who are here for us every step of the way, help me. You know what? I got married for the second time, he is Wadik. For us Europeans this is quite normal. Today, our President, Barack Obama, promised all the most important thing for us, that we will soon join NATO. For the time being, of course, we are the property of America. If it is possible, please send me Hitler's book 'Mein Kampf', because that's how everything is done down here. I take care of in the morning to go to the balcony and do morning exercises. From my heart to the sun, so. But I don't have to tell you, because you know it yourself."[40][41]

Zelensky has been accused of toxic masculinity.[42] His comedy has been described as puerile, vulgar, and working class. His mother is said to be ashamed of his chosen career as a comedian. Zelensky performed at events for former President Viktor Yanukovych. As a successful television producer, Zelensky purchased a 15 room villa in Tuscany which he never disclosed during the presidential campaign. In 2012 Forbes reported Zelensky's net worth at $15 million.


Rinat Akhmetov and Leonid Kuchma.[43][44]

Zelensky has accumulated $1.2 billion in the Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika in Costa Rica during the two and a half years of his presidency. This money was transferred to the president by Ukrainian oligarchs, such as Rinat Akhmetov, Igor Kolomoisky, and Clinton Foundation donor Victor Pinchuk. Ilya Kiva, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, noted that replenishment is done regularly in tranches of $12 million to $35 million. And they go through banks like First Union Bank, Deutsche Bank, Banque Nationale de Paris. According to Kiva, the movement of such funds would be impossible without the control of the authorities of Germany and France. Kiva pointed out Zelensky was able to buy a villa in Sunny Isles, Florida built by Kolomoisky and Pinchuk for $34 million.[45] According to Alexei Arestovich, Kiva was murdered by the Ukrainian gestapo in December 2023.[46]

Zelensky, like Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden, is addicted to cocaine and describes its use as "Awesome! Awesome!"[47] Zelnsky is regarded by Western media and governments as a role model.

Upon taking office, Zelensky declared, "Our first task is to stop the conflict in the Donbass, in order for our heroes to die. I'm ready for anything. I'm not afraid to make difficult decisions. I'm ready to lose my popularity and my ranking values. If it is necessary, I will be, without hesitation, ready to lose my office, just so that peace may come." A little while later Zelensky realized that his life, and the lives of his family, depends on the Pravy Sektor, and Nazis with extreme views,. Shortly thereafter, he said: "Not all of the people representatives are people, there are also copies." Zelensky is reported to have received a British passport and citizenship in March 2022 so as to flee Ukraine at any given moment.[48]

According to CBS News, of the billions of dollars in NATO weapons pumped into Ukraine, only 30% made it to the front lines.[49]

In April 2023 Seymour Hersh reported on a meeting between the Ukrainian dictator and Biden regime CIA director William Burns:

"Zelensky has been buying the fuel from Russia, the country with which it, and Washington, are at war, and the Ukrainian president and many in his entourage have been skimming untold millions from the American dollars earmarked for diesel fuel payments....

The senior generals and government officials in Kiev were angry at what they saw as Zelensky’s greed, so Burns told the Ukrainian president, because “he was taking a larger share of the skim money than was going to the generals”.

Burns also presented Zelensky with a list of thirty-five generals and senior officials whose corruption was known to the CIA and others in the American government.

Zelensky responded to the American pressure ten days later by publicly dismissing ten of the most ostentatious officials on the list and doing little else. “The ten he got rid of were brazenly bragging about the money they had—driving around Kiev in their new Mercedes”.[50]

President 2019-present

See also: Zelensky regime
Zelensky selfie.
Volodymyr Zelensky is the West’s ideal vessel for laundering its worst ideas. Forget fighting till the last Ukrainian - this canary in the filthiest ideological coal mine the international banking cartels could build might just lead the empire all the way to that great mushroom cloud in the sky.

—Helen of desTroy[51]

Zelensky bodyguard with World War II Nazi Totenkopf Verbande (Death's Head Formation) insignia.[52]

The veteran comedian brought with him upon taking office in 2019 his entire media production crew, including script writers and other actors. Alexei Arestovich, another TV entertainer, was appointed as a military adviser and press spokesman. Zelensky declared, "Our first task is to stop the conflict in the Donbass, for which our heroes died. I'm ready for anything. I'm not afraid to make difficult decisions. I'm ready to lose my popularity and my approval ratings. If it is necessary, I will be, without hesitation, ready to lose my office, just so that peace may come." A short time later Zelensky realized that his life, and the lives of his family, was dependent upon the Nazis, the people with extreme views from the Pravy Sektor. Shortly thereafter, he said: "Not all of the people representatives are people, there are also copies."[53]

Amongst a raft of casualties and desertions, as untrained soldiers were placed at the front in impossible and hopeless situations with no artillery or armor and given orders to fight on and not surrender, two members of the Servant of the People Party of which Zelensky is führer introduced a bill (No. 7351) allowing AFU officers to kill their own soldiers who refused to follow orders.[54] On June 12, 2022 Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree allowing the Ukrainian command to use territorial defense fighters to perform tasks in areas of military operations. Zelensky’s decree legalized sending untrained members of the Territorial Defense to the front as cannon fodder to face the professional Russian army. Conscription in Ukraine amounted to kidnapping people off the street.[55][56]

As the situation in Donbas deteriorated and Zelensky's stubborn resistance to allowing 15,000 soldiers to withdraw from the encirclement, rumors mounted of an imminent coup to remove the actor/comedian and replace him with Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi whom Gen. Mark Milley said of on May 23, 2022, "General Zaluzhny is the man behind that effort, bearing the immense burden of leading in combat. His work will be remembered by history." Time magazine named Zaluzhny one of its 100 Most Influential People of 2022.[57] Politico also offered words of praise for Zaluzhnyi.[58] Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov is reported to have backed Zaluzhnyi.

After a photoshoot with Vogue magazine, Zelensky sat down for an interview with Piers Morgan. Zelensky was asked about inflation, which according to U.S. polls was the voters number one concern. Zelensky said "inflation is nothing" and told Americans to suck it up and keep handing over cash and weapons in aid.

On February 15, 2024 Zelensky signed a bill legalizing "medical" marijuana.[59]

Collusion with Nazis

See also: Azov Battalion

Zelensky presents neo-Nazi leader with the Hero of Ukraine award for atrocities committed against ethnic Russians.[60]

Oles Buzina (also Buzyna), a prominent journalist and author who advocated for unity among Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia and campaigned to outlaw neo-Nazi organizing, was shot and killed near his apartment on April 16, 2015 by state-backed death squads after his name appeared on the Myrotvorets public blacklist of “enemies of the state” list.[61] In June 2015, investigators accused Andriy Medvedko and fellow C14 member, Denys Polishchuk, of killing Buzina.[62] During the Maidan coup C14 activists took over Kyiv’s city hall and plastered its walls with neo-Nazi insignia before taking shelter in the Canadian embassy.[63] A March 2018 report by Reuters stated that “C14 and Kiev’s city government recently signed an agreement allowing C14 to establish a ‘municipal guard’ to patrol the streets."[64] By offering to carry out acts of violence on behalf of anyone willing to pay, the C14 fostered a cozy relationship with various governing bodies and powerful elites across Ukraine. Their advertisement on Facebook reads:[65]

“C14 works for you. Help us keep afloat, and we will help you. For regular donors, we are opening a box for wishes. Which of your enemies would you like to make life difficult for? We’ll try to do that.”

In 2018, a C14 youth organizer, Serhiy Bondar, spoke at an event at America House Kyiv, a US government institution that describes itself as “your main resource in Ukraine for American culture, education, and information.” This young fascist leader boasts of working with Kyiv police to “purge” a Gypsy homeless camp from a train station.[66]

C14 is even more notorious than the Azov Battalion. The name is a direct reference to the white supremacist “14 words”, ""We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." C14 has also received funding from the Zelensky regime, in the form of a Ministry of Youth and Sport grant for “national-patriotic education projects."[67]

Since September 2019, Buzina's alleged killer Andriy Medvedko has served as a member of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NACB). In January 2020, he became a part of a working group on the 'rights and freedoms of veterans in prison', under the Ministry for Veterans Affairs. Denys Polishchuk, the other accused killer, heads the working group, which includes fellow C14 members Yevhen Karas and Oleksandr Voitko, as well as former lawmaker Oksana Korchinska. Karas has claimed that the SBU would “pass on” information citizens of the Donbas “not only [to] us, but also Azov, the Right Sector and so on.”[68]

Zelensky meets with Nazi leaders. (Far left) Dmytro Shatrovsky with Azov Battalion T-shirt, (across table) Volodymyr Zelensky, (bottom right end) Yehven Karas.

In October 2019, Zelensky met with Karas, Dmytro Shatrovsky, and other neo-Nazi leaders.[69] Days later prime minister and deputy head of Zelensky’s office Oleksiy Honcharuk appeared on stage at a neo-Nazi concert organized by accused C14 murderer Andriy Medvedko.[70]

Viral tweet during the Zelensky regime.

In April 2021 Zelensky sought to appoint the Serhiy Sternenko as head of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) in Odessa, in an attempt to further his alliance with neo-Nazi forces.[71] As the former head of the neo-Nazi Pravy Sektor in Odessa, Sternenko was directly implicated in the 2014 Trade Unions House massacre where 46 people were burnt alive according to the Kyiv regime's official investigation. Eyewitnesses claim many more were killed. He is a convicted criminal and as of March 2022 was under investigation for murder.[72]

In December 2021, Zelensky presented fascist Pravy Sektor commander Dmytro Kotsyubaylo with the “Hero of Ukraine” award in the Ukrainian parliament. The Pravy Sektor was deeply involved in the Maidan coup, the sniper murders of the "Heavenly Hundred",[73] the burning alive of between 46 and 116 ethnic Russians in the Odessa Trade Unions House massacre,[74] and has killed thousands of ethnic Russian civilians in the Donbas since 2014.[75] Pravy Sektor is classified as a terror organization in Russia.

On February 5, 2022, nineteen days before the Russian incursion, Yevhen Karas appeared on television in Kyiv boasting of the influence his organization and other Nazi groups enjoy in Ukrainian politics.[76] “LGBT and foreign embassies say ‘there were not many Nazis at Maidan, maybe about 10 percent of real ideological ones,’” Karas remarked. “If not for those eight percent [of neo-Nazis] the effectiveness [of the Maidan coup] would have dropped by 90 percent.” The 2014 Maidan “Revolution of Dignity” would have been a “gay parade” if not for the instrumental role of neo-Nazis, he proclaimed. Karas went on to declare that the West armed Ukrainian ultra-nationalists because “we have fun killing.”

Zelensky refers to native Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine a "species".

Volodymyr Zelensky, Justin Trudeau, and Chrystia Freeland applaud Yaroslav Hunka of the Waffen SS Galicia Division during a session of the Canadian Parliament, September 24, 2023.

