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Antony Blinken tweet one day after the Biden regime indicted Donald Trump on bogus insurrection charges.[1]

Liberal hypocrisy is the act of a liberal saying or doing a certain thing for which they condemn others in doing. Liberal hypocrisy can extend as far as condemning a conservative position yet embracing the same position it if it becomes a liberal position. A recent example of liberal hypocrisy is the mask mandate which liberals themselves violate while requiring it of everyone else. Another example is that liberals criticized George W. Bush for drinking in his youth, but did not criticize Barack Obama who admitted to doing drugs and smoking.[2]



Joe Biden

Sen. Joe Biden, who authored the law with harsh mandatory sentencing guidelines for possession of small amounts of crack cocaine, called his crack-addicted son, Hunter Biden,[3] "the smartest man I know." Joe Biden locks up minorities for smoking crack, but not his son Hunter.[4]

After the exposure that Joe Biden took half of the payments Hunter Biden received from Burisma and Bohai Harvest RST,[5] and that Biden owned a ten percent share in partnership with the CCP-controlled Bank of China and the Peoples Liberation Army,[6] Biden signed off on a deal that would allow anonymous purchasers of so-called art made by Hunter Biden launder money for the Biden White House.[7]

An American citizen journalist, Gonzalo Lira, was arrested on free speech charges and sitting in a Ukraine gulag as Biden begged for billions of dollars more in Ukraine aid to protect Ukrainian ‘freedom’.[8]

Rep. Rosa DeLauro

Representative Rosa DeLauro, a Democrat from Connecticut, voted for a massive aid bill totaling $26 billion, which was passed into law and signed by President Obama on August 10, 2010; the bill would distribute money to states to aid teachers and first responders (firefighters, police). DeLauro said this in an email to Fox News:

"I fought very hard for the food assistance money in the Recovery Act, and the fact is that participation in the food stamps program has jumped dramatically with the economic crisis, from 31.1 million persons to 38.2 million just in one year." "But I know that states across the nation and my own state of Connecticut also desperately need these resources to save jobs and avoid Draconian cuts to essential services for low-income families."[9]

The "food assistance" money she is referring to is the Food stamp program, which provides money to needy families who live at or below the poverty line. For the aid bill, DeLauro voted to remove approximately $12 billion from the food stamp program.

Hakeem Jeffries racially motivated Twitter postings.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus Hakeem Jeffries posted on Twitter his support for the domestic extremist Defund the Police movement and ending the so-called "Prison industrial complex" on June 29, 2020 during the 2020 U.S. Color Revolution. Jeffries has posed has a prison reform advocate. Showing no regard for due process and the constitutional rights of the accused, Jeffries fanned the flames of racial animosity in America with a lynch mob mentality by demanding that Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old who acted in self-defense when attacked by three Marxists and anarchists during the Kenosha riots, be "locked up and throw away the key." Jeffries sentiments were based on MSM misreporting, fake news, and prosecutorial misconduct.[10] Jeffries inflammatory tweets led to calls for him to be censured by the House.[11]

Actress Carrie Fisher

Hollywood actress Carrie Fisher (who was addicted to drugs and died of a heart attack at age 60, in 2017[12]) was interviewed by Nicki Gostin for the website "PopEater" on June 14, 2010, and when asked about whether or not members of the Tea Party Movement were angry with President Barack Obama, she had this to say:

"Yup, and the fact that they chose to call themselves "teabaggers," which is slang for a certain act involving (deleted profanity). It sort of says a lot. I would say a mouthful. Looks like it's very upsetting for them, but he's brilliant. The thing is, he's half white but that's still not enough -- for them it's all white or (deleted profanity). I think we don't deserve him and certainly teabaggers don't deserve him."

Fisher ignored the fact that the Tea Party was created in response to an increasingly repressive, over-taxing, and power-grabbing central government; it has its origins with the Boston Tea Party and the conditions which caused the American Revolution, conditions which are cited within the Declaration of Independence. Fisher herself played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, which involved her character being on the side of a rebellion against a corrupt, repressive, and power-grabbing central government.[13][14]

NBC, MSNBC, and Keith Olbermann

NBC News anchor Lester Holt (left) dressed up in whiteface (right). Holt's co-worker Megan Kelly was fired by NBC for saying cultural appropriation was okay.

The former host of Countdown With Keith Olbermann is not shy about where his ideology lies; he has used his nationally known broadcast to disparage conservatives, Republicans, Christians, and anyone else who disagrees with his liberal philosophy. On November 5, 2010, Olbermann was suspended indefinitely without pay by MSNBC for giving contributions to three Democratic candidates without first notifying his bosses, one of whom appeared on his show just after receiving a contribution. Citing NBC policy that states "Anyone working for NBC News who takes part in civic or other outside activities may find that these activities jeopardize his or her standing as an impartial journalist because they may create the appearance of a conflict of interest. Such activities may include participation in or contributions to political campaigns or groups that espouse controversial positions. You should report any such potential conflicts in advance to, and obtain prior approval of, the President of NBC News or his designee" , MSNBC President Phil Griffin gave the order for suspension.[15][16]

"Contributions" to a cause does not have to be in terms of money; it can also involve using the public airwaves. MSNBC has continually presented programming and hosts hostile to conservatives and the Republican Party, while at the same time being supportive of the Democratic Party and liberalism in general. MSNBC currently presents nightly programming similar to Olbermann's, hosted by Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, both of whom are on record as using their shows in support of Democratic causes. Further, parent company NBC uses its Today show and NBC Nightly News in much the same way.

Liberal hypocrisy may have been one of the factors that caused Microsoft to divest itself from MSNBC in 2012—although the mainstream media would not have, and did not, report on this issue.[17]

NBC, Megan Kelly and Lester Holt

Liberal racist Joy Behar in blackface.[18]

In October 2018 NBC host Megan Kelly, the highest paid woman on television, was terminated for saying on-air there was no problem with whites wearing blackface on Halloween. In 2013 NBC News anchor Lester Holt wore whiteface and dressed up as a woman for Halloween.

