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An NBC News employee murdered Lee Keltner, an unarmed peaceful protester during a Patriot Rally, in Denver, Colorado, October 10, 2020.[1]

NBC News is one of the three major non-cable news networks in the United States, broadcast by NBC. Like many major news networks, it has been criticized for its racism, fake news, and liberal bias.

NBC News is in the forefront of mainstream media fake news outlets. Its reputation and integrity for credible journalism was dissolved during its participation in the Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax. NBC Washington D.C. correspondent Ken Delanian actively fed false news narratives from the Comey FBI to undermine the presidency of Donald J. Trump.[2] Neither NBC News nor its subsidies, MSNBC and Vox Media published retractions for their false and defamatory reporting, which destroyed the lives and reputations of dozens of Trump campaign and administration officials.[3] Ken Delanian had been fired by the Los Angeles Times when his employer discovered Delanian betrayed independent journalism ethics and was also employed by the CIA as a propagandist; Delanian immediately was hired by NBC News.

April 7, 2020 NBC News tweeted Communist Chinese propaganda when it was well known the Chinese Communist Party was being illusive and deceptive in its reporting on the CCP global pandemic.[4][5]

2020 Leftwing riots

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During the 2020 Marxist insurrection an unarmed peaceful protester at a Patriot Rally was murdered by an NBC employee.[6] Hours earlier, former NBC News anchor Keith Olbermann called for Trump supporting "maggots" to be removed from society.[7]

Noted NBC fake news reporting

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