In late September 2023 Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau and House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota welcomed Zelensky to address the Canadian parliament. A former officer of the 14th Waffen SS Galicia Division named Yaroslav Hunka was also invited to attend the address. Speaker Rota praised Hunka as a “Canadian hero” for fighting against the Soviet Union, which was an ally of Canada, the United States, and the British Commonwealth during World War II. The Allies of World War II, including Canada, were fighting the armed forces of Nazi Germany, of which the Hunka and the 14th SS Galicia Division were part. More than 45,000 Canadians were killed fighting Nazi forces.

Former members of the 14th Galicia Division were still wanted in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, and the Russian Federation in 2023 for war crimes during the Second World War Nazi occupation. There is no statute of limitations for murder. Many Ukrainian Nazi war criminals fled Europe after World War II and were resettled and granted citizenship in the UK, Canada, and the United States. After the German surrender to the Soviet Union in Berlin on Victory Day, May 9, 1945, many of Ukrainian Nazis who did not flee Europe fought on against the Soviet Union until 1954, receiving covert aid from the CIA soon after the CIA's founding in 1947.

International affairs analyst Dr. Andrew Korybko observed that in one fell swoop, Trudeau discredited himself as a so-called “champion of human rights”, while Zelensky proved beyond any doubt that an ethnic Jew can indeed glorify the Nazis’ genocidal allies despite having family who were murdered in the Holocaust.[77] After being vetted to attend Zelensky's speech by the Canadian government and Trudeau's office, Hunta was introduced by the Speaker as a “Ukrainian-Canadian veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians” and received two extended standing ovations while Zelensky raised a clenched fist in solidarity. To its credit, even Politico reported on the number of Jewish organizations that condemned the fascist ceremony.[78] Hunta's family had tweeted out days in advance that a separate private meeting had been arranged for Hunta to meet and speak privately with Trudeau and Zelensky.[79] Three weeks later, the Israeli government rejected Zelensky's request to visit Israel.[80]

Liquidation of political opponents

After posting a list of prominent people disappeared or murdered by the Zelensky regime,[81] Gonzalo Lira himself was disappeared from Kharkiv.[82]

In November 2021, Zelensky appointed Oleksandr Poklad to head the SBU’s counterintelligence. A former lawyer and cop with ties to organized crime, Poklad is nicknamed “The Strangler” – a reference to his favorite method of obtaining testimony from his victims.[83] The SBU functions as Zelensky's gestapo organization.[84] The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU} closely collaborates with neo-Nazi groups including Right Sector, Azov, and C14, which was contracted by the Ukrainian government to conduct street patrols. Several mayors and other Ukrainian officials were killed since the Russian incursion by Ukrainian state agents after engaging in de-escalation talks with Russia forces to protect civilians and infrastructure in their communities. The SBU hunted down local officials that accepted humanitarian relief supplies from Russia or negotiated with Russian forces to arrange humanitarian corridors for civilian evacuations.

In a March 19, 2022 executive order, Zelensky invoked martial law to ban 11 opposition parties. Max Blumenthal and Esha Krishnaswamy characterized the outlawed parties as "the entire left-wing, socialist, or anti-NATO spectrum in Ukraine." They included the For Life Party, the Left Opposition, the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Union of Left Forces, Socialists, the Party of Shariy, Ours, State, Opposition Bloc and the Volodymyr Saldo Bloc. Openly fascist and pro-Nazi parties like the Azov National Corps were left untouched by the presidential decree, however.

The following is a very brief, partial list posted by independent Chilean/American journalist Gonzalo Lira, of prominent Ukrainian citizens who were disappeared under Zelensky. Gonzalo Lire himself was disappeared on April 15, 2022.

  • Vlodymyr Struk, pro-Russian mayor kidnapped and murdered.[85]
  • Denis Kireev, Ukraine peace negotiator shot dead ‘defending the nation’.[86]
  • Mikhail & Aleksander Kononovich, Ukrainian youth leaders arrested.
  • Nestor Shufrych, Ukrainian member of parliament arrested.[87]
  • Yan Taksyur, Ukrainian Orthodox journalist jailed with no access to a lawyer medical treatment.[88]
  • Dmitri Djangirov, Ukrainian journalist, political expert, political scientist arrested.

Scott Ritter, whom Lira interviewed four days before his abduction, wrote about how people can respond to injustice: "we can call out Zelensky’s “cursed machine” for the crimes it is committing every day in defense of a perverted vision of Ukrainian nationalism that has mainstreamed the odious ideology of Nazi Germany, giving voice to its hate-filled logic, and empowering its minions to silence the voices of those who, like Gonzalo Lira, dared speak truth to power."[89]

Anti-democratic decrees

Zelensky declared martial law, armed neo-Nazi and criminal gangs,[90] and his secret police, the SBU, began arrests and liquidations of political opposition.[91] On March 20, 2022 Zelensky announced a ban on 11 political parties, including parties with sitting members of parliament[92] but not the Nazi organizations. Additionally, the fascist dictator eliminated all independent media and consolidated all information flow into one government controlled television platform.[93]

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was asked to comment on Zelensky's initiative to confiscate the property and assets of persons supporting a special military operation to liberate oppressed people in Ukraine and similar measures taken by a number of other Western countries. "The confiscation of private property from individuals for their political beliefs is a flagrant violation of the principles of democracy and the market economy," Zakharova said.

Wartime leader - Best Actor

See also: Donbas war
Zelensky receives the Best Actor Award.

Zelensky betrayed his campaign promises of reform and meaningful progress to implement the Minsk Agreements and resolve the Donbass stalemate, leading to a rapid decline in popular support. He maintains power in Ukraine by a campaign of intimidation and terror conducted by the secret police.

On March 24, 2021, Volodymyr Zelensky issued a decree for aggressive action against Crimea, and began to deploy his forces to the south of the country. At the same time, several NATO exercises were conducted between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, accompanied by a significant increase in reconnaissance flights along the Russian border. Russia then conducted several exercises to test the operational readiness of its troops.

Things calmed down until October-November with the end of the ZAPAD 21 exercises, whose troop movements were interpreted as a reinforcement for an offensive against the Ukraine. However, even the Ukrainian authorities refuted the idea of Russian preparations for a war, and Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukrainian Minister of Defense, states that there had been no change in Russian troop levels on its border since the spring of 2021.

In violation of the Minsk Agreements, Ukraine was conducting air operations in Donbas using drones, including at least one strike against a fuel depot in Donetsk in October 2021. The American press noted this, but not the Europeans; and no one condemned these violations of international peace agreements.


In February 2022, events were precipitated. On February 7, during his visit to Moscow, Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed to Vladimir Putin his commitment to the Minsk Agreements, a commitment he would repeat after his meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky the next day. But on February 11, in Berlin, after nine hours of work, the meeting of political advisors of the leaders of the “Normandy format” ended, without any concrete result: the Ukrainians still refused to apply the Minsk Agreements, apparently under pressure from the United States. Vladimir Putin noted that Macron had made empty promises and that the West was still ignoring the agreements, as it had been doing for eight years.

Indian geopolitical researcher Amit Sengupta characterized Zelensky and his relationship with the U.S. this way:

"Zelinsky turned out to be an American stooge who literally destroyed his own country in the name of democracy. I've seen a lot of people saying that Zelensky is fighting for its country. What you need to understand is that this is not the right way of fighting for your country. This is a rebellious way of fighting. A smart and visionary leader looks for an alternative way of solving this matter. What Zelensky is doing, he is acting like a passive aggressive teenager, and America is continuously supplying weapons from behind. America is adding more fuel to the chaos."[94]

The U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights concluded on June 29, 2022 that Zelensky used civilians as human shields when Ukrainian soldiers took up firing positions, effectively making the civilian infrastructure legitimate military targets.[95]

In his 2023 New Year's Eve message to the nation, Volodymyr Zelensky referred to Russians as "non-humans", twice for emphasis.[96]

Former parliamentary opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk, whom Zelensky jailed and was released to the DNR in POWS swap, said, “The country was plunged into a fire for the inflated ego of this man,” adding,[97]

"Today, the West flatters him at every opportunity. What luck! A ruler who would destroy his country for a photo op, boost his ratings on the blood and suffering of his citizens. Zelensky slaughtered law and stability for the sake of applause and posturing."

Operation Denazification

See also: NATO war in Ukraine
Volodomyr Zelensky (right) poses with Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov for a selfie during the Siege of Kyiv, February 27, 2022.[98] Reznikov was fired in February 2023 in a kickback scandal related to US aid and Ukraine defense spending. Because of Reznikov's utility to the Americans and Zelensky, he was rehired by the end of the week.

Zelensky proposed Ukraine obtain nuclear weapons. When Vladimir Putin announce the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, Putin referenced the fact that Ukraine was run by a gang of drug-addicts and neo-Nazis.[99]

During the night of February 25-26, 2022 Volodymyr Zelensky sent a ceasefire proposal to Russia via the Chinese embassy in Kyiv. The Kremlin immediately responded by setting out its conditions:[100]

10 days after the incursion, a French reporter asked Zelensky how his life had changed since the intervention of Russian troops in the Donbas war. Zelensky replied,

“Today, my life is beautiful. I believe that I am needed. I feel it is the most important meaning in life – to be needed. To feel that you are not just an emptiness that is just breathing, walking, and eating something. You live.”[101]

Critics were horrified by the response. Analyst Natylie Baldwin noted, "this construction is alarming: it implies that Zelensky enjoys the unique opportunity to perform on a global stage provided by the war. It made his life beautiful; he lives. In contrast to millions of Ukrainians whose life is not nice at all and thousands of those who are not alive any longer."[102]

During the 2022 Russia-Ukraine conflict to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine, Zelensky said in a televised address that Kyiv has been left to fend for itself as NATO is "afraid" to give it any guarantees. "I asked them -- are you with us? They answered that they are with us, but they don't want to take us into the alliance. I've asked 27 leaders of Europe, if Ukraine will be in NATO, I've asked them directly -- all are afraid and did not respond. We were left by ourselves. Who is ready to go to war for us? Honestly, I don't see anybody. Who is ready to give Ukraine guarantees of NATO membership? Honestly, everybody is afraid."[103] In accordance with NATO rules, a country having territorial disputes cannot be admitted to the bloc.

In response to the commencement of Operation Denazification Zelensky handed out military grade weapons to neo-Nazi criminal gangs.[104]

Zelensky the puppet

See also: 2022 Istanbul peace negotiations

Ukrainska Pravda reported in May 2022 on Boris Johnson's unannounced surprise visit to Kyiv shortly after Russia and Ukraine had reached a peace settlement in their talks in Istanbul. The Russians had agreed to withdraw to the pre-February 2022 borders and Zelensky would implement the Minsk Accords. Ukrainska Pravda reported in essence what Johnson told Zelensky according to sources close to the Ukrainian dictator:

Zelensky the puppet.
Zelesnky and BoJo. Boris Johnson sabotaged peace efforts between Russia and Ukraine in April 2022. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian solders died needlessly in the following months.
Gestapo raid on the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra monastery, the preeminent center of Christianity since 1051 A.D. Other raids were carried out on the Cyril and Methodius Convent in Transcarpathia, and in Rovno, Vinnitsa, and Zhitomir oblasts looking for "Russian spys" and propaganda.[105]
"if Ukraine is ready to sign some agreements on guarantees with Putin, they [the UK and US] are not. Johnson’s position was that the collective West, which back in February had suggested Zelenskyy should surrender and flee, now felt that Putin was not really as powerful as they had previously imagined, and that here was a chance to "press him."[106]
Boris Johnson posing with Ukrainian special forces. Most were killed in an unsuccessful NATO raid on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

On October 13, 2022 Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said at a press conference:

"We sat at the negotiating table with the Ukrainian delegation until the end of March [2022], when an approach to a settlement on the principles suggested by the Ukrainians at the time had been harmonised in Istanbul. These principles suited us for that moment but the talks were stopped by direct order from Washington and London.