Nazism and Fascism

Godwin's Law.png

Democrat Steven Cohen stooped to comparing Republicans to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels for pointing out the enormous costs of Obamacare. Meanwhile, the socialism underlying Obamacare is closely ideologically related to 20th-century fascism.[19]

Other political examples

  • Liberals and the mainstream media attacked Trump Administration nominee Tom Marino for helping pass a bill that reduced DEA enforcement against big pharma companies, but the bill passed unanimously by Congress – including every Democrat – and signed into law by liberal Democrat Barack Obama.[20]
  • Despite the European Union taking a tough stance against countries such as Poland and Hungary for refusing to accept Muslim refugees, and against the United Kingdom for voting to leave the organization, Germany was found in 2018 to have broken the most EU rules.[21]
  • Liberals harshly criticized Poland, a conservative-leaning country, for passing a law restricting free speech that accuses Poland of being complicit in the Holocaust,[22] yet they had no problem with the many existing laws stringently restricting free speech in Western Europe,[23] as well as restrictions and even outright bans on homeschooling in many Western European countries.[24] Similarly, while Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau funded a left-wing group protesting a pipeline because of "free speech", he refused to fund any organizations opposed to abortion and the homosexual agenda.[25] Additionally, while the media and liberals claim that right-wing populist parties in Europe somehow pose a threat to free speech and religion,[26] the establishment parties have restricted many of these same freedoms. Additionally, the Left, while once claiming to stand strongly for free speech when doing so benefited them politically, now opposes free speech now that conservatives are taking advantage of the same free speech rights.[27]
  • While liberals,[28][29] including those in the mainstream media,[30] acted hysterically upon hearing that President Trump was planning on holding a military parade, many liberals formerly supported the idea of holding such parades.[31]
  • Although the Left has been colluding with Russia since at least the 1930s (including during the Trump Administration), they go hysterical over unfounded claims that conservative Donald Trump somehow colluded with Russia.[32] They also loved Russia's dictators, when they were communist.[33] Liberals also called on President Trump to cut off high-level communications with Russia for allegedly "attacking our democracy", even though the U.S. government refused to cut off ties for earlier and even worse actions by Russia, some recent.[34] Additionally, the Left supports having its allies interfere in the domestic politics of other countries even when it strongly opposes its political opponents doing the same.[35] Left-wing California Senator Dianne Feinstein, an important member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, unwittingly colluded with Chinese spies for 20 years.[36] Democrats and establishment Republicans also have no problem colluding with China by participating in "China Town Halls", which serve as propaganda for the Chinese government.[37]
  • While socialist London mayor Sadiq Khan strongly opposed limiting free speech for anti-Trump protestors in London simply "because somebody's feelings might be hurt", he strongly supports censoring Twitter to avoid hurting the feelings of those whose views align with his.[38] Also, he denied free speech rights by banning a pro-Trump rally at the U.S. embassy in London,[39] and his government removed a satirical painting of himself just before the protests because it was "offensive."[40]
  • Former FBI counterintelligence deputy Peter Strzok, who initiated the Trump-Russia investigation over false allegations manufactured by Hillary Clinton of an alleged affair making President Trump vulnerable to blackmail,[41] denied he himself was vulnerable to blackmail over Strzok's own admitted marital infidelity in violation of FBI regulations.[42]
  • The mainstream media had no problem viciously attacking John McCain during the 2008 presidential election, but when conservative Donald Trump made relatively mild criticisms of him in 2016, the media acted hysterically.[43]
  • While the mainstream media and leftists enjoy pointing out that the conservative Sweden Democrats party has distant connections to fascism, they fail to mention that the Swedish Social Democrats were influenced by Marxism,[44] and that the Left Party, which they consider socially acceptable, is the successor to the Communist Party.[45]
  • Liberals claim that a country's democratic system is in danger when conservatives fairly and democratically win elections in that country, while they claim the opposite when they themselves win.[46] They also have no problem questioning election results when far-left candidates lose, while condemning conservatives for questioning the presence of voter fraud in other elections.[47]
  • The liberal media made a large effort to highlight when David Duke endorsed conservative Laura Ingraham, but it was silent when he endorsed left-winger Ilhan Omar.[48]
  • While leftists claim the Electoral College is somehow "illegitimate" because it is not the popular vote, those same leftists refuse to see the 2016 Brexit vote as legitimate despite it being a popular vote.[49] Likewise, liberals have no issue with undermining and subverting democracy if the democratic process leads to conservative results.[50]
  • While leftists opposed forcing Venezuela's socialist dictator, Nicolás Maduro, out of office and even denied he was a dictator, they strongly opposed Brazil's democratically-elected conservative president Jair Bolsonaro and slandered him as "authoritarian."[51]
  • The Left and the media went hysterical over President Trump appearing to express openness at accepting opposition research on opponents by foreign governments, but liberals such as Hillary Clinton did the same.[52] Similarly, Democrats become hysterical when Trump "fights ugly" even though Democrats have done far worse multiple times.[53]
  • Liberals criticize 2020 presidential election candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for her takedown of fellow Democrat and serial sexual abuser Sen. Al Franken.[54]
  • Canadian politician Chrystia Freeland, the current Liberal deputy prime minister and Minister of Finance under Justin Trudeau and a supporter of Nazi collaborator and leftist insurrection financier George Soros, has falsely called her critics "white supremacists", but refuses to acknowledge that her maternal grandfather was an actual Nazi collaborator who published a newspaper which printed Nazi propaganda and who was sought out by Polish authorities after WWII.[55] When confronted about this by then-Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte, Freeland brushed him off while several of her aides ran interference for her. Liberal politician Kent Hehr, formerly a member of Trudeau's cabinet as the Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities before he resigned from that post in January 2018 when reports of workplace sexual harassment surfaced, likewise refused to condemn Freeland's family's ties to Nazism before Hehr's aide, Vincent St. Pierre, ran interference for him and blocked Bexte from speaking to him.[56]
  • Liberal governments banned right-wing figures from entering the UK and Australia, and the United States banned Hindu Narendra Modi from entering for a period of time. However, Israel's conservative government did the same thing for two far-left U.S. representatives and was baselessly accused of hatred toward an entire ethnic or political group, while the other countries were not.
  • The same Democrats who supported Obama's decision to withdraw soldiers from the Middle East criticized President Trump for withdrawing a smaller number of soldiers from the same region.[57]
  • Liberals attacked President Trump for using the word "lynching" to describe the impeachment inquiry against him while several high-profile Democrats used the exact same language to criticize the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton in the 1990s.[58]
  • In October 2019, Ilhan Omar, who supports sanctions on Israel, criticized President Trump by claiming his sanctions were ineffective.[59] She also harshly attacked the president's Iran sanctions despite supporting sanctions on Israel.[60]
  • Eric Holder, known for his loyalty to Obama while serving as Attorney General, criticized Attorney General Bill Barr for his loyalty to President Trump.[61]
  • Pete Buttigieg attacked President Trump for allegedly using the "vocabulary of dictators," but Buttigieg has done the same.[62]
  • Democrats complained that Congress should have approved of an airstrike ordered by President Trump that killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani,[63] but they did not complain when Obama ordered 2,800 strikes in Iraq and Syria without Congress' approval.[64]
  • In April and May 2020, many liberals responded harshly to peaceful conservative anti-lockdown protests in Michigan, attacking them for "white privilege",[65] with some going so far as to denounce the protesters as "terrorists". [66]When violent anti-police riots and looting took Minneapolis later in May, however, liberals were quick to defend the rioters or, in the very least, cast them in a far more human light. [67]
  • Denver's Democrat mayor flied to Mississippi to celebrate Thanksgiving after telling citizens in the city to avoid traveling during the holiday due to COVID-19.[68]


