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David Dorn

David Dorn

Police Captain of the Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis
In office
November 1969 – October 2007

Born November 29, 1942
St. Louis, Missouri
Died June 2, 2020 (aged 77)
St. Louis, Missouri

David Dorn (November 29, 1942 – June 2, 2020) was a retired African-American captain in the city of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, working there from November 1969 to October 2007.[1] He later served as police chief of Moline Acres, Missouri since February 2008.[2]

Progressive rioters murdered Captain Dorn on the night of June 2, 2020,[3] who was at the time working as a private security guard.[4] The shooting was posted on Facebook Live. Dorn served on the St. Louis police force for 38 years.

Dorn's personality was described as “bigger than life...a fun guy, a happy guy....He wanted them to do the right thing all the time." The Ethical Society of Police, which represents black officers in St. Louis, said in a news release that Dorn was “the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to.”[5] Neighborhoods were set on fire.[6]

During the 2020 Marxist insurrection, in the month of June 2020 alone homicides rose from 10 the year prior to 32, more than 1 per day.[7]

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