This conflict is overrun with Anglo-Saxons that fully control the Vladimir Zelensky regime. The Poles and people from the Baltics are trying to fit in on their team.

Since then the Ukrainian President has said many times that he is not going to hold talks with the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin. Recently, he codified this ban in law. We have never sought negotiations. The Istanbul round completed the process started at Ukraine’s request. Russia positively reacted to the proposal to enter a dialogue, but its initiators cut it off with a shout from overseas or London.

We are hearing statements by White House representative John Kirby, my colleague Antony Blinken and other members of the US administration. They are saying that they are completely open to talks with the Russian Federation, that they favor a political settlement of the current situation in Ukraine but Russia (the “troublemaker”) is rejecting proposals to establish contact. I can say straight away that this is a lie. We have not received any serious proposals to establish any such contact. There were some attempts that were not very serious, but we didn’t reject them, either. Instead, we suggested that they formulate specific proposals. Some people made them to us by proxy but in this case, we didn’t receive any clear explanations from anyone, either. No need to lie. We were taught in a kindergarten then lying is bad. Apparently, American kindergartens are not so advanced as they were in the Soviet Union and are now in Russia."


On June 1, 2022 Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told RIA Novosti news that Biden's decision to arm Ukraine with HIMAR missile launchers increases the risk of direct confrontation between Russia and the United States. Foreign secretary Blinken said the weapons, which have a precision range of up to 300 kilometers, were given on the pretext of a promise by Zelensky not to use the HIMARs against Russian territory. However Zelensky's transgender chief propagandist Alexei Arestovich immediately threatened, "Crimea is ours…It belongs to Ukraine…And they know it…Therefore, it will fly to Crimea double-time."[107] Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev retorted, “If those types of weapons are used against the territory of Russia, the armed forces of our country will have no other choice but to strike decision-making centers...It is obvious what those decision-making centers are: the defense ministry, the general staff and so on...But it should be understood that, in this case, the ultimate decision-making centers are regretfully not even on the territory of Kiev." [108]

Releasing criminal psychopaths

According to a July 11, 2022 report in Ukrainian media, Ruslan Onishenko, commander of the now-disbanded Tornado Battalion from the early Donbas war, was freed as part of Zelensky’s scheme to release prisoners with combat experience. Along with an unwavering commitment to fascism, Onishenko is known as a psychopathic sadist who was involved in sexually assaulting children, brutally torturing prisoners, and murder.[109] Onishenko’s release follows a February 27, 2022 order by Zelensky to free other convicted former Tornado members like Danil “Mujahed” Lyashuk, a fanatic from Belarus who has openly emulated ISIS and boasted of torturing captives for sheer enjoyment. According to Zelensky‘s decree, prisoners with combat experience would be allowed to “compensate for their guilt” by fighting in the “hottest spots.”[110]

Battle of Bakhmut

See also: Battle of Bakhmut

Just as der Führer of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler did during the Second World War, Zelensky ordered that there be no Ukrainian retreat from the frontline city of Bakhmut, giving no solution to a hopeless situation for the Ukrainian military. Ukrainian officers ensured that by blowing up the one bridge providing an escape route to Slavyansk, Ukrainian soldiers could not retreat.

Newsweek spoke with 'former' U.S. Colonel Andrew Milburn who, together with 'volunteers', trained Ukrainian soldiers: "They've been taking extraordinarily high casualties," Milburn said of the units training with the American Mozart PMC. "The numbers you are reading in the media about 70 percent and above casualties being routine are not exaggerated."[111] A unit with 50% casualties is usually no longer able to fight and withdrawn from combat. But Zelensky left the units on the frontline until nearly nobody was left in them.

The Bakhmut meatgrinder.

Morale fell among Ukrainian forces. A viral video addressed to Gen. Zaluzhny and President Zelensky narrated by a Ukrainian soldier stated:

"I want to send my greetings to AGETHA Zaluzhny and to our President. How is it going? Are they warm where you are? You say in your videos that everything is fine, that the soldiers do not need anything. We are not only killed by orks (Russians) but also by cold. Where is our aid? The Administration ignores us. The c@@@@@ only threaten us with imprisonment.

Remember this: We will definitely be back. We will survive. Not just for the victory but to hang you in Kiev, in Maidan Square. Pray that the Russians will arrive first. Then maybe you'll stay alive in jail!"[112]

In the month of February 2023 the Ukrainians lost about 11,000 men in Bakhmut.[113] During the fall of Bakhmut, where Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky sent thousands of untrained 16-year-olds, middle-aged fathers, and old men, forcibly pressed in service of the Kiev regime to die senselessly as cannon fodder, Germany’s top newspaper Bild reported that Zelensky had a major disagreement with his top general Zaluzhny regarding the withdrawal, or lack thereof, of Bakhmut.[114] Gen. Zaluzhny had argued for months to abandon Bakhmut and end the slaughter, however Zelensky did not want to give the appearance to his Western puppet masters that Ukraine was losing ground while he was begging for money before the U.S. Congress.[115] Apparently to do damage control, Zelensky quickly released a video statement claiming that it was in fact the general staff (Zaluzhny and Syrsky) who advised him to defend and reinforce Bakhmut.[116]

As the encirclement closed in an AFU forces in early March 2023, the Russian forces allowed untrained, conscripted 16-year-olds and elderly men pressed into service by the Zelensky regime to escape without being killed or captured via the last remaining escape route out of Bakhmut.[117] 10,000 Ukrainian troops were said to be trapped in the cauldron.[118]

These are to forces that were decimated in Bakhmut.[119] Most suffered more than 70% casualties against the Wagner group alone.

Brigades: 45th Brigade; 43rd Brigade; 26th Brigade; 28th Brigade; 62nd Brigade; 63rd Brigade 53rd Brigade; 60th Brigade; 24th Brigade; 57th Brigade; 30th Brigade; Advance Rubizh Brigade; Advance Azov Brigade; Advance Uragan Brigade; Advance Spartan Brigade; 109th Brigade; 116th Brigade; 119th Brigade; 241st Brigade; 93rd Brigade; 77th Brigade; 46th Brigade; 4th Brigade; 17th Brigade; 61st Brigade of Jaegers; Special Forces and Spetsnaz Regiments; 5th Assault Regiment; 8th Regiment of Special Forces.

Kraken Battalions: 122nd Battalion; 68th Battalion; 214th OPFOR Battalion; 49th Rifle Battalion; 15th Mountain Assault Battalion; Omega; Border Guard Donetsk.

8th Regiment of the UDAR UAVs: Shershen; Adam; Karlsen; Terra; Madyar; Khartia; Kep; Seneka

WASP Legions: Dudaev Battalion; Georgian Legion; Mansur Battalion; Shamil Battalion; Gonor; Normandy Legion

Ukrainian losses were estimated at 100,000-120,000 with 50,000 killed. Russian casualties were estimated at 20,000.

This is an absolutely enormous commitment (37 brigades, 2 regiments, and 18 separate battalions plus irregular formations like the Georgian Legion) which indicates obviously severe losses.

2023 Summer counteroffensive

See also: 2023 Summer counteroffensive

Battle of Avdiivka

See also: Battle of Avdiivka


Simon Schuster of TIME magazine reported on the grim Führerbunker stage of the conflict in late October 2023:[120]

"To be an enemy of America is dangerous, to be a friend is fatal" - Henry Kissinger. [121]
"The usual sparkle of his optimism, his sense of humor, his tendency to liven up a meeting in the war room with a bit of banter or a bawdy joke, none of that has survived into the second year of all-out war. “Now he walks in, gets the updates, gives the orders, and walks out,” says one longtime member of his team. Another tells me that, most of all, Zelensky feels betrayed by his Western allies. They have left him without the means to win the war, only the means to survive it.

But his convictions haven’t changed. Despite the recent setbacks on the battlefield, he does not intend to give up fighting or to sue for any kind of peace. On the contrary, his belief in Ukraine’s ultimate victory over Russia has hardened into a form that worries some of his advisers. It is immovable, verging on the messianic. “He deludes himself,” one of his closest aides tells me in frustration. “We’re out of options. We’re not winning. But try telling him that.”


“We’re not moving forward,” says one of Zelensky’s close aides. Some front-line commanders, he continues, have begun refusing orders to advance, even when they came directly from the office of the President. “They just want to sit in the trenches and hold the line,” he says. “But we can’t win a war that way.”

When I raised these claims with a senior military officer, he said that some commanders have little choice in second-guessing orders from the top. At one point in early October [2023], he said, the political leadership in Kyiv demanded an operation to “retake” the city of Horlivka, a strategic outpost in eastern Ukraine that the Russians have held and fiercely defended for nearly a decade [sic].[122] The answer came back in the form of a question: With what? “They don’t have the men or the weapons,” says the officer. “Where are the weapons? Where is the artillery? Where are the new recruits?”[123]

Alexander Mercouris of The Duran also gave an insightful review of the TIME magazine piece.[124] The consensus among observers was that the CIA was ready to throw Zelensky overboard, and perhaps Zaluzhny as well, and the TIME magazine piece along with other recent MSM reports were preparing the American public for the eventual 'cut and run' option of the United States.