  • While leftists blame conservatives for "politicizing" the judiciary, they themselves are to blame for, at least, most of the politicization.[69]
  • Justice Sonia Sotomayor publicly stated she was worried about "partisanship" on the Supreme Court after conservative Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2018, even though she is one of the most partisan left-wing judges on the same court.[70]
  • Left-wing Senator Dianne Feinstein opposed the Senate Judiciary Committee's disregard of blue slips during the Trump Administration, which Democrat senators used to block originalist judicial nominees, even though she also opposed blue slips in 2001.[71]
  • Liberals claimed President Trump's expressions of a desire to see a prosecutor fired was obstruction of justice while at the same time defending Joe Biden for actually getting a prosecutor fired who was investigating his son. Their defense was others expressed a desire to see the prosecutor fired, as well.


See also: Atheism and Suppression of alternatives to evolution

ACLU antics

For years, the American Civil Liberties Union has been filing lawsuits against Christians in the country over prayers and gatherings in public places, prayers in public schools, the teaching of Creationism or Intelligent design, or anything that has to do with the Bible. On August 3, 2010, the City of New York passed a unanimous resolution granting the building of an Islamic mosque just blocks away from the site of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, which was totally destroyed by fanatical adherents of Islam on September 11, 2001, killing nearly 3,000 people there and in simultaneous attacks in Washington D.C. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Utterly-condemned by the nation at large, the ACLU and its sister group New York Civil Liberties Union said in a joint statement about the new resolution "We congratulate the Landmarks Preservation Commission for promoting our nation's core values and not letting bias get in the way of the rule of law. The free exercise of religion is one of America's most fundamental freedoms. For hundreds of years, our pluralism and tolerance have sustained and strengthened our nation."[73]


  • While persecuting Christian homeschoolers and Jewish private schools for their "conservative" or outside the mainstream, liberal Western European countries such as Germany and Belgium go out of their way to accommodate Muslim students and Islamic private schools (some of which are government subsidized).[24]

From theological liberals

While liberal politician Pete Buttigieg claims to be a Christian while frequently attacking Bible-believing Christians for their theological views on marriage and other issues, he strongly supports abortion and same-sex "marriage."[74] Despite attacking Mike Pence for not supporting same-sex "marriage" as a Christian, Pence responded very respectfully when asked about Buttigieg's homosexuality several years prior.[75] Despite claiming to oppose using religion as a "cudgel," Buttigieg said in his very next sentence that if God were a member of a political party, it would not be the GOP.[76]



Despite the criticisms of DNC chair Tom Perez and other Democrats of President Donald Trump for allegedly having a poor personality and using poor language, Perez has himself proudly used filthy language in political speeches, such as saying that Republicans "don't give a s***" about voters[77] or "the people."[78] As a further sign regarding his party's hypocritical decline into using filthy language occurred when it, around the same time as Perez's comments, started selling shirts saying that "Democrats give a s*** about people."[79][80] This showed a blatant departure from Michelle Obama's "when they go low, we go high" phrase she and Democrats enjoyed using.[81] In addition to this, California Senator Kamala Harris[82] and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand[83] used the f-word at public events. These incidents were seen throughout the Democrat Party.[84]

Some Democrats even used profane language, such as the f-word, against President Trump himself.[85] Far-left Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib made bigoted statements against President Trump, saying that "we’re gonna impeach the mother****er,"[86] and many Democrats defended her vulgar comments.[87]

Even "conservative" Democrats such as West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin displayed liberal values through his vulgar language along with his beliefs.[88][89]

Profanity continued increasing among prominent politicians, mainly left-wing Democrats[90] and the party's presidential candidates.[91]

While left-wingers applauded Democrats' profanity or did not care much, they were angered when Republicans did so even at a much lower frequency.[92]


See also: Liberal intolerance, Liberal bigotry, and Liberalism and racism

Although liberals supposedly support "tolerance" for others, and although they enjoy lecturing conservatives and Christians on the need for tolerance, they frequently display intolerance for those they disagree with, especially conservatives and Christians.[93][94] For example, Mitt Romney smeared conservative Christian pastor Robert Jeffress as being a "religious bigot" for holding the traditional Protestant Christian view that salvation is found only through Jesus Christ alone.[95]

For example, homosexuals who supported President Trump were banned from a "gay pride" parade in North Carolina.[96][97]

A "Women's March" held in early 2017 serves as another example of liberal intolerance. The march was largely just a sham intended to bash President Trump and promote far-left and feminist ideology that hundreds of millions of women oppose.[98] Additionally, pro-life groups were excluded from the D.C. march, even though they support the humane principle of opposing legalized murder.[98]

Additionally, atheists[99][100] and evolutionists[101][102] frequently show intolerance for Christianity and creationism.

