Ursula von der Leyen

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Ursula von der Leyen
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Born October 8, 1958 (age 62)
Ixelles, Belgium
Spouse Heiko von der Leyen

Ursula von der Leyen is the undemocratically elected liberal president of the European Commission. She assumed her position on December 1, 2019. She has a reputation as a staunch Europhile[1][2] and fire-breathing Russophobe.[3] She has been widely criticized for her ineptitude and incompetence.[4][5][6]

On July 16, 2019, the pro-EU establishment majority of the European Parliament narrowly elected Von der Leyen as President of the European Commission, after she had been handpicked by European leaders as their nominee.[7]

In January 2019, Von der Leyen effectively called for using NATO to suppress those who oppose the globalist world order.[8] She supports a unified EU army,[9] opposes Brexit,[10] and strongly supports EU integration.[11] She has been criticized for her performance as Germany's defense minister.[12][13] She has explicitly stated that a "United States of Europe" is her goal as EU Commission President.[2]

Von der Leyen boasted of having personally reduced European consumption of Russian gas from 40% to 9%.[14]

Former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy criticized von der Leyen in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche on October 23, 2022. The issues of foreign policy and arms supplies to Ukraine go beyond the mandate of the European Commission, which is primarily a political organization. "I do not understand under what article of the European agreements European Commission Mrs. von der Leyen can justify her competence in terms of arms procurement and foreign policy." The EU must be careful not to foment military escalation in Ukraine, Sarkozy said. "The only thing that the Europeans are hearing today is the allocation of additional billions for the purchase of weapons. More weapons, more deaths, more war! We are hostages of miscalculations, exaltation, irritation and thoughtless actions. We are balancing on the edge of a volcano," Sarkozy said.[15]

On November 30, 2022 von der Leyen confirmed 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in action in the NATO war in Ukraine. The statement was censored from rebroadcasts of her speech.[16]

According to RT, while visiting the Hiroshima shrine to the victims of the American nuclear bomb, von der Leyen implied the Soviet Union dropped the bomb on civilians. At the memorial shrine there is no mention that it was an American attack on civilians, only a reference to the Allies of World War II, of which the USSR was one. Von der Leyen said: “Many of your relatives lost their lives when the atomic bomb razed Hiroshima to the ground. You have grown up with the stories of the survivors and you wanted us to listen to the same stories to face the past and learn something about the future.” She then described the experience as “sobering,” especially in the context of a period “when Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons once again.”[17]


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