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After Biden invited a surge in illegal immigration, human traffickers tossed a 3-year-old toddler over a 14-foot border wall, abandoning her in the middle of the night.[1]

The Biden border crisis began on junta leader Joe Biden's second day occupying the White House when he issued an executive order diktat which has been described as the most extreme directive in the history of modern law enforcement.

Acting Secretary David Pekoske issued a memorandum on the evening of January 20, 2021 putting into place a 100-day deportation moratorium. There were narrow exceptions for terrorists and spies and none for criminals and criminal suspects. The order essentially shut down ICE operations. The junta's executive order raised the refugee ceiling by 730% in the midst of the Covid pandemic.[2][3] By the junta's seventh week Arizona border agents reported illegal immigration in 2021 already surpassed all of 2018, and was on track to surpass 2018, 2019 and 2020 combined.”

Journalist Lara Logan reported,

"They want you to give up on your laws and give up on having them enforced. Because then it's easy for them to do whatever they want. It's about breaking your will to fight. You can see that all across the spectrum. There isn't a border anymore. It's gone. Immigration law is not enforced....On top of that, the Biden administration removed the word 'illegal' from the conversation. You are not allowed to talk about illegal immigrants anymore. You have to migrants....It's a plan. When you look at that, what is their plan? They talk about safe, regular, orderly migration....The language is word for word what you can read at the United Nations. The 2018 Global Compact on Migration which made migration a human right, then, in their book, a right that supersedes all other rights. Sovereign rights, constitutional rights, God-given rights."[4]

It is estimated that about 12,000 criminal illegal aliens per month will not be deported from the United States throughout the existence of the Biden/Harris regime.[5] These illegals can vote unchallenged under the Democrats "For the People Act".[6] Biden also canceled the Trump era Operation Talon which focused on deporting illegal child sex traffickers and sexual predators.[7]

The junta further scrapped the “public charge” rule—a government policy that sought to limit admissions of immigrants likely to become reliant on government benefits.[8]

An estimated 117,000 migrants crossed the border in February 2021 at the going rate for smuggling humans of $10,000 each, totaling well over $1.1 billion for the cartels and human trafficking networks.[9] 150,000 in March,[10] and 178,000 in April 2021, a two-decade high for a single month. 17,000 of those in April were unaccompanied children.[11] People from Yemen, Iran and Sri Lanka were crossing the border, as well as people on the terrorist watch list.[12] Democrat Reps. Vicente Gonzalez and Henry Cuellar criticized the junta's mishandling of the crisis.[13] Cuellar, whose district sits on the Mexican border where the Biden border crisis was occurring, advocated for the re-institution of President Donald Trump's Remain in Mexico program for asylum seekers.[14] In January 2022 the Biden FBI ransacked Cuellar's home.[15]

The developing situation at the U.S. - Mexico border prompted then former President Donald Trump to issue a formal statement in March 2021 regarding a so-called "National Disaster". Trump indicated in the statement, in part, "We proudly handed the Biden administration the most secure border in history. All they had to do was keep this smooth-running system on autopilot. Instead, in the span of just a few weeks, the Biden administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster..." Trump further warned that the Biden administration's "reckless policies" were "enabling and encouraging crimes against humanity."[16]

Biden calls for immediate surge

On March 17, 2020, during a 2020 Democrat primary debate, Biden told Jorge Ramos of Univision:

Biden kids in cages.PNG
"I would, in fact, make sure that there is, we immediate surge to the border. All those people seeking asylum, they deserve to be heard. That's who we are. We are a nation that says, if you want to flee and you are fleeing oppression, you should come."[17]

People died attempting to cross the frigid waters of the Rio Grande after Biden's open invitation.[18] El Salvador President Nayib Bukele told Fox News the ‘new-liberal practice’ immigration policy was ‘immoral’ and 'not good for the US, not good for El Salvador, causing a brain drain and sending El Salvadore's future workforce to the U.S. in exchange for a tiny remittance.[19] Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told an NBC affiliate

