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Anti-Putin militias are full o neo-Nazis.[1]

Neo-Nazis are a number of loosely defined far-Left groups that admire the works and philosophies of Adolf Hitler. They have a tendency to attract the young and disenfranchised of society from the population that forms part of the majority groups.[2] General beliefs include a desire to keep racial or ethnic purity. Popular locations for Neo-Nazi activity included Ukraine,[3] the United States, Canada, and Germany. Arguably, the most famous Neo-Nazi group is the Azov Battalion.

In 2014 the Obama regime empowered organized Neo-Nazi groups during the so-called "Revolution of Dignity" to seize power and oust the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Neo-Nazi leaders boasted, "without us, the Euromaidan revolution would have been nothing but a gay parade."[4] When the United States Congress banned using taxpayer funds to train Ukrainian Nazis for war with Russia, NATO simply moved the training program to Canada. The prohibition was later rescinded.


Charlotteslville white supremacists received training from Ukrainian Nazis.[5]
Ukrainian neo-Nazi banner of the Azov Battalion.[6]

In October 2018 an unsealed FBI indictment of four American white supremacists from the Rise Above Movement (RAM) declared that the defendants had trained with the Azov Battalion.[7] The training took place after the white supremacist gang participated in violent riots in Huntington Beach and Berkeley, California and Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 where a counter-protester, Heather Heyer, was killed in a vehicular homicide by a white supremacist. The indictment stated that the Azov Battalion “is believed to have participated in training and radicalizing United States-based white supremacy organizations.”[8]

The FBI indictment details RAM's meetings with one of the key figures in Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion militia. In August 2018 RAM members published photos on Instagram showing themselves meeting with Olena Semanyaka,[9] the leader of the International Department of the Ukrainian National Corps, which functions as a civilian arm of the Azov Battalion. RAM’s Gab account provides additional details of the group’s foray through Ukraine in May 2018. The trip centered around the Paneuropa conference, an event that brings together fascists from across the West to encourage international collaboration. It is hosted at the Reconquista Club in Kyiv. The visit, which followed on the heels of meetings with white supremacists in Germany and with Italy’s fascist CasaPound party, highlighted the centrality of Ukraine to international fascist organizing. Further, the Paneuropa conference, where fascists build connections across national borders, revealed the Azov Battalion as much more than a militia fighting for control of a sliver of contested territory in eastern Ukraine. Azov leaders openly acknowledge that were it not for the Obama-backed Maidan coup, their organization would never have developed into the powerhouse it is. As Semanyaka said this year, according to a summary:

Ukrainian neo-Nazi poster
"The Ukrainian nationalist movement would have never reached such a level of development unless the war with Russia had begun. For the first time since the Second World War, nationalist formations have managed to create their own military wings, the brightest example being the Azov regime of the National Guard of Ukraine.”[10]

Max Blumenthal wrote in 2018,[11] "Azov boasts combat experience, unlimited access to light weapons, and supporters honeycombed throughout the upper echelons of Ukraine’s military and government. No longer just a militia, the organization has developed into a political juggernaut that can overpower Ukraine’s government. Two years ago [2016],[12] the group flexed its muscle on the streets of Kiev, bringing out 10,000 supporters to demand that the government bend to their will or face a coup." Ivan Katchanovski, a professor of political science at the University of Ottawa and leading investigator of the 2014 Odessa Trade Unions House massacre where at least 46 Russians were burnt alive by Ukrainian Nazis, said “With its military experience and weapons, Azov has the ability to blackmail the government and defend themselves politically against any opposition. They openly say that if the government will not advance an ideology similar to theirs, they will overthrow it.”


See also: Battle of Mariupol
Female victim of Ukrainian Nazis found in the basement of Mariupol School #25, which the Azov Battalion used as a headquarters, with a swastika painted on her chest in her own blood.[13][14][15]

According to the testimony of civilian survivors, Azov Nazis shot civilians attempting to flee Mariupol.[16] One civilian survivor testified that Ukrainian forces shot up whole "busloads" of fleeing civilians. In a YouTube broadcast from AZOV Media, Ukrainian Nazis admitted they use civilians as human shields:.[17]

In the so-called 'Bucha massacre,' all the dead bodies, or at least those bodies which were not crisis actors, had white armbands.

Mariupol residents accused Americans of training Azov fighters to fight near houses in residential areas causing interminable suffering and damage.[18] Survivors also testified that AZOV went about the city in civilian dress without uniforms.[19]

On the morning of March 30, 2022 Ukrainian troops told residents to go to Mariupol school #37 and there they would be safe; in the evening the school was shelled and destroyed.[20]

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