During an argument over immigration to the U.S. from third-world countries, anti-Trump liberal Republican commentator (a token conservative) Rick Wilson displayed his moral superiority and tolerance of opposing viewpoints by telling pro-Trump radio host John Fredericks that he should "go on Amazon, order yourself a pointy white hat, head down to Home Depot and get the wood to build a burning cross," and after Fredericks responded by making intelligent arguments over economic effects of immigration, Wilson stated that "I will gut you like a fish on this show if you want to keep this up."[103]

While Leftists claim to oppose Nazism and anybody they claim is associated with it, they use the same tactics as the Nazis.[104]

Liberal Comedian Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Melania Trump's accent, and was appropriately ridiculed by Sean Hannity for it.[105]

Moderately-conservative commentator Kevin Williamson was fired from The Atlantic right after his hiring because it was revealed that he supported strongly pro-life views,[106] and The New York Times fired an editor it had hired just hours earlier because of tweets deems anti-black and -gay – both people showed bigotry toward groups favored by the Left.[107] However, The New York Times defended a new hire after it was revealed that she had made multiple racist, bigoted, and intolerant comments against white people, men, the police, and Donald Trump – not liberal-favored groups – and it tried to justify her blatant racism.[108] While claiming to oppose what it calls bigotry from the Right, the mainstream media itself, and other liberals, promotes bigotry.[109][110]

The mainstream media has claimed that President Trump "stokes anger" among conservatives even though the mainstream media itself frequently stokes anger on the Left.[111]

Liberals often refuse to acknowledge the religion of Islamic terrorists, and when they specifically target Christians, liberals and the deep state also refuse to acknowledge the religion of the victims.[112] Those liberals had no problem labeling them Christians only a few days later when they received reports of Christians in the same location beating Muslims.[113]

Liberals frequently claim to want to unite the country, but their statements and positions do the exact opposite.[114]

Although leftists consistently defy cultural norms, making profanity and promiscuity common in the culture, they are increasingly offended even by minor promotions of conservative values.[115]


While leftists frequently forgive other liberals who apologize for nasty statements or actions, they refuse to accept apologies for conservatives or even non-conservatives who do not hold a hateful attitude toward conservatives as in the case of Roseanne Barr in 2018.[116][117][118]

Bullying and harassment

While claiming to oppose bullying, and while they attack conservatives for what they perceive as "bullying," leftists frequently bully and harass those they disagree with (for examples, see Bigotry, Politics of personal destruction, and Liberal Smear Machine).

  • After Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham mocked the fact that far-left anti-gun child activist David Hogg had been rejected by several colleges, Hogg (despite using far more extreme and even bigoted commentary against conservatives[119] In 2022 Hogg was arrested for insurrectionary activity at the United States Capitol.[120][121]) claimed that Ingraham was "bullying" him[122] and then tried to ruin her entire career by targeting her advertisers and even refusing to accept her apology that she subsequently made.[123] In reality, Hogg was the bully.[124] Other celebrities joined in and made hateful comments against Ingraham despite her apology.[125]
  • While leftists claim that children who advocate for leftist policies must never be criticized, those same leftists make nasty attacks against conservative minors,[126] nor do they care when the leftist child activists make extremely nasty attacks against conservatives.[127]
  • Liberals attacked Tucker Carlson in 2019 for making nasty comments on radio about a decade earlier, but they defended or refused to criticize leftists who made similar comments.[128][129][130] Even the president of Media Matters for America made vulgar and bigoted comments as bad, if not worse, than the comments of those whose lives he had tried to destroy.[131]
  • In 2019, a "tolerant" teenage leftist egged an Australian senator who made politically incorrect comments about Islam, and other "tolerant" liberals raised money for his legal defense in response after the boy's arrest.[132] Liberals then tried to blame the senator for the harassment after he slapped the teenager in response.[133]
  • Liberals hypocritically claim that nobody can criticize left-wing child icons such as Greta Thunberg (using their age as a shield against criticism in the process), but they have no problem vulgarly mocking, bullying, and harassing conservative children such as the Covington kids, despite their age, simply for being conservative.[134][135]
  • Joe Biden insulted and mocked an attendee at a campaign event for daring to question him, despite the fact that Biden's presidential campaign emphasized reversing President Trump's allegedly "unpresidential" behavior.[136]


  • While attacking President Trump and other conservatives for being "immoral" because they support effective border security, leftists and NeverTrumpers show little-to-no sympathy for the victims of illegal alien crime.[139]
  • The same liberals who support criminalizing offensive speech as "assault" believe that throwing a milkshake at a politician one does not like should not be considered assault.[140]
  • In 2019, anti-Brexit advocates claimed with no evidence that Prime Minister Boris Johnson incited violence by correctly labeling Parliament's anti-Brexit bills a "surrender bill" while left-wing activists actually promoted violence by hanging effigies of Tories.[141]
  • Leftists trying to demonize Conservatives for what happened in the Capitol on 1/6 but ignoring the years of left-wing violence for years prior. [142]