"From a lack of safe drinking water in one location to a COVID-19 outbreak in another, the Biden Administration has no excuse for subjecting these children to these kinds of conditions. President Biden’s refusal to address the border crisis is not only enabling criminal actors like human traffickers and smugglers, but it is exposing innocent unaccompanied children to illness and potentially unsafe living conditions. The administration must act now to keep these children safe, secure our border, and end this humanitarian crisis. The Biden administration must also answer for enticing unaccompanied minors into inhumane conditions that expose these children to traffickers. To abuse. And to terror.”[20]

Vice President Kamala Harris cackled in laughter when asked if she would visit the Biden-Harris humanitarian catastrophe on the border.[21] Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick told Fox News,

"There was a little girl that drowned in the river. Kamala Harris must think that’s amusing to her. She must think that the sex offenders who are coming into this country, who are coming into communities all over this country to assault children is funny to her. This is not a laughing matter to our country or to these people or for future victims. So far they won’t call this a crisis. It’s a designed disaster. This is their plan… Sex offenders are up 1,967% in just the Del Rio sector in Texas. Sexual offenders are defined by people we already arrested for offenses against children and they’re crossing back two or three times."[22]

After laughing at the unfolding human tragedy, Harris was appointed by Biden to head up a task force to look into the problem.[23] Harris is committed to a platform of Abolishing ICE and has referred to the men and women of the CBP as the Ku Klux Klan.[24] A week into the Harris' appointment as border czar, Harris had no immigration-related meetings on her schedule and made no public statements about the border crisis.[25] Symone Sanders, an African American woman who was relegated to a subordinate position in the White House propaganda apparatus, told the Associated Press, "The vice president is not doing the border."[26]

According to Politico,[27] White House and Health and Human Services officials were frustrated after being left with the task of cleaning up remarks about the Mexican border by Symone Sanders, senior spokesperson for Harris. Sanders told reporters that Biden and Harris “have instructed [HHS Secretary Xavier] Becerra to do a thorough investigation” of the El Paso army base where migrant children locked in cages. But Psaki and others had to tell The Guardian that no such investigation exists. “At no time did The White House recommend a probe of the facility,” a White House spokesman told The Guardian.[28] CBS News also reported that a White House official said that Biden did not order a formal investigation.[29]

Surging covid cases

Biden executive orders created a humanitarian catastrophe beginning its first day.

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was not doing any covid-19 testing on people apprehended at the border.[30] Pods designed to hold 80 people were stuffed with as many as 709 with no social distancing.[31] The Epoch Times: described conditions in the holding cells:

"The family-unit holding cells smell like urine and vomit. Fights break out in the unaccompanied-minor cells. Scabies, lice, the flu, and COVID-19 run rampant. Up to 80 individuals are squeezed into each 24- by 30-foot cell, and there aren’t enough mattresses for everyone. Sheets of plastic divide the rooms. “Any diseases that are in there, it’s being kept in there, like a petri dish. The smell is overwhelming.”[32]

The National Sheriffs Association estimated that up to 50% of all illegal immigrants were covid positive.[33] Congressional Democrats blocked a Republican bill which would require the Department of Homeland Security to test all apprehensions for covid.[34] Restoration of the Obama era Catch and Release program led to the release of covid infected illegal aliens into American communities.[35]

An analysis by The New York Times in July 2021 found that more than 7,500 cases have been detected since April. That represents more than 40 percent of all coronavirus cases in Immigration Control and Enfrocement (ICE) detention since the start of the pandemic in 2020. The rise in infections coincides with a surge in immigrant detention, from 14,000 detainees in April to more than 26,000 at the end of June, according to the Times analysis. ICE officials say the increase in infections is directly correlated to the increase in CBP detainees in their care, all of whom are subjected to testing, quarantine and cohorting once in the detention centers.[36]

Journalist Lara Logan reported,

“This administration knew what was happening long before it got to this point. They know the people are disbursing now. There’s hundreds of Haitians that have run away from under the Del Rio Bridge and disappeared into the countryside...They know also that everywhere that there’s been a mass migration of illegal immigrants, there’s been a spike in COVID cases in this country....Bioweapons specialists and intel agents say that is typical of how you disburse a virus, if you did something like a virus bomb or a virus attack in your own country or another country."[37]

