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Occupy Wall Street was a far-Left protest anti-capitalism rapists' and murderers' [1] playground. It began as an astroturf campaign funded by a George Soros group called Adbusters, with the goal of replacing the United States Constitution with Communist totalitarianism.[2]

Inspired by Bill Ayers "Days of Rage," the first Occupy protest occurred on September 17, 2011 in New York City after months of planning by co-founder of SEIU Stephen Lerner.[3][4][5]

Occupy Wall Street protesters were a collection of radicals, anarchists, nihilists, college students, hippies, special interest groups, labor unions and vendors, blaming capitalism, greed, Wall Street and banks for their economic hardship. While claiming to be "peaceful", Occupiers spit on U.S. Military personnel,[6] committed acts of rage, violence, vandalism, arson, rape, drug use, public masturbation, public defecation, littering, public nudity, public urination, rioting, and other assaults. Similar "Occupy" demonstrations were organized in over 200 cities in the United States and Canada[7] (sometimes on a smaller scale). The resulting mayhem led to thousands of arrests and restrictions placed upon the protesters, including the dismantling of tent "cites" on public and private property. In some locations nonlethal riot control tactics were used on protesters who were in violation of local ordinances and police instructions.[8][9]

As of November 2011, the cost to local municipalities, funded by taxpayers, approached $20,000,000.[10] Occupiers engaged in terrorist actions, such as the bomb threat to the Cleveland Bridge as well as attempting to firebomb various vendors in Seattle.

Many Occupy Wall Street community organizers were involved in planning the Green New Deal.

During the first 30 days, 984 protesters were arrested in New York City, and according to police records, the median age is 27, the median home and apartment income is twice above the national average, and 797 of them, or 80%, are white, while whites are 62.6% of the 2010 US census.[11][12]

Historical roots

Protesters in Knoxville, Oct 2011.

Inspired by the Arab Spring protests in Cairo that were organized by the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood[13][14] , the Occupy Wall Street protesters dubbed the September 17 rally a "Day of Rage," which finds its origin in "Days of Rage," a violent set of riots waged in Chicago in 1969 by the Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Staged by ACORN and SEIU affiliates, the September 17 US Day of Rage's mission statement is "To help facilitate state and city level organization, and to organize the federal protest at the U.S. Capitol."[15]

During an interview with Chicago Mag, Ayers, who was featured on a magazine cover while standing on the American flag, with no regrets, summed up his riot's intended purpose, stating, 

Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents—that‘s where it’s really at.[15][16][17]
  • In a display of anti-American hatred, "Occupy Portland" protesters rallied behind a sort of theme song, called "F*ck the USA."[18]
  • A protester identified only as OleJodie was photographed defecating on a New York City police car.
  • An "Occupy Seattle" protester was arrested on October 18 for exposing himself at least five times to children at Westlake Park.[19]
  • An "Occupy Cleveland" protester reported to the police that she was raped in her tent over the weekend on October 15 or 16.[20]
  • A leftist radical at the "Occupy Dayton" protest declared, “F*** the military, f*** your flag, f*** the police.”[21]
  • A homosexual porn movie was filmed at "Occupy Oakland".[22]
  • Occupy Wall Street sympathizer threatens to murder Republican governor Nikki Haley [23]

Occupy Wall Street is a protest attempting to counter the influence of the real grassroots movement, the Tea Party Movement. The protest claims that thousands of cities in America will join their cause and that it will spread internationally to hundreds of cities. Many misinformed people see the protests as a worthy cause, with some falsely relating it to the Tea Party.

Occupy Wall Street is not and never will be worthy of legitimate comparison to the Tea Party Movement. The two movements, as OWS protestors so easily demonstrate with their offensive and criminal behavior, share absolutely nothing in common. As Barack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to supporting the movement, the "president" attempted to discredit the Tea Party by claiming it was related.[24] The Tea Party movement is a collection of concerned citizens that care for future generations, fighting for austerity and an honest national government. Wall Street protesters are selfish, make silly demands, and have misguided rage toward job creators. Over 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested during its first month; after more than two years, zero arrests have been made in the Tea Party movement.

Unlike the Tea Party, Obama was quick to acknowledge Occupy Wall Street, offering it credibility and a share of frustration and support.[25] In fact, one chant not found at any of these protests was anger directed at Barack Obama. Nancy Pelosi cried upon learning about the Tea Party; she offered her blessings to Occupy Wall Street. Rush Limbaugh argued that this protest was organized by the White House and Obama. Bill O'Reilly says the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters are "far-Left loons" and "anarchists".[26]

Other reports indicated that sanitation was becoming a concern for Occupy Wall Street as the park where the protesters camp was not been cleaned since September 16 and Mayor Bloomberg indicated that the protests were costing NYC tourism dollars.