Sexual misconduct allegations

Joe Biden and Tara Reade. Beginning in 1993 Reade made credible and corroborated allegations about being assaulted and penetrated by Joe Biden and was hounded out of her job in his Senate office in retaliation for doing so.[143] Prominent members of the MeToo movement refused to stand up for Reade and endorsed Biden for President anyway.
See also: Left-wing war on women
  • When conservative Judge Roy Moore was accused of sexual misconduct allegations, the media, liberals, and the GOP establishment jumped to conclusions and quickly condemned him, something they did due to their preexisting dislike of Moore and his conservative and Christian positions.[144] However, these same people remained silent about the concurrent sexual misconduct allegations surrounding liberal Republican George H. W. Bush,[145] as well as the fact that they either ignored or even defended (including the Republicans) Democrat Senator Bob Menendez from similar (and also concurrent) allegations for which he was facing criminal charges.[146] When Democrat Senator Al Franken was revealed and admitted (at the same time as the incidents surrounding Moore) to have said and done perverse sexual acts against others, the same people who condemned Moore, including Mitch McConnell, were significantly more lenient toward him.[147] Although Franken was eventually forced to resign, he used his resignation speech to attack Moore and U.S. President Donald Trump,[148] and not only did many of Franken's staffers cry at his resignation speech, but almost every Senator present at his resignation speech – almost all Democrats – embraced him afterward.[149] Liberals displayed hypocrisy when dealing with other examples of alleged sexual misconduct by other liberal figures.[150][151]
  • When Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault that occurred during his high school years, U.S. Representative Keith Ellison criticized him of the alleged incident, despite being accused himself by his ex-girlfriend of domestic violence and cheating on her[152][153] (see Kavanaugh smear).
  • Despite lecturing conservatives to "believe the woman" when a Republican is baselessly accused of sexual misconduct, leftists are very slow to believe women who accuse Democrats of misconduct.[154]
  • Leftist/feminist/SJW video game developer wannabe Zoe Quinn deleted her Twitter account and went into hiding after spiteful false allegations she made, using the MeToo movement, of harassment and sexual abuse against game developer and former boyfriend Alec Holowka led to his being fired from his video game company Infinite Fall and being publicly ostracized and cyberbullied by Quinn's online "followers"/Twitterbots, followed by Holowka committing suicide one day later.[155][156] Quinn (real name Chelsea Van Valkenburg), a former stripper and porn model, a professional grifter and a manipulative pathological liar with psychiatric issues who weaseled her way into the video game industry despite never actually developing any games herself (she had taken in $85,000 in a KickStarter fund for a game which she announced, but never developed[157]), rose to prominence by getting sexually involved with and using other game developers and video game journalists to gain power in the industry and was the focal point of GamerGate (where she caused trouble for other men in the industry while she claimed "victimhood"), cowardly deleted her Twitter account to avoid the inevitable firestorm of criticism against her for being responsible for Holowka's suicide via her false claims against him. Subsequent exposés, published online by the Post Millennial and blogger Matthew Hopkins, published dozens of tweets posted by Quinn on her old Twitter account which contradicted her false claims against Holowka and basically exposed her as a liar whose false allegations, made with no evidence whatsoever, drove the target of those accusations to suicide.[158][159] Shortly after the Post Millennial published the Quinn exposé, the website experienced a retaliatory DDoS cyberattack against it by troll-operated bots - probably the same bots responsible for hounding Alec Holowka to suicide - acting as "white knights" on Quinn's behalf in an attempt to illegally impose censorship on the article and prevent it from being seen or accessed.[160][161]


  • In September 2017, former Obama Administration EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, who used the fake name of Richard Windsor along with a fake email account "to avoid federal record-keeping and disclosure requirements," criticized the Trump Administration EPA of not having transparency.[162]
  • Despite calling for more FISA court transparency as recently as 2013, Democrats in 2018 opposed releasing a memo about FISA abuses.[163]
  • While the Left and mainstream media highly emphasized and showed strong outrage against the 2016 Trump campaign's data mining on Facebook, Obama's 2012 campaign did the same thing, something the media responded with either silence or praise.[164]

Corruption and ethics

While the Left and mainstream media acted shocked and outraged over EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's corruption, they had no problem with Hillary Clinton's numerous corrupt actions,[165] or with the Obamagate, Russiagate, or other Obama Administration scandals.

While Max Boot claims President Trump is an opportunist, Boot himself has engaged in blatant political opportunism, changing his beliefs in financially-profitable ways.[166]

While Democrats and liberals attacked President Trump for allegedly asking for information on a campaign rival from a foreign country – misrepresenting the president's actual request – they themselves asked for information about Trump several times from foreign actors.[167]

Destroying civic norms

Despite claiming that President Trump is a threat because he went against certain political norms, Democrats themselves have no problem destroying civic norms at an even greater extent than Trump or Republicans.[168][169][170]

While Democrats claimed to oppose President Trump for "abusing" executive power, they had no problem when Obama abused his presidential power multiple times.[171]


Liberals such as Joe Scarborough attack President Trump for "separating the families" of those who illegally entered the U.S. – because of judicially-imposed regulations banning the government from indefinitely detaining them as families – but those same liberals willingly break up their own families through divorce.[172]


  • Exposed already in 2021, how Diversity warriors display their malignant hypocrisy, "from the Pentagon to USA Today, they claim to be 'anti-racist' saviors, but leaders are exposed as bigots." [173]
  • In May 2023, woke strategist, Aisha Mills, called Florida a ‘Terrorist State’ after admitting she went there for Spring Break.[174]


While liberals, such as Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, have called on Christians to care for the "least of these," they themselves have opposed helping the unborn, who are especially among the "least of these."[175] Additionally, while liberals, including pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL, condemned President Trump for referring to MS-13 gang members as "animals", they themselves fail to admit that unborn human beings are actually human.[176][177][178] Despite supporting the murder of unborn human beings, Planned Parenthood put its support behind illegal migrant births by opposing President Trump's support for ending "Birthright Citizenship" for illegals.[179] Liberals such as Nancy Pelosi sometimes invoke religion while also supporting late-term abortions.[180]

In November 2018, Planned Parenthood's president claimed that her pro-abortion organization is needed because there are "too many preventable deaths."[181]

