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Andrés Manuel López Obrador [nicknamed AMLO] (born November 13, 1953) is the president of Mexico, serving since December 1, 2018. López Obrador is a left-wing nationalist who ran for president two times before winning in 2018.

In his first year in office, crime levels had increased and the Mexican economy had slowed.[1][2]

Medicine in Mexico

Lack of medicines in Mexico grew by 1,000%,[3] but Andrés Manuel López Obrador did nothing but hid the information.

Mishandling of Coronavirus

López Obrador, a far-left leader, recklessly mishandled the coronavirus pandemic,[4] by shaking hands with people, and did utterly nothing to improve testing availability.

Foreign relations

AMLO sympathizes with global Communists, as he is possibly one himself.[5]


AMLO wanted friendly relations with China,[6] despite Mexico depending on the United States more than China, AMLO aims to depend on China more.


AMLO officially recognizes dictator Nicolas Maduro as the president of Venezuela,[7][8] despite his murderous human rights abuses.

United States

Despite the MSM trying to paint him as pro-Trump, AMLO was always anti-Trump. He even compared Trump to Hitler.[9]

Lopez Obrador expressed concern over the Biden junta's open borders policy which incentivized human trafficking and organized crime.[10]


President Obrador said of Joe Biden's Ukraine policy, "we see it as the old policy of interventionism, lack of respect for nations, and their people.”[11] President Obrador said of NATO policy towards Ukraine is like saying “I’ll supply the weapons, and you supply the dead. It is immoral.”[12]