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Lee Keltner (right)

Lee Keltner (d. October 10, 2020) was an American Patriot murdered by a leftwing terrorist hired by an NBC affiliate in Denver, Colorado.[1]

Patriot Lee Keltner, BGM provocateur Jeremiah Elliot, Antifa hired goon Matt Dolloff, and NBC affiliate producer Zak Newman. Elliot, Dolloff, and Newman were seen colluding together shortly before the murder.[2] The Colorado Democrat and Denver Communist parties advertised a counterprotest which hurled projectiles at the Patriots. Newman is a known Antifa terrorist sympathizer, and Elliot disrupted a Bernie Sanders event with a brawl in February 2020 which went viral. Denver Post 'Crisis Photographer' Helen Richardson was at Elliot's side as he attempted to provoke multiple Patriots, including African American, with racial epithets and insults.[3]

Keltner was executed by Matt Dolloff, a longtime far left activist. Dolloff posted pictures of himself with Occupy Wall Street on his Facebook page. Dolloff had a very extensive past speaking out against corporations and the police. Dolloff is a registered Democrat. His love for Bernie Sanders runs deep, deep enough to have a YouTube playlist dedicated to Sanders. Posts from Dolloff's Facebook page show signs of early radicalization, anti-Trump and anti-cop rhetoric. Dolloff also openly supports Black Lives Matter communist organization. Dolloff also has a Space Invaders tattoo, a common logo used among ANTIFA.[4]

A professional agitator, named Jeremiah Elliott, baited and assaulted multiple peaceful demonstrators while his Denver Post camera wing lady, Helen Richards, was busy capturing the fictitious "right wing extremists" in action. During the riots and multiple verbal and physical assaults on peaceful demonstrators, Richards was always right next to him capturing the action.

This agitprop campaign was lead by Richards and Zak Newman, a news producer for Denver NBC affiliate KUSA, and it was clearly aimed at generating progressive propaganda footage. Unfortunately, just as in any violent revolutionary activity, the business of manufacturing violent news is riddled with casualties. This event was no exception. Richards’ and Newman’s little Pulitzer prize initiative ended abruptly when Matthew Dolloff, another Antifa-BLM-Green activist and Newman’s paid muscle, murdered Lee Keltner in cold blood, all while Richards was capturing the murder on her cameras and satiating her lust for conservative blood.

Newman, BGM provocateur Jeremiah Elliot, and hired Anifa goon Matt Dolloff were all seen by eyewitnesses colluding together shortly before the shooting.[5]

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