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Gonzalo Lira

Gonzalo Lira in 2022.

Gonzalo Ángel Quintilio Lira López, (Burbank, United States, February 29, 1968 - Kharkiv, Ukraine, January 11, 2024[1]) was a novelist, film director Chilean-American known as Coach Red Pill who lived in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Lira was abducted by the Ukrainian gestapo on April 15, 2022,[2][3] and after a massive international outcry to the Chilean embassy for accounting by the Ukrainian fascist regime,[4] Lira was released a week later with his passports. According to Lira, the conditions of his release was that he did not speak publicly about his open case. Lira was placed on the NATO/Ukraine hit list for targeted assassination.[5]

Lira was again arrested by the Ukrainian gestapo on May 5, 2023,[6] allegedly as a "Russian saboteur" after posting a video critical of Biden and Zelensky. He was released on bail on July 14, 2023 after enduring torture, beatings, and being extorted of $70,000 by the prison guards.[7] Lira was released with his Chilean or American passports and ordered not to leave the city of Kharkov before his trial date. Lira contacted John Mark Dougan in Moscow,[8] Dima of the Military Summary channel in Belarus,[9] and Larry Johnson in the United States seeking help to flee Ukraine.[10] In his last video posted to Twitter, Lira said that he would be convicted and sent to a Ukrainian gulag which he would not survive.

Scott Ritter alleged that after Lira's first arrest and release in 2022, it was obvious that Lira had been compromised by SBU.[11] He was no longer a free man, and in order to stay alive had to work for SBU to help "give up" their main targets - Dougan, Dima, Johnson and others, working to expose their information sources in Ukraine and networks for smuggling people in and out of the country.

One month before his murder Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk both advocated for Gonzalo's release.[12] Biden had boasted how he got Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire the chief prosecutor, Victor Shokin, in 2015 for investigating Burisma oil and gas company's corrupt financial ties with Hunter Biden and the Biden family by threatening to withhold $1 billion in US aid; surely after paying Zelensky $116 billion in Ukraine aid, Biden could have intervened for the release of an American citizen arrested for exercising free speech in a supposed "democracy".[13]

Lira was murdered in December 2023 by the Zelensky regime while in captivity.[14][15]


Gonzalo Lira in 2006 during the production of the film Catalina’s Kidnapping.

Son of Gonzalo Ángel Lira Valdés and María Isabel López Hess, he grew up in the San Fernando Valley, New York, Miami and also in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He completed his studies at Saint George's College in Santiago de Chile.

In 1997 he published the book Tomáh Errázurih.

After settling in Manhattan in 1998, Lira wrote, produced and directed a comic short film, So Kinky. In 2002 he wrote the book Acrobat which was made into a film by Miramax. That same year Lira returned to Chile and began producing and writing in Spanish. In 2006 Lira co-wrote, produced and directed Catalina's Kidnapping,[16] named in Chile "Secuestro".

Between 2010 and 2012 Gonzalo published economic analysis on his blog, he made a forecast about hyperinflation threatening the US Dollar.[17].

In 2010 he was in Chile when the earthquake of that year occurred.

He lived for a while in London, UK, before moving to Kharkov, Ukraine.

In 2017, Lira was active on social networks, especially YouTube, under the name Coach Red Pill (CRP). As his handle suggested, Lira sought to make a name for himself in the Manosphere, his videos being part anti-feminist speeches and commentary, part advice and guidance for how to succeed in pickup artistry, with titles such as You Can Never be Friends with a Woman, Never Date a Single Mother, and Never Date A Girl Over 25. He seldom ventured outside of this area, a rare exception being the video Salvador Allende, in which he voiced strong dislike for the former Chilean president and "the fucking leftists today, f***ing pieces of s**t who don't know any G**-d***** history" who hold up Allende "as a saint slash matyr [sic]."[18] He also has praised Augusto Pinochet's Military Government as the best of the country's history.[19] After four years, Lira deleted most of his CRP content and continued posting under his legal name.