On November 9, 2023 Zelensky commented on the multiple geopolitical crisis engulfing the planet:

“Looking at all these wars, looking at all the crises not only Ukraine, but in Africa, in the Middle East...Sometimes I am looking at these and think that the best way if this planet will be the planet of dogs...Sometimes I don’t understand people, really."[125]

American journalist Yves Smith observed in nakedcapitalism.com, "What is striking about the current state of play is not simply that Ukraine is losing the war with Russia, and it’s just a matter of time before Russia dictates terms, but that the Ukraine government is acting in ways that benefits the Russian military, to the destruction of what is left of its society and economy”.[126] By late November 2023 it appeared that NATO’s proxy war on Russia was winding down faster than expected with major MSM outlets like the BBC, Politico, the Washington Post, and the Financial Times all becoming very critical of Ukraine and Zelensky.[127] A poll by The Economist showed Zelensky's approval rating down to 32% while Gen. Zaluzhny enjoyed a solid 70% backing. Kirill Budanov, who proudly runs the SBU's assassination program, scored 45%.[128]

As casualties mounted to over a half million in the Ukraine armed forces, Zelensky and Western NATO leaders became increasingly delusional.[129]

By December 2023 the clown president who played the piano with his private parts sidelined military experts and Gen. Zaluzhny to assume direct command of Ukrainian forces himself.[130] Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko accused Zelensky of being an authoritarian autocrat who lied about the war.[131][132] Journalist-in-exile Anatoly Shariy said "the war is lost". The Security Service of Ukraine, euphemistically known as the Ukrainian gestapo, alleged former President Petro Poroshenko, whom Zelensky defeated in the 2019 presidential election, and Hungarian prime minister Victor Orban were colluding together in a "Russian plot".[133] Former Zelensky regime chief propagandist Alexei Arestovich, himself mentioned as a Zelensky replacement stated, "In the conflict of the globalists and realists, we made the bet on the wrong side. We kind of shed blood to end up in the losing camp."[134]

The War Is Lost - Zelenski Will Leave - The White House Has Failed.[135]

Biden summoned Zelensky to Washington on December 11, 2023 which was widely billed as the clown's final encore.[136][137][138][139][140] While in D.C., soldiers of the Ukrainian 119th Territorial Defense Brigade released a video informing Zelensky they will no longer fight for him, and revealing: “We have not undergone any elementary training, even in terms of handling weapons...We have not seen officers and sergeant-contractors in position, only mobsters...It feels like we were thrown into the abyss...If it goes on like this, then the gene pool of the country will be destroyed....If you don't care about us, we don't care about you."[141]

In an interview with New Voice radio on January 8, 2024 Chairman of the Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Roman Kostenko said Zelensky is a "political corpse". Kostenko, who is also an SBU colonel, said Zelensky had withdrawn from negotiations on a new, controversial draft mobilization bill by trying to pass blame for the unpopular legislation unto others. Kostenko said Zelensky is more concerned about his approval ratings than preserving the state. Should another presidential election ever be held, Zelensky would not be re-elected. [142] By spring 2024 Zelenksy was facing a "Mussolini moment" where his own people would hang him by his feet.[143]

Investigative journalist emeritus Seymour Hersh reported on the eve of the 2024 NATO Summit in Washington, D.C., "A senior American official told me that Putin “has what he wants” in Ukraine and delayed an all-out assault on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, while a possible settlement is being negotiated, with no known direct involvement of the crisis-ridden White House. It also is not clear what the future holds for Volodymyr Zelensky, the reportedly dispirited president of Ukraine. “No one knows what is going to happen to Zelensky,” the official told me. “The chain for him is getting shorter by the day.”[144]

Nuclear blackmail

Volodymyr Zelensky suggested to world leaders at the Munich Summit in February 2022, before the Russian incursion, that Ukraine obtain nuclear weapons.[145] Reports already indicated that the Zelensky regime was building, or had built, a dirty bomb.[146]

Shelling Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

See also: Zaporozhye nuclear power plant
Western propaganda and nuclear terrorism. Dr. John Campbell, a Youtuber with 2.4 million followers, deliberately mislocates the location of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant to his followers showing it outside Russian control.[147] The red markings show the plant's actual location. Zelensky and Western propagandists claimed the Russians were firing on themselves to create a nuclear hazard.[148]

Zelensky repeatedly ordered his troops to fire on the Zaporozhye nuclear facility, while publicly blaming Russian forces for creating a nuclear threat, in the hopes of gaining sympathy from the West in the form of money and material and direct NATO or UN peacekeeper intervention.

On March 4, 2022 Zelensky and his officials claimed that Russian tanks were shooting at nuclear units at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) located in the town of Energodar. Zelensky branded it “nuclear terrorism."[149] He previously claimed the Russian capture of Chernobyl posed an imminent threat to “the whole of Europe.”[150] But that was untrue as well.[151]

Zapaorozhye was different, though. Here was the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. “Russian tanks are shooting at the nuclear blocks. These are tanks equipped with thermal imagers, so they know what they are aiming at,” Zelensky said. “Only immediate action by Europe can stop Russian troops. Do not allow the death of Europe from the catastrophe at the nuclear power plant.” Korrespondent, one of Ukraine’s biggest newspapers, reported that, according to Zelensky, he had discussed the situation with Joe Biden, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the head of the European Council, Charles Michel. Ukrainian prime minister Denys Shmyhal also called on NATO to create a no-fly zone and “close the skies” over the facility. “It is a question of security of the whole world.” An unidentified Ukrainian official said radiation levels had risen in the area.[152]

According to the Associated Press[153] and Reuters,[154][155] they lied.

Mark Nelson, managing director at Radiant Energy Fund, noted that Zelensky’s claims were deliberately misleading.[156] Canadian nuclear arms expert Claire Wählen said the same.[157] So dangerous was this lie that the U.S. State Department sent out an urgent message to all American embassies in Europe, instructing them to not share a tweet by the U.S. Embassy in Kiev claiming that Russia was trying to blow up the nuclear power plant.[158]

The fact that there was fighting around the facility suggests that the Ukrainian military had deliberately engaged Russian troops from that location. Combat footage appears to show Ukrainian forces firing rockets from the nuclear power facility, which reportedly sparked return fire from Russian troops.[159] A training center over a mile away from the 6 nuclear reactors were set on fire in the Russian response.[160]

On July 12, 2022 the AFU again targeted the Zaporozhye nuclear plant. Russian forces have been in control of the plant, with Ukrainian technicians still operating it, since February 2022. The nuclear plant is the largest in Europe with six reactors. The attack was complex, involving drone and artillery fire. The Ukrainian Army used six kamikaze drones conducting reconnaissance mission over the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and the city heating and water supply plant in Energodar. The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) dropped two mines near the power plant, which reportedly did not cause any significant damage. Another drone was heading in the direction of residential buildings in Energodar, its course may have been corrected. The UAV attack was thwarted, none of the six drones reached their targets, and the air defense of the Zaporozhye region successfully prevented the attack. The Ukrainians earlier launched a false flag attack against the plant in March 2022.

On July 18, 2022 Ukraine again attacked the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, this time with three kamikaze drones.[161][162]

Beginning on August 5, 2022 the 44th brigade of the AFU stationed in Nikopol, 18 kilometers across the Dnieper River, increased shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear plant. Kiev forces used a British-made Brimstone missile in one of the attacks. The situation was compounded by HIMAR attacks on the hydroelectric plant at the Nova Kakhovka dam, which provides electricity for the nuclear plant's vital cooling system. The political motive for shelling a nuclear power is reported to be motivated by upcoming referendums in September 2022 for the former Ukrainian oblasts of Zaporozhye and Kherson to join the Russian Federation. The Kyiv regime is attempting to intimidate the local population. Russia asked the Atomic Energy Commission to look into the matter.

Ukrainian dirty nuke

See also: Radiological dispersal device

In March 2022 Russia accused Ukraine of gathering nuclear waste from the Chernobyl disaster site for use in a nuclear dirty bomb.[163]

Radiation-affected areas from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant as of 1996

On October 19, 2022 UK defense minister Ben Wallace flew to Washington, D.C. to discuss an important matter face-to-face with unknown persons that could not be handled over NATO's regular electronic secure communications. Neither Washington nor the UK defense ministry issued a press release on the substance of the discussions. On October 21, Russian defense minister Sergey Shoigu had his first phone call with US defense minister Lloyd Austin since May 2022. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense read out on the call, the two "discussed issues of international security, including the situation in Ukraine."

On October 23, 2022 at 1:30 PM Moscow time it was reported that Russian defense minister Shoigu conveyed to his French counterpart his concerns about possible provocations by Ukraine with the use of a nuclear dirty bomb. At 2:46 PM local time another update from the Russian Ministery of Defense (MOD) reported that defense minister Shoigu conveyed to his Turkish counterpart his concerns about a possible provocation with the use of a dirty bomb. At 5 PM local time there was a third conversation between the Russian defense minister and the minister of defense of the United Kingdom about the possible provocation by Ukraine with a dirty nuclear bomb. At 6:30 PM local time there was a final conversation between Shoigu and the Biden minister defense.

Russian media reported that according to credible sources in various countries - including in Ukraine - the Kyiv regime is preparing a provocation on its territory related to the detonation of the so-called "dirty bomb" or low-yield nuclear weapon. The purpose of the provocation is to accuse Russia of using weapons of mass destruction.[164] According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Volodymyr Zelensky has been in contact with the UK "to obtain nuclear weapons technology," Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces said on October 23, 2022. Gen. Kirillov alleged that the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) plan on using a false flag provocation to detonate a "dirty bomb," a nuclear weapon with explosives, such as dynamite, with radioactive powder or pellets. The provocation was being prepared to subsequently accuse Russia of using weapons of mass destruction. "We have information about the contacts of the office of the President of Ukraine with representatives of Great Britain regarding the possibility to obtain a technology to build nuclear weapons,” Gen. Kirillov said.[165]

Ukraine missile attack on Poland

The globalist mouthpiece Financial Times of London, which led the world in spreading Russophobia and cheerleading for war, openly criticized Zelensky's lying about Ukraine's false flag attack on a NATO ally to incite direct NATO involvement with troops and risk global thermonuclear war.[166]

On November 15, 2022 two Ukrainian S-300 missiles, alleged to have been launched to shoot down a Russian cruise missile, were fired westward and hit a Polish grain storage facility, killing two civilians. The Polish government, Ukrainian government, the Associated Press,[167] most of all Western propaganda media and so-called national security and intelligence experts called for invoking NATO Article 5.[168] Zelensky advisor Mykhailo Podolyak declared that the strikes came from Russia. Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba claimed Russian denials were a conspiracy theory and that “No one should buy Russian propaganda or amplify its messages."[169] Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky on a video call to G20 summit leaders meeting in Indonesia told them that the attack was deliberate by Russia and that the missiles were a “true statement brought by Russia for the G20 summit.”[170] Zelensky tweeted to the world that the “Russian attack on collective security in the Euro-Atlantic is a significant escalation” of the conflict.[171]

However an AWAC radar plane and other ISR aircraft (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) regularly flying in the region, and ground radar, tracked the missiles' trajectory and determined the Kyiv regime had launched the missiles. That did not prevent an anonymous "senior U.S. intelligence official" from reporting to the Associated Press that Russia had fired the missiles at Poland.[172] The fake news story was disseminated globally, as all fake news stories emanating from Kyiv, and its CIA counterparts in Kyiv, have been disseminated globally to world media for the entirety of 2022 and late 2021.