Democratic Socialists of America

In a Nov. 2, 2011 email to supporters, Democratic Socialists of America National Director Maria Svart wrote of the DSA's strong support for the Occupy Movement which began on Sept. 17, 2011 with the original Occupy Wall Stree demonstration in New York City,[27]

"DSA and YDS members have been participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City and around the country from their beginning. This grassroots groundswell of activity is an exciting new development in the ongoing struggle for social and economic justice, and we are committed to supporting and building it. This fall is a critical time for members to be politically active, whether at OWS or in the offices of elected officials. Unless members of Congress feel enough pressure from their constituents, the Congressional Super Committee will soon propose cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other important anti-poverty programs."

The organization further stated,

"The Occupy Wall Street protests have invigorated the American Left in a way not seen in decades, and DSA has long emphasized the important role social movements play in improving the quality of life of ordinary people. So we have urged our members to take an active, supportive role in their local occupations, something many DSAers had already begun doing as individuals, because they believe that everyday people, the 99%, shouldn’t be made to pay for a crisis set off by an out-of-control financial sector and the ethically compromised politicians who have failed to rein it in."[28]

On Nov. 2, 2011, DSA announced that it had launched an "Occupy Wall Street Page" containing,

"examples of DSA members and members of our youth section, Young Democratic Socialists, participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests, including news articles, videos, and pictures featuring DSAers and DSA honorary chairs taking part in the protests, and personal accounts and analyses from DSAers themselves."[28][29]

Media Collaboration

The Democrat Media Complex has willfully covered up the violence, vandalism, and anti-Semitism that truly does define the Occupy movement. Conservative media has documented more than 300 incidents of their outrageous and appalling behavior.[30]

Andrew Breitbart's BigJournalism website shows emails from well-known media members trying to facilitate a message for the protesters, insisting on demands so as to further report on the movement.[31] Rush Limbaugh says the numbers of people involved in the protest are unusually small, troubling the MSM.[32]

The Daily Caller reported that a host for government-funded NPR, Lisa Simeone emerged as spokeswoman for the "Occupy D.C." movement. [33]

New York Times reporter Natasha Lennard did not merely cover the protests, but also took part in planning and executing them.[34]

The Washington Post and the New York Times generated a total of 224 stories and opinion pieces praising the protest movement.[35]

109 clips, or 87 percent of the coverage by ABC, CBS and NBC produced positive protest stories. In addition, they ran 33 stories or segments about "Occupy" within the first 11 days and only 13 stories for the first year of the Tea Party movement.[36]

Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans paid $30,400 to be photographed with President Obama at this fundraiser.


Reports show that Wall Street protesters were being paid to march. Manufactured, professionally-designed protest signs indicate liberal money is influencing the protests.[37] A re-branded ACORN was involved with the "Occupy" protests.[4] Many Occupy organizers and protestors are Anti-war on terror holdovers (so called "Rent-A-Mob" protesters) who have thrown away their "Bush is a War Criminal" posters for "We Are the 99%". Code Pink, and its organizers such as Medea Benjamin[38] and Jodi Evans[39] are prime examples.

Lack of Direction

Conservatives mock the movement as Occupy Sesame Street, for its childishness. Conservatives know that it's the government devaluing our currency, weakening our economy and plundering money from the next generation—Wall Street and the banks aren't to blame. Republicans Mitt Romney and Herman Cain have denounced the protests as class warfare.[40] Congressman Peter King said the protesters have no direction and called them losers who live in dirt.[41]

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out a fundraising email asking supporters to sign a petition in support of the protesters. Barack Obama said that the movement reflected "broad-based frustration about how our financial system works." [42]

The 99% Declaration

As part of Occupy Wall Street, a progressive-socialist organization called the 99 Percent Declaration Working Group, claiming to represent "the 99%" of the American population, issued the following "Declaration" on October 7, 2011.[43]


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


WE, THE NINETY-NINE PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in order to form a more perfect Union, by, for and of the PEOPLE, shall elect and convene a NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY beginning on July 4, 2012 in the City Of Philadelphia.

I. Election of Delegates:

The People, consisting of all United States citizens who have reached the age of 18, regardless of party affiliation and voter registration status, shall elect Two Delegates, one male and one female, by direct vote, from each of the existing 435 Congressional Districts to represent the People at the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY in Philadelphia. Said Assembly shall convene on July 4, 2012 in the city of Philadelphia.  

