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The United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration or the Global Compact on Migration, is a globalist treaty that reduces the right of sovereign countries to decide who is able to cross their borders.[1] The pact seeks to make immigration a human right. In May 2018, 192 countries – virtually the entire United Nations membership – agreed to protocols on a formal treaty to be ratified in December 2018.

By November 2018, several countries, led by the United States[2] but including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Australia, Israel, Estonia, Slovakia,[3] Poland,[4] Italy,[5] and Brazil announced they will leave the treaty as it is not in their national interest.[6][7] The Belgium New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) party, the largest member of the Belgian governing coalition, has announced its intention to reject the treaty,[8] and it eventually lead to the resignation of the pro-migrant treaty prime minister.[9] In the United Kingdom, over 100,000 people signed an official petition to reject the treaty.[10]

On the other hand, globalist and pro-mass migration leaders in Germany,[11] Sweden,[12] and the United Kingdom[13] have shown support for the agreement.

Redefinition of terms

Immigrants historically have fallen in three classes:

  1. Asylum seekers - individuals facing discrimination, arrest or torture at the hands of a regime based on their political opposition;
  2. refugees - displaced persons fleeing a war zone, often in emergency circumstances and without papers and documentation;
  3. migrant workers - people crossing borders for economic opportunities, often depressing wages in the host country.

The treaty seeks to blur the line between economic migrants and those fleeing oppression. Refugees for instance are not required to have identity papers, birth certificates, etc., thus it's impossible to perform a background check to see if the person is actually the same as the name they give, or if they are wanted murderers, terrorists, etc. The pact allows for criminals to pose as job seekers and economic migrants.

Not only does the treaty allow for murderers. drug dealers, rapists, etc. to claim safe haven in the country of their own choosing, it requires the taxpayers of that country to provide medical care, transport, lodging, protection and other special services prior to and after entry.

Criminalizes criticism

EU parliament member and Dutch politician Marcel de Graaff warned:
"One basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of hate speech. The agreement wants to criminalize migration speech. Criticism of migration will become a criminal offense. Media outlets that give room to criticism of migration can be shut down."[14]

Assistant Secretary-General Andrew Gilmour of UNHCR says his office will help countries “to distinguish free speech from hate speech” and that media reporting that is not sufficiently pro-migration cannot be tolerated.

Commentator James Delingpole also pointed this out.[15]

Marrakesh Conference

As the treaty was being signed by representatives of 162 countries, two young female tourists from Denmark and Norway were beheaded by moderate rebel Islamists just outside the conference in Marakesh, Morocco,[16] The Leftist totalitarian government of Sweden threatened prosecution and four years imprisonment of anyone showing the video on line that the perpetrators made of the girls murder.[17]

Biden border crisis

See also: Biden border crisis

Even though the United States rejected the treaty and is not a signatory, the Biden regime which came to power through election irregularities and fraud in 2020 adopted the language and rhetoric of safe, orderly and regular migration,[18] denying a crisis on America's southern border as more than 2 million illegal aliens entered the United States unobstructed in 2021.

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