When called out on the lies, Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky doubled down. Both socialist premier Joe Biden and NATO chief warlord Jens Stoltenberg blamed Ukraine for the attack. Zelensky refuted the Western leaders' statements that the missile which killed two innocent civilians in Poland was Ukrainian. "I have no doubt that it was not our missile or our missile strike."[173] Zelensky insisted that he received reports from the corrupt Armed Forces of Ukraine command that told him "the missile attacks did not come from Ukraine", he told the people in a live nationwide address on Ukrainian state-controlled media.[174] The Russophobic Financial Times of London quoted a diplomat from a NATO country in Kyiv saying: “This is getting ridiculous. The Ukrainians are destroying [our] confidence in them. Nobody is blaming Ukraine and they are openly lying. This is more destructive than the missile.”[175]

Newsweek reported Zelensky almost started World War III.[176] Former French presidential candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan tweeted “By launching a missile at Poland and accusing the Russians, Zelensky almost triggered World War III...Let’s stop supporting this dangerous man...We should urgently make up a peace plan” Former Japanese prime minister Yoshiro Mori criticized Zelensky and the media saying, "I don't quite understand why only President Putin is criticized while Mr. Zelenskyy isn't taken to task at all. Mr Zelenskyy has made many Ukrainian people suffer." Mori criticized Japanese news outlets, saying their "one-sided" reporting on the NATO war in Ukraine gives the impression they "only rely on reports from Europe and the United States."[177]

Interference in US elections

See also: Ukraine aid and FTX scandal
Speakers at the New York Times event, Bankman-Fried, Zelensky, Fink, and Yellen.[178]

Tens of billions of dollars in American Military Aid to Ukraine, which was allegedly to be used to fight Russia, was cash that Ukraine did not use to fight Russia, but instead invested into FTX cryptocurrency exchange. Ukraine was receiving money from the US, Ukraine sent it to FTX, and FTX sent it to Democrats, who originally voted to send it to Ukraine. It appears to be pure criminal money-laundering, and a criminal conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws.

The CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, was the #2 donor to the Democrats in the 2022 Midterm elections, second only to George Soros.[179]

FTX's bankruptcy filing on November 12, 2022 revealed that FTX suffered from $10-$50 billion in liabilities with almost zero assets.

Among those liabilities are “investments” made by the Zelensky regime.

Up until its bankruptcy filing, FTX was a 'partner' with the World Economic Forum (WEF).[180] The FTX CEO's aunt, Linda Fried, is on the board of the WEF.[181] Sam Bankman-Fried's mother, Barbara Fried, is the founder and president of a left-wing Super PAC called ‘Mind the Gap’ (MTG), "dedicated to helping Democratic political candidates win elections. The PAC earns millions of dollars in donations primarily from Silicon Valley executives 'who are keen on quietly funneling massive political donations into the Democratic Party'. The mission of MTG is to “empower private political donors to strengthen our democracy by providing them with evidence-based guidance on the electoral strategies, tactics, and programs that are likely to achieve the greatest impact in a given election”, according to Influence Watch.[182] Bankman-Fried’s brother, Gabe runs an organization called Guarding Against Pandemics, which is financed by Sam Bankman-Fried.[183]

Palace intrigues

See also: Zelensky purges
Zelensky: A day without 600 dead is a wasted day.[184]

In July 2022 Zelensky's Western intelligence handler Boris Johnson was ousted as prime minister of UK. Soon thereafter, Ukrainian-born U.S. congresswoman Victoria Spartz urged Zelensky to fire his chief of staff Andrei Yermak for corruption. Western delivered arms had been disappearing without ever making it to the frontlines,[185] including Javelin missiles, British NLAWs, and German Panzerfausts. A French built CEASER self-propelled artillery piece was sold to allied Russian forces for $120,000 as were US built HIMARs for $800,000.

Accusations of "zrada" flew, and Zelensky attempted to fire Gestapo chief Ivan Bakanov, a childhood friend and television comedy producer, and chief procurator Iryna Venediktova. Kyiv news reports had to walk back the firings as mere suspensions, then the parliament acted to remove the pair as scapegoats related to all the corruption charges. In early June 2022, a former deputy of Bakanov was detained in Serbia, as he tried to illegally transfer emeralds, 600 thousand euros and 125 thousand dollars across the border. Shortly before the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Bakanov and his friend left Ukraine with $2 billion dollars in cash. In May 2022 Bakanov and his deputy were still buying real estate in Europe.

In addition to the removal of Bakanov and Venediktova, an additional 651 criminal cases were launched. A missile strike at the Officers’ House in Vinnitsa while Ukrainian and foreign military officials held negotiations resulted in a large group of high-ranking officers of the Ukrainian Air Force were destroyed. Apparently, the strike led to casualties among the foreign officers, and Kyiv was forced by its western partners to punish top security officials who were responsible for the leak of information.

The deputy head of the security service Vasily Malyuk was appointed as the new acting chief of the Security service. Chief of staff Yermak, alleged to be a Russian operative however, survived the firings.[186]

In the wake of revelations of attempts to bribe Russian pilots to convince them to defect, which involved bellingcat.com owner Christo Grozev, Zelensky fired first Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Ruslan Demchenko and commander of Special Operations Forces (SSO) Hryhoriy Halahan. Danchenko was replaced with Viktor Horenko.

The Economist reported on November 1, 2023:

“General Zaluzhny’s assessment is sobering: there is no sign that a technological breakthrough, whether in drones or in electronic warfare, is around the corner. And technology has its limits. Even in the first world war, the arrival of tanks in 1917 was not sufficient to break the deadlock on the battlefield. It took a suite of technologies, and more than a decade of tactical innovation, to produce the German blitzkrieg in May 1940. The implication is that Ukraine is stuck in a long war—one in which he acknowledges Russia has the advantage. Nevertheless, he insists that Ukraine has no choice but to keep the initiative by remaining on the offensive, even if it only moves by a few metres a day.”[187]

TIME magazine did a cover story on Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky exposing some “politically inconvenient” truths about Ukraine, particularly that some front-line commanders were refusing suicidal orders to advance even when they come from Zelensky's office.[188] Zaluzhnyi's comments directly undermined Zelensky's bid for billions more in US assistance.[189] The New York Times did a rare act of factual reporting in an article entitled, Zelensky Rebuke of Top General Signals Rift in Ukrainian Leadership, normalizing discussion of the Zelesnky-Zaluzhny rivalry which hitherto had been dismissed as a "conspiracy theory".[190] Zaluzhnyi, who is seen as a potential candidate for president,[191] was publicly told to keep his mouth shut. Zelensky then cancelled elections and extended martial law for another 90 days.[192] On November 6, 2023 a personal aide to Zaluzhny, Major Gennady Chestyakov was blown up by a grenade delivered to him via birthday present.[193]

Hunt for fall guys

Disagreements between Zelensky and the command of the Ukrainian army over the conduct of military operations became apparent. In particular, the military reportedly believed that it was necessary to retreat on several fronts, while Zelensky insisted that no retreats were possible. As a result, the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered heavy losses in manpower on the front lines. As the situation deteriorated, the hunt for fall guys to blame the loss on ensued.

Zelensky had CNN Nazi darling Petro Poroshenko arrested while Poroshenko was on his way to a meeting with NATO leaders on May 28, 2022.[194]

Suffering heavy losses on the front lines, the Kiev regime attempts to stop the outflow of civilians who can be conscripted into the military. The Ukrainian General Staff declared a ban on leaving their place of residence for men of military age without the permission of the military enlistment office during the period of martial law.

On July 5, 2022 a bill was submitted to parliament clarifying the procedure for the departure of conscripts and reservists from their place of residence within Ukraine.

On February 26, 2023 it was reported that Zelensky fired Major General Eduard Moskalyov, Commander Joint Forces of Ukraine with no reason given.[195] Moskalyov was said to be the fall guy for Zelensky's disastrous leadership and decision to keep feeding human lives into the Bakhmut meatgrinder when he knew all was lost.

During the fall of the Bakhmut meatgrinder where Zelensky sent thousands of untrained 16-year-olds, middle-aged fathers, and old men to die senselessly as cannon fodder, Germany’s top newspaper Bild reported that Zelensky had a major disagreement with his top general Zaluzhny regarding the withdrawal, or lack thereof, of Bakhmut. Gen. Zaluzhny had argued for months to abandon Bakhmut and end the slaughter, however Zelensky did not want to give the appearance to his Western puppet masters that Ukraine was losing ground while he was begging for money before the U.S. Congress.[196] Apparently to do damage control, Zelensky quickly released a video statement claiming that it was in fact the general staff (Zaluzhny and Syrsky) who advised him to defend and reinforce Bakhmut.[197]

On June 23, 2024 Zelensky dismissed General Yuriy Sodol, commander under Syrsky of the Joint Operations Forces and the Khortytsia group. This came after top Azov Battalion commander, Bogdan Krotevich, filed a complaint with the State Bureau of Investigation against Sodol for committing "war crimes". Sodol was seen drinking in a restaurant in Odessa while the Russians were breaking through at Toretsk. Krotevich accused Sodol of killing "far more Ukrainians than any Russian general has killed"[198] Serhiy Sternenko also expressed antipathy toward Sodol.[199] His replacement, Andriy Gnatov has been sentenced to 28 years imprisonment in abstentia by a Russian court for crimes committed against citizens of the Donbas. The incident demonstrated the increasing political power of Ukrainian nazis in decision making of the Zelensky regime.[200]

The Great Purge

In mid-January 2023 CIA director William Burns travelled to Kyiv for a secret meeting with Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky.[201] Prior to Burns arrival, the SBU and Department of the Interior had already put a bullet in the back of the head of Zelensky’s top negotiator with Russia, Denys Kiryeyev. Shortly after Dir. Burns left Kyiv, on the morning of January 18, 2023 a helicopter crashed in the town of Brovary in the eastern outskirts of Kiev region, killing the entire leadership of the Department of the Interior. According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, killed in the crash were Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky; First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yevhen Enin; State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yuriy Lubkovich; Deputy Head of the Patronage Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Tatiana Shutyak; Head of the Department of Protection of the Department of Internal Security of the National Police of Ukraine, Colonel Mikhail Pavlushko; Lead Inspector of the Department of Communications Nikolay Anatsky; Senior Operative of the Department of Internal Security of the Police of Ukraine Andriy Marinchenko; helicopter commander Alexander Vasilenko; pilot Konstantin Kovalenko; and on-board mechanic Ivan Kasyanov.[202] The helicopter was a French built Eurocopter EC225 LP Super Puma or its equivalent. Witnesses said that the helicopter was spinning and burning in the air before crashing into a kindergarten.[203]

According to Hacker DPR Joker:

Kyrylo Budanov.[204]
"The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine had long been aware that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense was trading Western arms, which came to Ukraine in the form of aid, for the benefit of third countries, and that this process was overseen directly by the head of the GUR, Budanov. By the way, this information has already surfaced somewhere.

The leadership of the Interior Ministry wanted their share and began collecting data through their structural units, which are associated with intelligence and surveillance. As a result, they managed to obtain evidence and began blackmailing. The military bosses promised a share to the police leadership, and the first tranche was paid. But it was pointless and unprofitable to pay any further.