NATO war in Ukraine

The Daily Beast reported the whereabouts of Gonzalo Lira to the Ukrainian gestapo: Lira was disappeared on April 15, 2022.
After posting on March 26 a list of prominent people disappeared or murdered by the Zelensky regime,[20] Gonzalo Lira himself was disappeared from Kharkov.[21]
See also: Russia-Ukraine war

During the start of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine in 2022, he was in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, from where he expressed his assessment of what was happening on his YouTube channel. In particular, he said that, "although Ukraine may win the propaganda war, Russia wins the real war by capturing territory. Already 15% of Ukraine's territory is under the control of the Russian army." This video was shown on a Russian television program of the Piervy Kanal channel without his authorization, which drew attention to him in nationalist circles in Kiev. A reward for his life was announced and death threats began to be received. Gonzalo Lira sought to return to Kharkiv with his family, which he achieved after being expelled from the Royal Grand hotel. He has been critical of the government of Volodoymr Zelensky, the oligarch Íhor Kolomoiski and the American diplomat Victoria Nuland whom he accuses of having orchestrated the Euromaidan.[22][23][24][25] He also says that the Twitter user James Vasquez is an actor and the place that is shown in the video appears in multiple other videos with other actors, including one with a woman with hipster clothes appealing to the East Coast American journalists.[26] About the sanctions he explains affect mostly the West instead of Russia and that the Ruble is now becoming the PetroRuble.

He denounces that the Deep State has a lot of corrupt issues going on in Ukraine, including Chemical Laboratories which they don't want to be taken by Russia. Also Hunter Biden has evidence in the European country about his corrupt behavior.

On April 17, 2022, George Galloway, former parliamentarian of the Great Britain Labor Party, announced on his television program MOATS that an interview with Gonzalo Lira scheduled for that audition could not be carried out due to his alleged disappearance in Ukraine. Friends and relatives of Lira confirmed that they had lost contact with him since April 15, a disappearance confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile. Lira last wrote time on his Twitter account on April 15.

Tweets from the account of the notorious Ukrainian Nazi Sergei “Botsman” Korotkikh, who is deeply implicated in the Bucha massacre, said Gonzalo Lira has been kidnapped, tortured and might be beheaded.[27]

According to Twitter rumors, he was abducted by the Ukrainian gestapo.[28] Lira, who was reporting from Kharkiv during the Russia-Ukraine war, Lira said:

"If ever you don't hear from me for 12 hours during this conflict, if it's 12 hours or more, assume that I've been picked up by the SBU. And assume that the people most responsible are the Daily Beast, the Daily Beast who deliberately lied about me, claiming that I'm not in Kharkov, admitted to the fact that people are looking for me and want to get a hold of me in the very hit piece that they wrote, and that they contacted the Ukrainian government to make them aware that I'm in Kharkov, make them aware of my significance, make them aware so they can send some SBU goons to get me. Understand what the Daily Beast has done. And when I said, you know, in the in the title of this that the Daily Beast wants to kill me, I'm not being hyperbolic."[29][30][31]

The SBU is the fascist Maidan regime's gestapo organization.[32] Scott Ritter, whom Lira interviewed four days before his abduction, wrote about how people can respond to injustice: "we can call out Zelensky’s “cursed machine” for the crimes it is committing every day in defense of a perverted vision of Ukrainian nationalism that has mainstreamed the odious ideology of Nazi Germany, giving voice to its hate-filled logic, and empowering its minions to silence the voices of those who, like Gonzalo Lira, dared speak truth to power."[33]

On April 22, Gonzalo appeared on a live on The Duran, confirming he is alive, doesn't have access to his social media accounts at the time, was arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine who stole all his devices and passwords. Lira was released because of the intervention of foreign embassies and said he was released on condition that he does not speak publicly about his arrest and his pending case. As of May 1, 2022 Lira returned online with a new YouTube channel at Gonzalo Lira II.

On May 30, 2022, Lira challenged UK mercenary Aidan Aslin to a livestream discussion.[34] Aslin faces the death penalty in DPR custody after being caught aiding Nazi's in the Donetsk Peoples Republic carrying out acts of terrorism and murder against civilians.[35] Aslan was later traded in a prisoner swap.

In May 2023 the Ukrainian gestapo again arrested and incarcerated Lira. Calls to the US State Department and Antony Blinken to intercede for his release were again ignored. In July Lira was released on bail after the corrupt Ukrainian authorities raided his bank account. In a brief video uploaded to YouTube Lira reported that the Zelensky regime was intent upon killing him if he remained in Ukrainian custody. He was rearrested while attempting to make his way to Hungary to ask for political asylum. Lira's father reported in that Lira did not attend a December 2023 court hearing because of a serious case of pneumonia contracted while in Ukrainian custody.



  • So Kinky (1998)
  • Secuestro (2006) aka Catalina's Kidnapping

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