Logan stated reported elsewhere,

"There is a group of intelligence and bioweapons people, veterans, who have been investigating and monitoring, trying as best they can because so much of it is hidden. Movements of migrants in the middle of the night. Especially in large numbers. At the same time they are monitoring and tracking the surge in covid cases. What they found when they overlaid the computer models is wherever there was large mass movement of illegal immigrants there was a minimum of 200% surge in covid. I spoke to other professionals very familiar with this and they said that what they would call a virus bomb. That's how you would disperse a virus using a human as your bomb. So this is something that's ongoing. They are still looking at it. They are still investigating it. They haven't come out publicly with their findings but it's well documented by the CD over the years. There have been previous cases in other diseases where we had these kinds of movements and it resulted in that. They aren't testing anybody and people haven't been tested.

Media blackout and gag rule

While White House chief propagandist Jen Psaki denied a border crisis existed,[38] two-thirds of registered voters believe a crisis existed and blamed Biden for it.[39][40] The junta eventually was forced to dispatch FEMA to the border to assist with the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the surge in illegal border crossings.[41] The junta imposed a media blackout and gag order on Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employees to cover-up the unfolding crisis and human tragedy. According to a CBS News report, non-profit lawyers who conduct oversight of migrant detention facilities have been impeded from going inside or even seeing photos of the conditions.[42] Award-winning photojournalist John Moore of Getty observed, “There’s no modern precedent for a full physical ban on media access to CBP border operations.”[43] CNN's Jake Tapper said the Biden-Harris junta was “not leveling with the American people.”[44]

Arizona and Texas sheriffs claim the number of illegal border crossings was underreported by the Biden junta by as much as 300%. The sheriffs claim that only 28% of illegal border crossings were being reported.[45]

Sen. Ted Cruz was blocked by junta personnel and accomplices from exposing to the American people the humanitarian disaster the Democrats created.[46] In his first public press conference Biden found it flattering that he was credited for the chaos and human tragedy he created.[47][48]

Babies in cages

The Biden junta held children separated from their parents in cages.[49]

The junta renewed the Obama era program of locking migrant children in cages.[50] The New York Times reported the junta was holding 3250 kids in "jail-like facilities"[51] 38% longer than the law allows.[52] CNN reported that the Biden junta was holding at least 3,200 children - more than any previous record number - in facilities with only 500 beds.[53]

Reports indicated that human traffickers were purchasing children for $3200.[54][55] Drug cartels often recruit or kidnap migrants, hold them for ransom or murder them if their families don't comply with the operatives' demands.[56] Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed concern over the junta incentivizing human trafficking and organized crime.[57] Evidence at the border suggested children were being raped.[58]

According to CBS News, children were held in overcrowded conditions, and some were having to sleep on the floor and were going hungry. One immigration lawyer representing the children said there were kids who have only showered once in seven days and weren't allowed to shower more often. The children were not allowed outdoors and complained of not seeing the sun in days. The Donna complex which is supposed to hold only 250 people held 1,800, or 729% of its pandemic era capacity. The migrants were not able to observe any social distancing because of the massive number of people.[59] CBS reported the number quickly ballooned to 13,000.[60]

The Washington Post reported “[y]oung people are waiting in cramped, austere holding cells with concrete floors and benches. Lights remain on 24 hours a day, agents say, and there are few places to play.” Paul Wise, a court-appointed immigration monitor, reported “significant overcrowding.” Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy said he “fought back tears” when a 13-year-old girl spoke of being separated from her grandmother.[61] NBC News reported that the junta issued a gag order refusing media access to the jail-like facilities where children were being kept in cages.[62]

By March 19, 2021 NBC News reported the CBP was holding 5,049 children illegally beyond the time allotted by law in substandard facilities. James O'Keefe of the prestigious Project Veritas organization reported,

“They [illegal immigrants] are separated by age or physical size depending on room. Fifty were COVID positive in these cells over the last few days. There have been multiple sexual assaults, normal assaults, and daily medical emergencies.”[63]