The office of Delegate shall be open to all United States citizens who have reached the age of 18. Election Committees, elected by local General Assemblies from all over the United States, shall coordinate with the 99 Percent Declaration Working Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the99declaration/) to organize, coordinate and fund this national election by direct democratic voting. The Election Committees shall operate like the original Committees of Correspondence did before the first American Revolution. 

II. Meeting of the National General Assembly and Deliberation:

At the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY, the 870 Delegates shall set forth, consider and vote upon a PETITION OF GRIEVANCES to be submitted to all members of Congress, The Supreme Court and President and each of the political candidates running in the nationwide Congressional and Presidential election in November 2012.  The Delegates of the National General Assembly shall vote upon and implement their own agenda, propagate their own rules and elect or appoint committee members as the Delegates see fit to accomplish their goal of presenting a PETITION OF GRIEVANCES from the 99% of Americans before the 2012 elections.

III. Proposed Petition for the Redress of Grievances:

The PETITION OF GRIEVANCES shall be non-partisan and address the critical issues now confronting the People of the United States. The Delegates shall deliberate and vote upon proposals for the PETITION OF GRIEVANCES in consultation with the People as the delegates to the first two Continental Congresses did. Below is a suggested list of grievances respectfully submitted by the OWS Working Group on the 99% Declaration. The final version of the PETITION OF GRIEVANCES voted upon by the Delegates of the National General Assembly MAY or MAY NOT include the following suggested issues: 

1. Implementing an immediate ban on all private contributions of money and gifts, to all politicians in federal office, from Individuals, Corporations, Political Action Committees, Super Political Action Committees, Lobbyists, Unions and all other private sources of money to be replaced by the fair and equal public financing of all federal political campaigns. We categorically REJECT the concept that money is equal to free speech because if that were so, then only the wealthiest would have a voice. These actions must be taken because it has become clear that politicians in the United States cannot regulate themselves and have become the exclusive representatives of corporations, unions and the very wealthy who spend vast sums of money on political campaigns to influence the candidates’ decisions and ensure their reelection year after year.

2. The immediate reversal, even if it requires a Constitutional Amendment, of the outrageous and anti-democratic holding in the "Citizens United" case by the Supreme Court, which equates the payment of money by corporations, wealthy individuals and unions to politicians with free speech. We, the People, demand that institutional bribery and corruption not be deemed protected speech.

3. Prohibiting all federal public officials and their immediate family members, whether elected or appointed, from EVER being employed by any corporation they regulate while in office and/or holding any stock or shares in any corporation they regulate while in office until a full 5 years after their term is completed.  

4. A complete lifetime ban on accepting all gifts, services, money, directly or indirectly, to any elected or appointed federal officials or their immediate family members, from any person, corporation, union or other entity that the public official was charged to regulate while in office.

5.  A complete reformation of the United States Tax Code to require ALL citizens to pay a fair share of a progressive, graduated income tax by eliminating loopholes, unfair tax breaks, exemptions and deductions, subsidies (e.g. oil, gas and farm) and ending all other methods of evading taxes. The current system of taxation favors the wealthiest Americans, many of whom, pay fewer taxes to the United States Treasury than citizens who earn much less and pay a much higher percentage of income in taxes to the United States Treasury. We, like Warren Buffett, find this income tax disparity to be fundamentally unjust.

6. Medicare for all American citizens or another single-payer healthcare system, adjusted by a means test (i.e. citizens who can afford it may opt-out and pay their own health insurance or opt-in and pay a means tested premium). The Medicaid program, fraught with corruption and fraud, will be eliminated except for the purpose of providing emergency room care to indigent non-citizens who will not be covered by the single-payer program.

7. New comprehensive regulations to give the Environmental Protection Agency expanded powers to shut down corporations, businesses or any entities that intentionally or recklessly damage the environment and/or criminally prosecute individuals who intentionally damage the environment. We also demand the immediate adoption of the most recent international protocols, including the "Washington Declaration" to cap carbon emissions and implement new and existing programs to transition away from fossil fuels to reusable or carbon neutral sources of power.

8. Adoption of an immediate plan to reduce the national debt to a sustainable percentage of GDP by 2020. Reduction of the national debt to be achieved by BOTH a cut in spending to corporations engaged in perpetual war for profit, the "healthcare" industry, the pharmaceutical industry and all other sectors that use the federal budget as their income stream AND a truly progressive income tax code that does not allow the wealthy and corporations to evade taxes through excessive deductions, subsidies and loopholes. We agree that spending cuts are necessary but those cuts must be made to facilitate what is best for the People of the United States of America, not multinational and domestic corporations. 