Kathy Tran, a left-wing Virginia Delegate who pushed for an extreme pro-abortion bill, also pushed for a bill to protect bugs.[182][183] Similarly, Democrat U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley – joined by other Democrats[184] – condemned the "slaughter" of kittens while voting against banning infanticide.[185][186] In 2019, France, which has liberal pro-abortion laws, gave trees "rights" from "birth to [their] natural death."[187]

Despite Democrats' extreme pro-abortion positions, including support for infanticide and making comments stating that certain conservatives ought to have been aborted,[188] Democrat Senator Doug Jones claimed that pro-life individuals somehow were the extremists.[189]

Pro-life ad bans

While Twitter bans pro-life ads as "offensive" and "inflammatory", it allows pro-abortion ads, such as from Planned Parenthood.[190][191][192]

Many television networks refused to air ads for the March 2019 pro-life movie Unplanned because it was "controversial" and because it was given an "R" rating – however, those same TV networks regularly show extremely violent shows, as well as those with perverse sexual content.[193]

Gun control

The Founding Fathers knew first hand what it was like to fight against a tyrannical government, and they recognized even before the American Revolution that guns owned by private citizens act as a threat against such a government. The following individuals and organizations have either proposed legislation against private gun ownership, or have spoken for anti-gun laws, while at the same time acted the opposite:


As a direct result of the tragedy involving the shooting deaths of 26 children and administrators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the New York Journal published an online interactive map on December 23, 2012 showing the locations of all law-abiding citizens who legally owned, and had registered, firearms within Westchester and Rockland counties of New York. "We knew publication of the database would be controversial, but we felt sharing as much information as we could about gun ownership in our area was important in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings," editor and news vice president CynDee Royle said.[194] The newspaper's editors also sought out what type of weapons were owned, as well as targeting Putnam County, which denied the request. Speaking about the rage many felt over the Journal's anti-gun stance, state Senator Greg Ball, (R-Patterson, N.Y.) said in a statement "This is clearly a violation of privacy, and needs to be corrected immediately. The same elitist eggheads who use their editorial page to coddle terrorists and criminals are now treating law-abiding citizens like level-three sexual predators. Every person with common sense should be offended."

Left out of the Journal's search were people in illegal possession of guns, namely the criminal element. In the days since the Journal published their map and offended the country, an enterprising blogger released the names and addresses of all the journalists who worked for that paper;[195] as a result, the Journal has now hired and posted guards for their employees - all carrying the firearms that the Journal hates so much.[196]

Hollywood celebrities

Despite making many movies full of gun violence, which oftentimes glorify violence, Hollywood celebrities overwhelmingly support gun control.[197]

George Clooney, actor

Mocked fellow actor and gun-rights advocate, Charlton Heston. When Clooney was told Heston suffers from Alzheimer's disease, he responded:

"I don't care. Charlton Heston is the head of the National Rifle Association. He deserves whatever anyone says about him." [198]

Clooney starred in the film The Peacemaker, in which he played an American military man defending the country from a nuclear attack; scenes in the film showed him using a gun to defend himself and others.

Mark Wahlberg, actor

Upon meeting Charlton Heston on the set of the remake of Planet of the Apes, Wahlberg rudely told Heston, "It was very disturbing meeting you." Later, Wahlberg would have this to say at the MTV Movie Awards:

"I believe Charlton Heston is America's best villain because he loves guns so much. Maybe he should get the award for being president of the National Rifle Association."[199]

Wahlberg's character in Planet of the Apes uses a gun to defend himself and other humans from the apes who would rule over them.

Rosie O'Donnell, actress and talk show host

On her television show, April 19, 1999, O'Donnell had this to say about gun owners:

"I don't care if you want to hunt. I don't care if you think it's your right. I say, 'Sorry.' It is 1999. We have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun I think you should go to prison."

Several months later, her bodyguard applied for a concealed gun permit from the Greenwich (Connecticut) Police Department.[200]

Janeane Garafalo, actress and commentator Janeane Garafalo appears on the Fox televisions series 24, which accurately portrays the usefulness of aggressive interrogation on terrorists. But when she was the host of a series on the leftist Air America network, she condemned the use of torture, specifically referencing the TV series.[201]

Other celebrities

  • Al Sharpton's half-brother, Kenneth Glasgow, was arrested in connection with a gun murder shortly after his organization participated in the anti-gun "March for Our Lives."[202]
  • Vic Mensa, a professional rapper who spoke in favor of gun control at the anti-gun "March for Our Lives" in 2018, was arrested a year prior in Beverly Hills for carrying a concealed handgun without a license.[203]


Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry giving a "thumbs up" on his Ohio duck hunt during his 2004 campaign, which also included an endorsement from the anti-hunting National Humane Society.

Sarah Brady, wife of former White House Press Secretary James Brady

For Christmas, 2000, Sarah Brady bought her son, James Brady Jr., a Remington .30-06 hunting rifle, complete with scope and safety lock, at a Lewes, Del., gun shop.

"I can't describe how I felt when I picked up that rifle, loaded it into my little car and drove home," she writes. "It seemed so incredibly strange: Sarah Brady, of all people, packing heat."[204]

Sarah Brady fought for gun laws to make it tougher for the average citizen to purchase and own one, which was the end result of her husband being seriously wounded by John Hinckley in March 1981, when he tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. "We hope that it's innocuous and there's been no laws violated," said James Jay Baker, chief lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. "It's obviously interesting that Sarah would be purchasing firearms of any kind for anybody, given her championing of restrictive guns laws for everyone."