Unsanitary conditions

According to a whistleblower complaint, children were forced to sleep in tents that “were dirty and often had a foul odor,” at times smelling of sewage at the Fort Bliss facility, one of the camps the Biden junta used to hold 5,000 children. Children were not given prompt medical care when experiencing health crises, including one girl who had a panic attack after learning that her old sister was dying and another who, after not receiving her period for months, began bleeding profusely. One 13-year-old from Honduras at Fort Bliss recounted that a friend was served raw or undercooked chicken “that still had feathers in it.”[64]

The complaint was sent to various congressional committees and to the Health and Human Services (HHS) inspector general. The Health and Human Services Department hired a water-and-fire damage repair contractor with no training to supervise migrant children at the Texas army base. As of July 2021 there were roughly 14,500 children in HHS custody at several of its concentration camps.

When chief border czar Kamala Harris visited Texas in June 2021, she studiously avoided Fort Bliss.

Human trafficing

Members of the Los Tlacos cartel executing members of the rival La Bandera cartel, Sept. 29, 2021.[65]

Biden also canceled the Trump era Operation Talon which focused on deporting illegal child sex traffickers and sexual predators.[66] The order essentially shut down ICE operations. An estimated 117,000 migrants crossed the border at the going rate for smuggling humans of $10,000 each, totaling well over $1.1 billion for the cartels and human trafficking networks.[67] Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed concern over the junta incentivizing human trafficking and organized crime.[68] Reports indicated that human traffickers were purchasing children for $3200.[69][70] Drug cartels often recruit or kidnap migrants, hold them for ransom or murder them if their families don't comply with the operatives' demands.[71] Evidence at the border suggested children were being raped.[72] @red_pill_latina said on Instagram,

"Where is AOC…where is the outrage of the media? Democrats in the Biden administration are making traffickers and cartels more powerful and dangerous than ever. If you voted for Biden, this is what you voted for. You claim to support the Latino community yet you don’t support strong border security. Latinos are the main targets/victims of human traffickers at the southern border. Specially the most vulnerable, innocent little children. If you voted for Biden this is the reality you voted for."[73]

During the Obama surge in illegal immigration, a whistleblower told Sen. Chuck Grassley's office that 3,400 sponsors whom DHS placed children with had criminal histories including homicide, child molestation, sexual assault and human trafficking.[74] The Obama administration implemented a program of not doing background checks on people claiming to be sponsors of undocumented children.[75] Efforts by the government to locate many of the children and their sponsors later were unsuccessful.

Narcotics trafficing

Prior to the junta opening the border bi-partisan experts estimated the money made on drug trafficking by the Mexican Drug Cartels at around $500 billion, or one half-trillion dollars per year. Sen. Sonny Purdue said in 2019: “At half a trillion dollars — $500 billion — that makes the cartel business and the drug traffic just in Mexico alone coming across to the United States bigger than Walmart, to put it in perspective. So this is larger than our largest companies.” Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein quoted the same figure testifying, “The illicit drug trade is a business, valued at anywhere between $426 [billion] and $652 billion…”.[76]

Humanitarian crisis

Human traffickers tossed a 6 month old baby girl from a boat into the Rio Grande river. The mother paid traffickers $3,500 to cross the river. The mother was assaulted by the smugglers in Mexico resulting in a broken leg, After Which The Baby Was Thrown Into The River.[77]

Traffickers dropped a 3-year-old girl and a 5-year-old girl from a fourteen-foot border fence in the middle of the night, abandoning them.[78]

Over crowding caused a humanitarian crisis. The Biden/Harris regime set up a processing facility under a bridge in Texas requiring migrants of all ages, including children, to sleep on dirt.[79]

Haitian migrants

Biden regime forcibly removing black Haitian migrants.