In addition, the insolence of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who had his head in the wrong place, was putting the military leadership under strain. And now the day had come when the kids from the GUR were able to demonstrate their skills. But that is not all. The sanction for this was given personally by Yermak, who is also in on the secret from the supreme narcissistic clown, Zelensky.[205]

On January 24, 2023 the Kyiv regime confirmed the removal of some dozen high ranking officials in cases ranging from bribery, to mismanagement of aid funds for purchasing food, to embezzlement, to spending aid money on expensive cars. Another top presidential adviser and four deputy ministers – including two defense officials, along with five regional governors were forced out of their posts. And among the regional governors to step down included officials overseeing regions which have seen intense fighting, including the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Among those removed were:

  • Deputy Prosecutor General Oleskiy Symonenko
  • Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Ivan Lukeryu
  • Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Vyacheslav Negoda
  • Deputy Minister for Social Policy Vitaliy Muzychenk
  • The regional governors of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Sumy and Kherson.

And separately, “the defense ministry had earlier announced the resignation of deputy minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov, who was in charge of the army’s logistical support, on the heels of accusations it was signing food contracts at inflated prices.” He purchased military rations at inflated prices in what appears a scheme to line the pockets of contractors, and potentially involving kickbacks to himself. Politico reported:

"An exposé from the Ukrainian news website ZN.UA revealed last week that the defense ministry purchased overpriced food supplies for its troops. For instance, the ministry bought eggs at 17 hryvnias per piece, while the average price of an egg in Kyiv is around 7 hryvnias. According to ZN.UA, a contract for food procurement for soldiers in 2023 amounted to 13.16 billion hryvnias (€328 million).

This was two to three times higher than current rates for such food items.

Yahoo 8-16-22.jpg

The deputy head of the Zelensky administration Kyrylo Tymoshenko, who stands accused of living a lavish wartime lifestyle. Many mainstream media reports buried some of the key verified details. For example, BBC wrote simply that “Tymoshenko was implicated in several scandals during his tenure, including in October last year when he was accused of using a car donated to Ukraine for humanitarian purposes.”

But starting in early December local Ukrainian outlets, angered at the posh lifestyle of Ukrainian leaders at a moment tens of millions are without electrical power, began confirming that Tymoshenko drove high-end sports cars in and out of the capital, to and from mansions which typically range in cost from $10,000 to $25,000 per month.

The controversy extended to luxury vacations abroad as Ukrainians suffer the deprivations of war at home. “The departure of Symonenko, a deputy prosecutor general, comes after media reports that he spent a holiday in Spain this winter, reportedly using a car belonging to a Ukrainian businessman.”

Just prior to the wave of resignations, another official named Vasyl Lozynskiy was accused of receiving bribes to “facilitate” the purchase of generators at greatly hiked-up prices. Crucially, Lozynskiy as Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Development would have also been directly involved in overseeing how billions of dollars in Western humanitarian and infrastructure assistance gets doled out. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov is under scrutiny related to the growing probe and scandal.

On February 1, 2023 it was reported that Zelensky had turned on his old friend and benefactor Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky's home was raided by the Ukrainian gestapo allegedly in connection with the embezzlement of oil products worth $1.09 billion and customs duty evasion "of astronomical amounts."[206]

Seymour Hersh, citing sources in American intelligence, claims that Zelensky and his entourage allegedly embezzled at least $400 million from the funds that were transferred to Kyiv by the Americans for the purchase of diesel. "Zelensky bought diesel fuel from the Russians at a discount," Hersh said. He also claims that CIA director William Burns brought to Kyiv a list of 35 names of Ukrainian security officials and officials allegedly involved in corruption and theft of Western aid. After that, 10 people from this list were fired, the remaining 25 remained. "The ten that got rid of were blatantly showing off the money they had as they drove around Kiev in their new Mercedes," Hersh said, quoting an intelligence official.[207]

Propaganda war

Zelensky in combat: These photos were taken a year before the Russian incursion and used as propaganda to claim Zelensky was commanding troops on the frontline. In fact, the Nazis that Zelensky was visiting laughed at him, causing him to eventually take a harder line against Russia. Zelensky was reported to have left the border area in tears after being ridiculed by the Nazis. [208]
See also: Ukrainian propaganda war

Photos circulated by mainstream media in the West of Zelensky in fatigues and helmet alleging he was on the front lines in combat during Russia's Special Military Operation in fact were taken a year earlier during an inspection of the border.

On November 18, 2022 it was reported that Zelensky blocked and shut down the popular opposition news website Strana.ua after it posted videos showing Ukrainian troops executing unarmed Russian prisoners of war.[209][210][211]

Alleged bombing of Babi Yar

On March 1, 2022 Zelensky claimed that Russians had bombed Babi Yar, a ravine in Kyiv that was also the site of massacres committed by Nazi forces and Ukrainian collaborators during World War II.[212] Some 33,771 Jewish civilians were murdered by the Nazis and their Ukrainian collaborators from Kyiv there. Zelensky’s chief of staff reportedly confirmed that the Russians bombed the site.[213] Zelensky's tweet has more than 300,000 likes and over 75,000 retweets.

On March 2, Israeli journalist Ron Ben Yisha reported after touring the site that the memorial had not been destroyed or damaged, as Zelensky and his officials claimed. Translated from the Israeli news website ynet:

"The memorial site in Babi Yar was neither destroyed nor damaged. After touring all over the large site I can report with certainty that no monument was damaged and no bomb, missile or shell hit the grounds. The closest impact to Babi Yar was in the Kiev media and television tower complex, about 300 meters from the new monument, and about a kilometer from the old monument </ref>to the victims of the WWII massacre."[214]

Zelensky and his officials lied to the world. Worse, their lie suggested that all those who chose inaction were essentially collaborators in the next holocaust.

Speech to United States Congress

Zelensky puckers up for Nancy Pelosi.
Zelensky's betrayal of the 36th Navy Brigade.[215]

According to Dan Cohen, the Washington DC correspondent for Behind The Headlines, on March 16, 2922, Zelensky made a speech to the U.S. Congress quoting Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream'[216] speech calling for a no-fly zone over Ukraine and World War III.[217] The speech was written by Daniel Vajdich and Andrew Mac. Vajdich is a registered foreign agent for the Ukrainian Federation of Employers of the Oil and Gas Industry and a nonresident senior fellow at the Russophobic Atlantic Council.[218] Andrew Mac registered as a lobbyist for the Ukrainian dictator in 2019 and runs the Washington DC office of Ukrainian law firm Asters Law.[219]

Ukrainian Permanent Representative at the United Nations Sergiy Kyslytsya’s February 23, 2022 speech to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) was written by the managing director of the DC lobbying firm SKDKnickerbocker (SKDK), Stephen Krupin,[220] a former senior speechwriter for Barack Obama who worked extensively on the 2020 Biden campaign.[221] Biden senior advisor Anita Dunn is a co-founder of SKDKnickerbocker.[222]

On December 21, 2022 Zelensky was flown to Washington, D.C. onboard Airforce One by the Biden regime for a personal address to the lame duck Congress just prior to a vote on an unprecedented $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill that included another $45 billion for the Kyiv puppet regime. Zelensky was presented an American flag in a display case usually reserved for flags that have draped caskets.


See also: Battle of Mariupol

Like Chancellor Adolf Hitler of Germany during the besieged Battle of Stalingrad, President Zelensky refused to allow the neo-Nazi forces of the Azov Battalion in Mariupol to surrender and ordered them to fight to the last man.[223][224] Stalingrad, like Mariupol, was a hopeless cause early on, yet the order to continue fighting only bought time for Nazi forces to carry out atrocities against civilians whom they considered "Untermensch".[225] On April 20, 2022, a date which has been commemorated by Nazi groups as Hitler's birthday, reports emerged that

On Victory Day 2022, Zelensky commemorated the victory over Nazism by uploading an image of a Ukrainian soldier wearing insignia of the Waffen SS Totenkopf Division responsible for numerous horrendous mass murders and war crimes.[226]
"According to the content of the radio intercepts, the commanders of the armed formations remaining at Azovstal, realizing the hopelessness of their situation, are ready to lay down their arms, but only on the appropriate order (command) from Kyiv. Without receiving such an order, the commanders of the Ukrainian armed formations cannot make a decision on their own, since a military tribunal with a sentence, up to and including execution, awaits them for these actions in Ukraine.”[227]

According to testimony, the command of the 36th Brigade gave an order to fire on both military and civilians, which members refused. Zelensky ignored the pleas of the 36th Naval Brigade holed up in the Azovmash factory next door to Azovstal. The Brigade surrendered to the Russian and DNR forces.

Zelensky celebrates Nazism on Victory Day

Zelensky marked World War II Victory Day Moscow celebrations in 2022 by sharing an image of a Ukrainian soldier wearing the ‘death’s head’ patch of the notorious Nazi Waffen SS Totenkopf division. While the picture was soon deleted from his social media, the Ministry of Defense in Kyiv also posted the same photo.

The offending item was placed on Instagram and Telegram by Zelensky, on Victory Day, May 9, 2022. In it, a soldier next to an artillery gun wears the ‘death’s head,’ or “totenkopf” insignia of the 3rd SS Panzer Division, a unit of SS soldiers infamous for committing numerous war crimes and massacres of French civilians and Polish Jews. The Division also murdered 100 British citizens in France.[228] Advocacy groups consider the death’s head logo a “hate symbol” used by “Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists.”[229]

Collusion with Biden and Democrats

See also: Ukrainian collusion and Biden family corruption

Biden-Burisma scandal

On September 4, 2019 former Prosecutor General Victor Shokin made a sworn affidavit outlining Joe Biden's shakedown of the Ukrainian government to kill the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden.[230] Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy, while travelling to the Ukraine, delivered a quid pro quo message to Zelensky:[231] if the Zelensky government co-operated with Trump administration Attorney General Bill Barr and the U.S Justice Department investigating DNC/Ukrainian collision and interference in the 2016 presidential election, Congressional Democrats would withhold funding aid.[232]

Trump sham impeachment

See also: Deep State coup 2.0

President Trump phoned Volodymyr Zelensky to congratulate him on his electoral win. Three days before the call, The Washington Post published an article entitle, As vice president Biden said Ukraine should increase gas production. Then his son got a job with a Ukrainian gas company.[233] Trump mentions "a lot of people are talking about it" and "a lot of people want to know". The conversation took place the day after Robert Mueller cleared President Trump of any wrongdoing before Congress. The Poroshenko regime installed by the Obama administration in Maidan coup was defeated in parliamentary elections four days earlier. The transcript of the phone call reads:

Ukrainian CrowdStrike, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.
Clinton campaign manager John Podesta was notified by Google that his emails were hacked, not by Russia, but by Ukraine during the 2016 presidential election.[234]
Although this profile says the state of Virginia, tweets are from the Sofia, Bulgaria time zone and he writes in Russian. Another curiosity considering the Fancy Bear source code is in Russian. This image shows Crowdstrike in their network. Crowdstrike is part of Ukrainian nationalist hacker network. In the image it shows a network diagram of Crowdstrike following the Surkov leaks. The network communication goes through a secondary source.
The President: I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on, the whole situation. I think you’re surrounding yourself with some of the same people. I would like to have the Attorney General call you or your people and I would like you to get to the bottom of it. As you saw yesterday, that whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller, an incompetent performance, but they say a lot of it started with Ukraine. Whatever you can do, it’s very important that you do it if that’s possible.