9. Passage of a comprehensive job and job-training act like the American Jobs Act to employ our citizens in jobs that are available with specialized training and by putting People to work now by repairing America's crumbling infrastructure. We also recommend the establishment of an online international job exchange to match employers with skilled workers or employers willing to train workers in 21st century skills.

10. Student loan debt relief. Our young People and students are more than $830 billion in debt from education loans alone. Payment and interest on these debts should be deferred for periods of unemployment and the principal on these loans reduced using a corporate tax surcharge.

11. Immediate passage of the Dream Act and comprehensive immigration and border security reform including offering visas, lawful permanent resident status and citizenship to the world’s brightest People to stay and work in our industries and schools after they obtain their education and training in the United States.

12. Recalling all military personnel at all non-essential bases and refocusing national defense goals to address threats posed by the geopolitics of the 21st century, including terrorism and limiting the large scale deployment of military forces to instances where Congressional approval has been granted to counter the Military Industrial Complex's goal of perpetual war for profit.

13. Mandating new educational goals to train the American public to perform jobs in a 21st Century economy, particularly in the areas of technology and green energy, taking into consideration the redundancy caused by technology and the inexpensive cost of labor in China, India and other countries and paying our teachers a competitive salary commensurate with the salaries of employees in the private sector with similar skills. 

14. Subject to the elimination of corporate tax loopholes and exploited exemptions and deductions stated above, offering tax incentives to businesses to remain in the United States and hire its citizens rather than outsource jobs and reconstruct the manufacturing capacity of the United States.  In conjunction with a new jobs act, reinstitution of the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps or a similar emergency governmental agency tasked with creating new public works projects to provide jobs to the 46 million People living in poverty, the 9.1% unemployed and 10% underemployed.

15. Implementing of immediate legislation to encourage China and our other trading partners to end currency manipulation and reduce the trade deficit.

16. Immediate reenactment of the Glass-Steagall Act and increased regulation of Wall Street and the financial industry by the SEC, FINRA and the other financial regulators, and the commencement of a Justice Department criminal investigations into the Securities and Banking industries practices that led to the collapse of markets, $700 billion bail-out, and financial firm failures in 2007-2008.

17. Adoption of a plan similar to President Clinton’s proposal to end the mortgage crisis and instead of the Federal Reserve continuing to lower interest rates for loans to banks who are refusing to loan to small businesses and consumers, the Federal Reserve shall buy all underwater or foreclosed mortgages and refinance these debts at 1% or less to be managed by the newly established Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (and foreclosure task force described below) because 1% or less is the interest rate the Federal Reserve loans to the banks directly who hoard the cash rather than loan it to the People and small businesses.

18. An immediate one year freeze on all foreclosures to be reviewed by an independent foreclosure task force appointed by Congress and the Executive Branch to (in conjunction with the  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ) determine, on a case by case basis, whether foreclosure proceedings should continue based on the circumstances of each homeowner and propriety of the financial institution's conduct.

19. Subject to the above ban on all private money and gifts in politics, to enact additional campaign finance reform requiring free air time and public campaign finances to all candidates who obtain sufficient petition signatures and/or votes to participate in the primaries and/or electoral process, to shorten the campaign season and to allow voting on weekends and holidays.

20. An immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and a substantial increase in the amount of funding needed for veteran job placement and the treatment of the physical and emotional injuries sustained by veterans in these wars. Our veterans are committing suicide at an unprecedented rate and we must help now.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that IF the PETITION OF GRIEVANCES approved by the 870 Delegates of the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY in consultation with the PEOPLE, is not acted upon by Congress, the President, and Supreme Court, to the satisfaction of the Delegates of the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY, said Delegates shall organize a THIRD, COMPLETELY NON-PARTISAN, INDEPENDENT POLITICAL PARTY to run candidates for every available Congressional seat in the mid-term election of 2014 and again in 2016 until all vestiges of the existing corrupt corporatocracy have been removed by the ballot box.

13 demands

The content below is listed on the Occupy Wall Street website by an affiliated protester. OWS has made their intentions known that it is an unofficial post and they do not have an official list of demands. Per their website,

Demand one: Restoration of the living wage. This demand can only be met by ending “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages. Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hr.

Demand two: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system. To do this all private insurers must be banned from the healthcare market as their only effect on the health of patients is to take money away from doctors, nurses and hospitals preventing them from doing their jobs and hand that money to wall st. investors.

Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.

Demand four: Free college education.

Demand five: Begin a fast track process to bring the fossil fuel economy to an end while at the same bringing the alternative energy economy up to energy demand.

Demand six: One trillion dollars in infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Rail, Roads and Bridges and Electrical Grid) spending now.

Demand seven: One trillion dollars in ecological restoration planting forests, reestablishing wetlands and the natural flow of river systems and decommissioning of all of America’s nuclear power plants.

Demand eight: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.

Demand nine: Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.

Demand ten: Bring American elections up to international standards of a paper ballot precinct counted and recounted in front of an independent and party observers system.

Demand eleven: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the “Books.” World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the “Books.” And I don’t mean debt that is in default, I mean all debt on the entire planet period.

Demand twelve: Outlaw all credit reporting agencies.

Demand thirteen: Allow all workers to sign a ballot at any time during a union organizing campaign or at any time that represents their yeah or nay to having a union represent them in collective bargaining or to form a union.

Other Demands

On September 21, 2011, an unofficial list of 11 demands (each labeled "our one demand") was posted on the Occupy Wall Street website from "the fifth communiqué."[44] The group claimed the following demands.

On September 21st, 2011, Troy Davis, an innocent man, was murdered by the state of Georgia. Troy Davis was one of the 99 percent.

Ending capital punishment is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, the richest 400 Americans owned more wealth than half of the country's population.

Ending wealth inequality is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, four of our members were arrested on baseless charges.

Ending police intimidation is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, we determined that Yahoo lied about occupywallst.org being in spam filters.

Ending corporate censorship is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, roughly eighty percent of Americans thought the country was on the wrong track.

Ending the modern gilded age is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, roughly 15% of Americans approved of the job Congress was doing.

Ending political corruption is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, roughly one sixth of Americans did not have work.

Ending joblessness is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, roughly one sixth of America lived in poverty.

Ending poverty is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, roughly fifty million Americans were without health insurance.

Ending health-profiteering is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, America had military bases in around one hundred and thirty out of one hundred and sixty-five countries.

Ending American imperialism is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, America was at war with the world.

Ending war is our one demand.

Ohio bridge bomb plot

In 2012 the FBI infiltrated the Occupiers,[45] and through their informant learned of a plot to blow up the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge[46] in the Cleveland area.[47]

2020 Marxist insurrection

File:NBC employee kills Patriot.jpeg
An NBC News employee murdered an unarmed peaceful protester during a Patriot Rally, in Denver, Colorado, October 10, 2020.[48] Hours earlier, former NBC News anchor Keith Olbermann called for Trump supporting "maggots" to be removed from society.[49]
See also: 2020 Marxist insurrection

Matt Dolloff, a registered Democrat and Socialist, murdered an unarmed peaceful protester at a Patriot Rally in Denver, Colorado on October 10, 2020. Dolloff was working for NBC News at the time. Dolloff was heavily involved in the Occupy movement.[50] Dolloff was radicalized into leftism on Facebook and had a very extensive past of activism and speaking out against corporations and the police.

The Denver Communist Party sponsored the pro-Antifa counterprotest.[51]

Occupy Wall Street and anti-Semitism

Several anti-Semitic incidents were reported during "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations in New York as Jews were falsely blamed for the turmoil in America's financial markets. In addition, anti-Israel signs were raised against their inflammatory claim of "Israel's occupation of Gaza".[52] Anti-Semitic sign bearers and speakers who have latched onto the Occupy demonstrations have Jewish leaders in Chicago concerned.[53]

The "Occupy Boston" protest camp marched to the building that houses the Israeli consulate and held a brief sit-in in the building's lobby.[54]

The "Occupy Miami" movement is led by Islamic anti-Semite Mohammad Malik, who has called for the extermination of Jews and is the principal organizer of numerous anti-Israel rallies.[55]

Occupy Wall Street and bestiality chant

See also: Occupy Wall Street and bestiality chant and Liberalism and bestiality

Bestiality is the act of engaging in sexual relations with an animal. A crowd at Occupy Wall Street was led to mindlessly repeat various chants which included a chant involving bestiality and the incident was videotaped.[56]

Below is an excerpt of the chant:

Everything seems to be possible. [Crowd Parrot Chant] You can travel to the moon. [CPC] You can become immortal [CPC] by biogenetics. You can have sex with animals, or whatever. [CPC].[56]

Supporters, sponsors, organizers, and sympathizers on the Left that endorsed Occupy Wall Street


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