After inviting more than 2 million white Hispanics into the country illegally, Matt Stieb of New York magazine reported, Border Patrol Agent Uses Whip to Chase Down Haitian Migrants.[80] Steib reported,

"The apparent whipping comes as more than 14,500 Haitians are camped under a bridge in Del Rio as they wait to be processed by Border Patrol; on Monday it was 104 degrees in the town. In response to the increase in undocumented migrants from Haiti — impacted this summer by the assassination of Jovenel Moïse and an earthquake that killed over 2,000 — U.S. officials have begun a mass deportation of Haitians and have sent over 600 Border Patrol agents to the area. This weekend, around 3,300 people were removed from the make-shift camp in Del Rio and sent to detention centers or placed on flights back to the island nation. The Biden administration has used a Trump-era Centers for Disease Control policy called Title 42 to justify the deportation of migrants without allowing them to file asylum claims."

The Biden regime expelled more than 10,000 Black Haitians, rounding them up on horseback with whips.[81] Rep. Ilhan Omar accused the junta of “human rights abuses.”[82] Minister of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas accused a reporter of “assuming the facts” when asked about the possible use of whips.[83] Chief propagandist Jen Psaki said, “I don’t think anyone seeing that footage would think it acceptable or appropriate,” she said at a press briefing. “It’s horrible to watch.”[84]

Rep. Maxine Waters said, "I'm pissed. I'm unhappy and I'm not just unhappy with the cowboys who were running down Haitians and using their reins to whip them. I'm [unhappy] with the administration. ...he is the one that does not follow the constitution and would not allow those seeking refuge to petition to get into the country. What the hell are we doing here? What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery … cowboys with their reins, again, whipping black people." Rep. Ayanna Pressley criticized the "cruel, the inhumane, and flat out racist treatment" of Haitian migrants: "We cannot and we must not look away in this moment....Instead of leading with compassion and grace, these families have been met with cruelty," Pressley claimed, saying those that have fled to America have been "rounded up like cattle, whipped, handcuffed, and detained....Haitian lives are black lives, and if we truly believe that black lives matter, then we must reverse course."[85]

The junta's Special Envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote, who was appointed only two months earlier issued a scathing resignation letter to Antony Blinken. Foote, a career foreign service officer, denounced the Biden regime's “inhumane” policy toward Haitian refugees.[86] PBS's Yamiche Alcindor asked Psaki, "These are images that are traumatizing Haitian Americans that he [Biden] promised to treat respectfully & with humanity. Why isn't the President telling people himself these images that people say look like slavery are wrong? Does the President believe anything in this letter that Daniel Foote is saying rings true, has some sort of point that he — that he believes is — is true" that the Biden administration has been "inhumane" toward Haitian illegal immigrants?" Psaki dodged the question on the regime's racist policies and handed it off to the State Department.[87]

Bus hijackings

According to law enforcement officials Haitian migrants who were being transported on federally contracted private buses away from the border revolted during the ride and overtook control of the multiple private commercial vehicles before escaping.[88] The migrants on board had been picked up from the makeshift migrant camp in Del Rio, Texas, where thousands were waiting to be taken into custody.[89]


Journalist Lara Logan reported,

“This administration knew what was happening long before it got to this point. They know the people are disbursing now. There’s hundreds of Haitians that have run away from under the Del Rio Bridge and disappeared into the countryside...They know also that everywhere that there’s been a mass migration of illegal immigrants, there’s been a spike in COVID cases in this country....Bioweapons specialists and intel agents say that is typical of how you disburse a virus, if you did something like a virus bomb or a virus attack in your own country or another country."[90]

According to Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar, the junta has taken the unprecedented step of releasing illegal aliens without a court date to appear.[91]

GAO investigaton

The U.S. Senate requested the General Accounting Office (GAO) to investigate the legality of Biden suspending border wall construction and freezing funding for it appropriated by Congress. Pointing to the surge of migrants and increase in border apprehensions, Senators argued that Biden's actions “directly contributed to this unfortunate, yet entirely avoidable, scenario.” Following Biden's actions, “operational control of our southern border was compromised and a humanitarian and national security crisis has ensued." Biden's moves were "also a blatant violation of federal law and infringe on Congress’s constitutional power.”


Biden didn't consider illegal immigrants as illegals, he calls them instead "undocumented immigrants".[92] In a presidential debate he admitted that he will give citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants.[93] Biden stated that he wants to reform ICE policies, without saying which of these policies he wants to reform.[94]

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