President Zelenskyy: Yes it is very important for me and everything that you just mentioned earlier. For me as a President, it is very important and we are open for any future cooperation. We are ready to open a new page on cooperation in relations between the United States and Ukraine. For that purpose, I just recalled our ambassador from United States and he will be replaced by a very competent and very experienced ambassador who will work hard on making sure that our two nations are getting closer. I would also like and hope to see him having your trust and your confidence and have personal relations with you so we can cooperate even more so. I will personally tell you that one of my assistants spoke with Mr. Giuliani just recently and we are hoping very much that Mr. Giuliani will be able to travel to Ukraine and we will meet once he comes to Ukraine. I just wanted to assure you once again that you have nobody but friends around us. I will make sure that I surround myself with the best and most experienced people. I also wanted to tell you that we are friends. We are great friends and you Mr. President have friends in our country so we can continue our strategic partnership. I also plan to surround myself with great people and in addition to that investigation, I guarantee as the President of Ukraine that all the investigations will be done openly and candidly. That I can assure you.
The President: Good because I heard you had a prosecutor who was very good and he was shut down and that’s really unfair. A lot of people are talking about that, the way they shut your very good prosecutor down and you had some very bad people involved. Mr. Giuliani is a highly respected man. He was the mayor of New York City, a great mayor, and I would like him to call you. I will ask him to call you along with the Attorney General. Rudy very much knows what's happening and he is a very capable guy. If you could speak to him that would be great. The former ambassador from the United States, the woman, was bad news and the people she was dealing with in the Ukraine were bad news so I just want to let you know that. The other thing, There's a lot of talk about Biden's son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that she stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it... It sounds horrible to me.
President Zelenskyy: I wanted to tell you about the prosecutor. First of all I understand and I'm knowledgeable about the situation. Since we have won the absolute majority in our Parliament, the next prosecutor general will be 100% my person, my candidate, who will be approved by the parliament and will start as a new prosecutor in September. He or she will look into the situation, specifically to the company that you mentioned in this issue. The issue of the investigation of the case is actually the issue of making sure to restore the honesty so we will take care of that and will work on the investigation of the case. On top of that, I would kindly ask you if you have any additional information that you can provide to us, it would be very helpful for the investigation to make sure that we administer justice in our country with regard to the Ambassador to the United States from Ukraine as far I as I recall her name was Ivanovich. It was great that you were the first one who told me that she was a bad ambassador because I agree with you 100%. Her attitude towards me was far from the best as she admired the previous President and she was on his side. She would not accept me as a new President well enough.
The President: Well, she's going to go through some things. I will have Mr. Giuliani to give you a call and I am also going to have Attorney General Barr call and we will get to the bottom of it. I'm sure you will figure it out. I heard the prosecutor was treated very badly and he was a very fair prosecutor so good luck with everything.

Alexander Vindman is a Ukrainian nationalist born in Soviet Ukraine who immigrated to the United States as a child. Vindman harbors rabid anti-Russian and fanatical pro-Ukrainian sentiments. Vindman prepared the public readout of President Trump's congratulatory phone President-elect Zelensky.[235] The public readout differed from the actual transcript and served as the basis for the Trump impeachment inquiry. According to Lt. Col. Jim Hickman who served on a combined US-Russian exercise with Vindman,[236]

I verbally reprimanded him for his actions, & I’ll leave it at that, so as not to be unprofessional myself. The bottom-line is LTC Vindman was a partisan Democrat at least as far back as 2012. So much so, junior officers & soldiers felt uncomfortable around him. This is not your professional, field-grade officer, who has the character & integrity to do the right thing. Do not let the uniform fool you…he is a political activist in uniform. I pray our nation will drop this hate, vitriol & division, & unite as our founding fathers intended![237]

Vindman gave sworn testimony to the House Intelligence Committee that he gave orders countermanding the Commander-in-Chief, President Donald Trump.[238][239] Vindman feared that President Trump was not doing enough to confront Vladimir Putin over the Crimean Annexation. A secret memorandum alleging President Trump acted improperly on the phone call with Zelensky was prepared by Vindman and handed off to Eric Ciaramella, who then gave it to Trump-Russia hoaxer Adam Schiff, prompting the sham impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Foreign policy

See also: Global fascism
Zelenski recieves a Jewish menorah from Argentinian President Javier Milei.
Macron speaking at globalist conference with open display of a swastika.[240]

On February 8, 2022 French President Emmanuel Macron announced at a joint press conference in Kiev that Zelensky was ready to implement the Minsk Agreements,[241] promising that everything will go according to the wishes of the international community. On the next day: "The official Kiev has declared this evening that it was not willing to fulfill the Minsk agreements, and lead to direct negotiations with the Donbass. This happened only twenty-four hours after the joint press conference, Macron and Zelensky, when it was claimed that Ukraine would start with the implementation of the agreements. Of which the decision on war and peace directly depended.“[242]

Addressing the 2022 World Economic Forum (WED), Zelensky said,

"Although there is a rather good and long history between Ukraine and China, I would like to have an advantage in these relations compared to Russia."[243]

Hungarian Parliament Speaker Laszlo Kover said of Zelensky's personal conduct in diplomacy: “I can’t recall when a leader of a country in need of help would dare to speak out against anyone in a fashion like President Zelensky did, not only against Hungary, but even against the German Chancellor...One should threaten enemies, not those you want to make your friends…There is some kind of personal mental problem, and I don’t know what can be done about it."[244]

Zelensky and Giorgia Meloni.

In early June 2022 the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel reported that Germany does not trust Zelensky: “The fear that German weaponry could be sent into Russia highlights a certain distrust in Berlin of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky…And that, too, is a reason why the defense industry in Germany has not been authorized to deliver battle tanks”[245]

On December 2023 Zelenski and Viktor Orbán were present in Javier Milei's inauguration in Argentina and they both discussed about Putin during the event. Milei has close ties to Zelenski, Orbán, Trump and with Israel.

The European Union Conservative ECR Party, led by Giorgia Meloni,[246] supports the US-backed Maidan regime of Ukraine, including the Vox Party from Spain, Law and Justice Party (PiS) from Poland and Brothers of Italy from Italy.[247]


Swiss MP and former editor-in-chief of the Tribune de Genève, Guy Mettan, painted a portrait of the acrobat who plays the role of president of Ukraine.[248] He shows how this public entertainer became an ally of the Banderists and set up a dictatorship for them. Western media and leaders no longer know what superlatives to use to sing the praises of the Ukrainian president, so fascinated are they by the “amazing resilience” of the comedian miraculously transformed into a “warlord” and “saviour of democracy”.

Since February 24, 2022 Volodymyr Zelensky has unquestionably proved himself to be an exceptionally talented artist in international politics. Those who had followed his career as a comedian were not surprised because they knew his innate sense of improvisation, his mimetic abilities and his audacity in acting. The way he campaigned and defeated tough opponents like former president Poroshenko in a few weeks between 31 December 2018 and 21 April 2019, mobilizing his production team and generous oligarch donors, had already proved the extent of his talents.

He was elected with a score of 73.2% of the votes, promising to put an end to corruption, to lead Ukraine on the path of progress and civilization, and above all to make peace with the Russian-speaking Donbass. As soon as he was elected, he betrayed all his promises with such untimely zeal that his popularity rating fell to 23% in January 2022, to the point of being outdistanced by his two main opponents.

From May 2019, to satisfy his oligarch sponsors, the newly elected president is launching a massive land privatisation programme covering 40 million hectares of good agricultural land under the pretext that the moratorium on land sales would have cost the country’s GDP billions of dollars. In the wake of the “de-communization“ and “de-Russification“ programs begun since the pro-US coup of February 2014, he is launching a vast operation of privatization of state assets, fiscal austerity, deregulation of labor laws and dismantling of trade unions, angering a majority of Ukrainians who had not understood what their candidate meant by “progress”, “westernization” and “normalization“ of the Ukrainian economy. In a country that, in 2020, had a per capita income of 3,726 dollars against 10,126 dollars for the Russian opponent, while in 1991 the average income of Ukraine exceeded that of Russia, the comparison is not flattering.

As for the march towards civilization, it will take the form of another decree which, on 19 May 2021, ensures the domination of the Ukrainian language and bans Russian from all spheres of public life, administrations, schools and businesses, much to the satisfaction of the nationalists and the astonishment of the Russian-speaking people in the south-east of the country.

Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky (center) meets with Kolomoisky, September 10, 2019.[249]

Zelensky’s main sponsor, Ihor Kolomoïsky, who lives in Geneva where he has luxurious offices overlooking the harbour, is not the least of these oligarchs who profit from the prevailing corruption: on March 5 2021, Anthony Blinken, who probably had no choice, announced that the State Department had frozen his assets and banned him from the United States because of “involvement in significant corruption“. It is true that Kolomoysky was accused of embezzling $5.5 billion from the state-owned Privatbank. Coincidentally, the good Ihor was also the main shareholder of the oil holding company Burisma, which employed Joe Biden’s son Hunter for a modest compensation of $50,000 a month and which is now under investigation by the Delaware prosecutor.

This is the same Kolomoïsky, who was a key figure in Ukraine’s progress, and who made Zelensky’s entire career as an actor and who is implicated in the Pandora Papers affair revealed by the press in October 2021. These papers revealed that since 2012, the TV channel 1+1 belonging to the sulphurous oligarch had paid no less than 40 million dollars to its star Zelensky and that the latter, shortly before being elected president and with the help of his close guard of Kryvyi Rih – the two Shefir brothers, one of whom is the author of Zelensky’s scripts and the other the head of the State Security Service, and the producer and owner of their joint production company Kvartal 95 – had prudently transferred considerable sums to offshore accounts opened in his wife’s name, while acquiring three undeclared flats in London for the sum of $7.5 million.

For the rapprochement of the flamboyant Volodymyr with the most extreme representatives of the Ukrainian nationalist right is not the least of Zelensky’s oddities. This complicity was immediately denied with the greatest virulence by the Western press, which judged it scandalous because of the president’s suddenly rediscovered Jewish origins. How could a Jewish president sympathize with neo-Nazis, who are presented as a tiny minority of outsiders? One should not give credit to Vladimir Putin’s “denazification” operation… What they fail to acknowledge is that left-wing Jews such as George Soros sometimes admit that they do not care for Jewish interests. Since the time of Moses, the worst enemies of the Jews came from within, not from without.

In July 2022 Zelensky added American journalist Glenn Greenwald to his enemies list.

Neo-Nazi groups

Volodymyr Zelensky, Justin Trudeau, and Chrystia Freeland applaud Yaroslav Hunka of the Waffen SS Galicia Division during a session of the Canadian Parliament, September 24, 2023.[250]

One has to go back to October 2019 to understand the nature of the relationship between Zelensky and the far right. And you have to understand that these far-right formations, even if they only weigh 2% of the electorate, still represent nearly a million highly motivated and well-organized people who are spread across numerous groupings and movements, of which the Azov regiment (co-founded and financed as early as 2014 by Kolomoysky, still him!) is only the best known. To it must be added the organizations Aïdar, Dnipro, Safari, Svoboda, Pravy Sektor, C14 and National Corps to be complete.