John Kerry, United States Senator

Kerry's voting record here[205] and here[206] speaks for itself. The National Humane Society, long against the hunting of animals in any fashion, gave Kerry a 100% good rating during his failed presidential run in 2004.[207]


While gun control activists accuse Republicans of being "puppets" of the National Rifle Association,[208] they ignore the fact that promoters of gun control, including allegedly "student-led" protests, are backed by powerful interests behind the scenes who seek to advance their political agendas.[209]

Selective outrage

While liberals frequently use mass shootings to push for more gun control,[210] they fail to show outrage at the many deaths that occur regularly in liberal cities, like Chicago, with strict gun control laws.[211][212][213]

Constitutional hypocrisy

  • While liberals want to raise the minimum age to buy a gun to at least 21,[214] they want to lower the minimum voting age to as low as 13–14.[215]

Border walls and immigration

Classic example of liberal hypocrisy.
  • Despite Barack Obama's opposition to Donald Trump's plan to build a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border in order to secure it, it was reported in early 2017 that he was building a wall around his new mansion, obviously in order to keep unwanted people out.[216]
  • Despite attacking conservatives for their views on illegal immigration and border security, the Vatican is surrounded by high walls.[217]
  • In October 2018, The New York Times built a concrete barrier around its Manhattan office to increase its security, despite having opposed President Trump's border wall as "irrational" and opposing national guard troops on the border.[218]
  • During Trump's presidency, Senate Democrats opposed the construction of any border barriers despite having voted unanimously in 2013 to do just that.[219] Additionally, the 2018 omnibus bill overwhelmingly supported by Democrats and globalist Republicans provided $500 million for Jordan to build a wall along its border with Syria.[220]
  • Many celebrities who publicly oppose border security and border walls have their own security walls surrounding their own houses.[221][222]
  • In February 2019, Beto O'Rourke used fences and barricades at a rally he attended, which separated himself from his supporters, as he made a speech condemning such barriers as causing death.[223][224]
  • While leftists claim to love illegal immigrants and support resettling refugees in small, conservative towns, they strongly oppose resettling them in their own communities and describe such resettlement as "dumping."[225][226]
  • Liberals support allowing states to ignore federal immigration laws that promote enforcement, but they oppose allowing states to refuse federal government refugee resettlement efforts.[227]
  • Liberals wanted to deport 43 illegal Venezuelan migrants from the exclusive liberal enclave of Martha's Vineyard in less than 24 hours after their arrival. Previously, before any migrants arrived, liberals advertised that migrants were welcome.[228] Within 48 hours, 125 members of the Massachusetts National Guard were activated to deport the 43 people of color, including children, off the island.[229]

Gender and homosexuality issues

See also: Left-wing war on women
  • While feminists are usually quick to condemn remarks and actions they deem sexist, they do not show the same outrage when sexist attacks are made against conservative women.[230]
  • While New Jersey Senator Cory Booker postured as a defender of homosexuals and attacked President Trump's Secretary of State nominee for holding conservative views on homosexuality, he voted against another Trump Administration nominee, Richard Grenell, who became the highest-ranking homosexual ever in a Republican administration.[231][232]
  • While leftists frequently claim that no differences exist between men and women, they claim the exact opposite when doing so benefits their agenda.[233]

John Edwards, Democratic Presidential candidate

Liberals have long purported to promote equality and acceptance of women in the marketplace and oppose hate speech. Former U.S. Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards while campaigning for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2007 in the same breath after calling social commentator Ann Coulter a "she-devil," said "people like Ann Coulter, they engage in hateful language." [234]



For two solid years, liberals at Big Tech censored as "racist" any discussion on social media of the coronavirus stemming from a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology while promoting the racist view that covid originated with unhygienic eating habits of Chinese people.


See also: Racism and the Democratic Party and Liberalism and racism

Color of Change and Glenn Beck

On his Fox News program, Glenn Beck declared (in 2009) to a guest that Obama is a "racist" with "a deep-seated hatred for white people," based on the present political situation and Obama's past. Declaring the comment to be racist in and of itself, the organization "Color of Change," a liberal activist group headed by current "green czar" Van Jones – a declared communist – wrote a large number of letters to the sponsors of Beck's program, demanding they distance themselves from the show and cease sponsoring. A number of these companies (Wal-Mart, GEICO, etc.) did just that. What they want to do is to make Beck a liability; James Rucker, Color of Change's executive director, stated in an interview "They have a toxic asset. They can either clean it up or get rid of it."[235]

Racism doesn't stop Color of Change from selling T-shirts emblazoned with the words "Kanye was Right,"[236] referring to the hostile remarks made by rapper Kanye West during a fundraising for victims of Hurricane Katrina in September 2005, in which he declared that the federal response to the disaster was deliberately slow because the victims were black. "We already realize a lot of people that could help are at war right now, fighting another way — and they've given them permission to go down and shoot us!" He added a moment later "George Bush doesn’t care about black people."[237][238]

Confederate statues

Despite pushing to take down Confederate statues,[239] left-wing activists did not voice any objections to the numerous monuments named after racist Democrat leaders, such as Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, and the Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd.[240][241] They also had no problem with the numerous monuments honoring Bill Clinton, an alleged sexual predator.[242]

Offensive statements

Despite liberals and establishment Republicans criticizing President Donald Trump for allegedly using the word "s***hole"[243] in reference to poor, unstable, corrupt, and underdeveloped countries that happen to be nonwhite, they did the same thing, with Lindsey Graham referring to Mexico and other Latin American countries "hellholes" in 2013.[244][245] Despite condemning the alleged statement, Democrats continued supporting Planned Parenthood, which murders a highly disproportionate number of black and Hispanic people.[246]

Despite calling the term "chain migration" racist in 2018, pro-illegal immigration amnesty Senator Dick Durbin not only used the term himself in 2010, but he even called for ending it.[247]

Despite claiming that a Trump-endorsed Florida candidate was somehow "racist" when he used the phrase "monkey around" to describe the behavior of his opponent, many Democrats, including Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Chuck Schumer, publicly used the exact same phrase.[248][249][250]

While the GOP immediately moved to punish Steve King for making misquoted and politically incorrect comments,[251] neither Democrats nor Republicans made any move to reprimand far-left anti-Semitic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, and Democrats did not even criticize her.[252] Additionally, Democrats gave anti-Semitic Representative Ilhan Omar a seat on the important House Foreign Policy Committee.[253]