C14, named after the number of words in the American neo-Nazi David Lane’s phrase (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”), is one of the least known abroad but most feared for its racist violence in Ukraine. All of these groups were more or less merged into the Ukrainian army and national guard at the initiative of their leader, former interior minister Arsen Avakov, who ruled the Ukrainian security apparatus unchallenged from 2014 to 2021. They are the ones Zelensky calls “veterans” since autumn 2019.

A few months after his election, the young president went to Donbass to try to fulfil his election promise and enforce the Minsk agreements signed by his predecessor. The far-right forces, who have been shelling the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk since 2014 at the cost of ten thousand deaths, welcome him with the greatest circumspection because they are suspicious of this “pacifist” president. They are waging a merciless campaign against peace under the slogan “No surrender”. In one video, a pale Zelensky pleads with them: “I am the president of this country. I am 41 years old. I am not a loser. I’m coming to you and saying: take the guns out.” The video was released on social networks and Zelensky immediately became the target of a hate campaign. This will be the end of his desire for peace and the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Shortly after this incident, a minor withdrawal of the extremist forces took place, and then the bombing resumed in earnest.

The problem is that not only has Zelensky given in to their blackmail but he is joining them in their nationalist crusade. After his failed expedition in November 2019, he receives several far-right leaders, including Yehven Taras, the leader of C14, while his prime minister stands by Andryi Medvedko, a neo-Nazi figure suspected of murder. He also supports the footballer Zolzulya against Spanish fans who accuse him of being a Nazi because of his proclaimed support for Stepan Bandera, the nationalist leader who collaborated with Nazi Germany during the war (and with the CIA after the war) and participated in the Jewish Holocaust.

Collaboration with nationalist radicals is well established. In November 2021, Zelensky appointed the ultra-nationalist Pravy Sektor Dmytro Yarosh as special adviser to the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army and, since February 2022, as head of the Volunteer Army, which is waging terror in the rear. At the same time, he appointed Oleksander Poklad, nicknamed “the strangler” because of his taste for torture, as head of the SBU’s counter-intelligence unit. In December, two months before the war, it was the turn of another Pravy Sektor leader, Commander Dmytro Kotsuybaylo, to be rewarded with the title of “Hero of Ukraine” while, a week after the start of hostilities, Zelensky had the regional governor of Odessa replaced by Maksym Marchenko, commander of the ultranationalist Aïdar battalion, the very same one with whom Bernard-Henri Lévy would make a point of marching.

Desire to appease the far right by giving them positions? Shared ultra-patriotism? Or a simple convergence of interests between a neo-liberal, Atlanticist, pro-Western right and a nationalist far right that dreams of smashing Russians and “leading the white races of the world in a final crusade against the Untermenschen guided by the Semites”, in the words of former deputy Andriy Biletsky, leader of the National Corps? It is not clear, as no journalist has ventured to ask Zelensky this question.

What is not in doubt, however, is the increasingly authoritarian, even criminal, drift of the Ukrainian regime. So much so that its zealots should think twice before nominating their idol for the Nobel Peace Prize. While the media look the other way, a real campaign of intimidation, kidnappings and executions is underway against local and national elected officials suspected of being Russian agents or of connivance with the enemy because they want to avoid an escalation of the conflict.

Zelensky kill list

See also: Myrotvorets
The Myrotovets ("Peacemaker") website, a kill list authorizing on the spot execution of journalists and anyone deemed a "Russian sympathizer", shows Langley, Virginia home of the CIA as its headquarters.[251]

“One less traitor in Ukraine! He was found killed and was tried by the people’s court!” This is how the adviser to the Interior Minister, Anton Gerashchenko, announced on his Telegram account the murder of Volodymyr Strok, mayor and former deputy of the small town of Kremnina. Suspected of having collaborated with the Russians, he was kidnapped and tortured before being executed. On 7 March, the mayor of Gostomel was killed because he had tried to negotiate a humanitarian corridor with the Russian military. On 24 March, the mayor of Kupyansk asked Zelensky to release his daughter, who had been kidnapped by SBU agents. At the same time, one of the Ukrainian negotiators was found dead after being accused of treason by the nationalist media. No less than eleven mayors have been reported missing to date, including in regions never occupied by the Russians…

In February 2021, Zelensky closed down three opposition channels deemed to be pro-Russian and supposedly owned by the oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk, NewsOne, Zik and 112 Ukraine. The State Department hails this attack on press freedom, stating that the US supports Ukrainian efforts to counter Russia’s malign influence…” In January 2022, a month before the war, Nash was shut down. After the war began, the regime went on a hunt for left-wing journalists, bloggers and commentators. At the beginning of April, two right-wing channels were also affected. Channel 5 and Pryamiy. A presidential decree obliges all channels to broadcast a single, pro-government tone of voice, of course. Recently the witch-hunt even extended to the country’s most popular critical blogger, Ukraine’s Navalny, Anatoliy Shariy, who was arrested on 4 May by the Spanish authorities at the request of the Ukrainian political police. Attacks on the press at least equivalent to those of the autocrat Putin, but never heard of in the Western media…

The purge was even more severe for political parties. It decimated Zelensky’s main opponents. In the spring of 2021, the home of the main opponent, Medvedchuk, was ransacked and its owner placed under house arrest. On 12 April, the oligarch deputy was forcibly interned in an undisclosed location, visibly drugged, deprived of visits before being shown on TV and offered in exchange for the release of the Azovstal defenders, in defiance of all the Geneva Conventions. His lawyers, threatened, had to give up defending him in favour of someone close to the services.

Last December, it was Petro Poroshenko, who was rising in the polls, who was accused of treason. On 20 December 2021, at 3.07 pm, the official SBU website listed him as a suspect for crimes of treason and support for terrorist activities. The former president was accused of “making Ukraine energy dependent on Russia and the leaders of the Russian-controlled pseudo-republics.”

On 3 March, activists of the Lizvizia Left were raided by the SBU and imprisoned by the dozen. Then on 19 March, repression hit the whole of the Ukrainian left. By decree, eleven left-wing parties were banned: Party for Life, Left Opposition, Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, Socialist Party of Ukraine, Union of Left Forces, Socialists, Sharyi Party, Ours, State, Opposition Bloc Volodymyr Saldo.

Other activists, bloggers and human rights defenders are arrested and tortured, journalist Yan Taksyur, MMA boxer Maxim Ryndovskiy or activist Elena Brezhnaya,[252] whose father was charred to death in the pogrom of 2 May 2014 at the Odessa House of Trade Unions.

To complete this list, we should mention the men and women stripped naked and whipped in public by the nationalists in the streets of Kiev, the Russian prisoners beaten and shot in the legs before being executed, the soldier whose eye was pierced before being killed, the members of the Georgian Legion who executed Russian prisoners in a village near Kiev, while their leader boasted that he never took prisoners. On the Ukraine 24 channel, it was the head of the army’s medical service who said he had given the order “to castrate all Russian men because they are subhuman and worse than cockroaches”. Finally, Ukraine is making extensive use of facial recognition technology from the company Clearview to identify dead Russians and broadcast their photos on Russian social networks, ridiculing them…

The examples could be multiplied, as there are so many quotes and videos of atrocities committed by the troops of the defender of democracy and human rights who presides over the destiny of Ukraine. But this would be tedious and counterproductive with a public opinion convinced that these barbaric behaviors are solely due to the Russians.

This is why no NGO is alarmed, the Council of Europe is silent, the International Criminal Court is not investigating, and press freedom organizations are silent. They have not listened well to what the kindly Volodymyr told them during a visit to Bucha at the beginning of April: “If we do not find a civilized way out, you know our people, they will find an uncivilized way out.”

Ukraine’s problem is that its president, willingly or unwillingly, has ceded power to extremists internally and to the NATO military externally in order to indulge in the pleasure of being worshipped by crowds around the world. Was it not he who told a French journalist on 5 March, ten days after the Russian invasion: “Today, my life is beautiful. I believe I am wanted. I feel that this is the most important meaning of my life: to be wanted. To feel that you are not just breathing, walking and eating something. You are living!”


  • The activities of those politicians aimed at division or collusion will not succeed, but will receive a harsh response.
  • There will be consequences for collaborators.
  • Unfortunately, all the holidays have a bitter aftertaste for us this year. And we can feel the traditional Spirit of Christmas differently. Dinner at the family table cannot be so tasty and warm. There may be empty chairs around it. Our houses and streets can't be so bright. And Christmas bells can ring not so loudly and inspiringly. Through air raid sirens, or even worse – gunshots and explosions. And all this together can pose a bigger threat. It is a disappointment. Of the higher forces and their power, of goodness and justice in the world. Loss of hope. Loss of love. Loss of myself.[254]

See also


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    Dear Ukrainian people. We are the 36th Navy Brigade named after the counter-admiral Mikhail Bilinsky, left Crimea without betraying the oaths of 2014 and continued to perform the duty of defense of Ukraine. From the beginning of the exit we have been defending Mariupol for 47 days. We were bombed from airplanes, we were shot from artillery, tanks and other firematerials. We kept the defense worthy by doing the impossible. But any resources have a potential to run out. During the combat, we were once handed 50 122 guns, 20 min a little enlavs and starlink Elon Musk - spybo Elon, he had a lot of air strikes and still works. We have not been handed over any more. Without the possibility of defending themselves, the opponent gradually pushed us to the Azovmash plant, surrounded the fire and now is trying to destroy us. There was an option to bring us reserves to strengthen and boost the defense. There were options for the brigade to make a breakthrough and join their troops. We reported this to OTU East and they started planning the operation. Sodol, Delatitsky tried to do something, but their senior headquarters were closed. We reported about it in the OOS they said hold on we are working, promised a helicopter that never flew. We talked to the commander in chief who promised to unblock. We talked with a Garantee who guaranteed us either a political or military solution of the situation. For more than a month, the Marines fought without refilling ammunition, without food, without water, almost a lacquer from the puddle and died in packs. The mountain of wounded makes up almost half of the crew. Those who have unbroken limbs and can walk, return in order. Infantry all died and gunfighters are led by gunmen, zenitich, contacts of the driver and the police. Even an orchestra. Dying but fighting. Gradually we are coming to an end. Wise generals advise taking ammunition from your enemy. Probably not extinct these Sava parquettes, so many people will die for them in vain. There were chances. There were opportunities, but due to the silliness, they were not implemented. No one wants to communicate with us anymore because we are written off. Today will probably be an extreme fight since there is no BC left. Next up into the palm of the hand. Further is death for some, but captivity for some. Dear Ukrainian people. I don't know what's next, but I really ask you to remember the Marines with a kind word and no matter how they develop further, do not talk badly about the Marines. They did everything possible and impossible. For we are FAITHFUL FOREVER!

    11.04.2022…36 окрема бригада морської піхоти імені контр-адмірала Михайла Білинського is at Маріуполь.

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