Left-wing snowflakes made racist attacks against Republican Sen. Tim Scott for stating that the U.S. is not a racist country, yet displayed no outrage towards Kamala Harris for asserting the same.[254]


  • Kirsten Gillibrand refused to criticize the Women's March despite its racism and anti-Semitism.[255]
  • Despite claiming the phrase "take back this country" was racist when Donald Trump used it, Democrats used the exact same phrase during their election campaigns.[256]
  • Democrats and other leftists refused to condemn anti-Semitism without also condemning other "-isms" in the same document, but they earlier condemned conservatives for saying that "all lives matter" rather than just black lives.[257]


While liberals claim to oppose discrimination, and while they support "anti-discrimination" laws, they actually support discrimination against certain groups.[258]

Several 2020 Democrat presidential candidates said they would only consider woman as their vice presidential running mates, and with others attacking white people and claiming that women govern differently than men.[259]

Serving homosexuals

Liberals and liberal organizations advocate for forcing Christian business owners to serve homosexuals even if doing so violates their conscience. However, leftist organizations which regularly lobby for Christians to be forced to serve homosexuals with no exceptions, such as the ACLU, remained silent[260] when a homosexual coffee shop owner kicked several Christians out of his shop on October 1, 2017, because their very presence offended him.[261]

Homosexuality in the public schools

School in Chicago area (Prairie Ridge High School) with LGBT+ flag. Students in the same school who display the Confederate flag will face discipline.[262]

Many public schools throughout the United States promote and indoctrinate students with the homosexual agenda, oftentimes through publicly-funded school programs created by GLSEN.[263] Much of this was the work of the Obama Administration.[263] GLSEN also promotes the homosexual agenda through a "day of silence."[264]

Although GLSEN "envisions a world in which every child learns to respect and accept all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.",[265] GLSEN discriminates against persons with a Biblical worldview and will not tolerate the voice of ex-gays or those helped by reparative therapy. If you disagree with the homosexual platform, GLSEN considers you to be a "homophobe" or "bigot". GLSEN's view is flawed because they do not practice respect for all persons that they teach.[266]

In some schools, where the rainbow flag (symbolizing homosexuality, as well as being a perversion of the real meaning of the rainbow mentioned in Genesis 9:12-17[267]) is flown, students who promote the Confederate flag may expect to face disciplinary actions.[262]

Discrimination against conservative groups

  • During the Obama Administration, the Internal Revenue Service discriminated against conservative organizations by making them wait for years just to gain tax-exempt status. At the same time, other groups received the same status in a very short period of time, such as a satanic group which received nonprofit status in only ten days.[268][269]
  • In April 2018, a New York judge ruled that a bar could refuse service to Trump supporters, stating that this form of discrimination did not apply under existing anti-discrimination laws.[258][270]

Eating well

In April 2007, the American Journal of Public Health analyzed data from 2002 National Survey of Family Growth and the data suggested that American lesbian women were 2.69 times more likely to be overweight and 2.47 times more likely to be obese than all other female sexual orientation groups. [271] Barack Obama appointed Regina Benjamin, an obese woman, to be the US Surgeon General.[272] Regina Benjamin and the Obamas have yet to make a public statement concerning lesbianism and obesity

(photo obtained from Flickr, see license agreement)

The Obamas and obesity

The Obamas have come out against obesity, making it a goal to have obesity ratings for all citizens done by 2014.[273] This includes mandatory checks on body fat index, to be made available in medical health records. According to The Hill, the "first lady Michelle Obama's campaign against childhood obesity has thrust a tax on fast food and soft drinks onto the legislative agendas of local and state governments."[274] "We all know the numbers," Michelle Obama said. "I mean, one in three kids are overweight or obese, and we're spending $150 billion a year treating obesity-related illnesses. So we know this is a problem, and there's a lot at stake."[275] Her efforts include teaching kids at the school level about proper nutrition and diet;[276] she also has made claims that it costs over $140 billion a year in heath care, in addition to national security issues.[277]

This focus on obesity, however, didn't stop the Obama family from going to a Mount Desert[278] ice cream parlor in North Carolina[279] (where a typical vanilla is very high in saturated fat and calories,[280] alongside any other premium ice cream);[281] nor did it stop Michelle Obama from enjoying cheeseburgers and fries on the campaign trail in Milwaukee;[282] nor did it prevent Barack Obama from loading up on two Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, washed down with a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone while in Pennsylvania[283] In addition, Barack Obama appointed Regina Benjamin, an obese woman, to be the US Surgeon General.[272] Regina Benjamin and the Obamas have yet to publicly discuss the significant obesity problem within the lesbian community.

Money issues

  • Socialists claim to support creating financial equality, but they often live in extreme luxury while not improving the lives of those they rule over.[284]
  • While liberals complain about income inequality, the cities they control are some of the most unequal and poorest places in the U.S.[285]

Wall Street

Despite voicing opposition to Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren attended a donor retreat in Martha's Vineyard with several CEOs.[286]

Making money

John Edwards, former United States Senator

On August 2, 2007, Edwards made a demand of fellow Democratic presidential candidates that they refuse to accept money from Rupert Murdoch. He said this while speaking in Chapel Hill, North Carolina:

"News Corp's purchase of the Dow Jones Co. and The Wall Street Journal should be the last straw when it comes to media consolidation. The basis of a strong democracy begins and ends with a strong, unbiased and fair media — all qualities which are pretty hard to subscribe to Fox News and News Corp. The reality is that Americans deserve more news outlets — not fewer. It's time for all Democrats, including those running for president, to stand up and speak out against this merger and other forms of media consolidation.
"Moreover, given Fox News' consistent efforts to demean Democrats — they have attacked the character of Senator Obama, Vice President Gore, and many others — no Democrat running for president should accept campaign money from top News Corp executives. So, today, I'm challenging every Democratic presidential candidate to refuse contributions from News Corp executives and return any they've already taken, beginning with Rupert Murdoch. The time has come for Democrats to stop pretending to be friends with the very people who demonize the Democratic Party." [287]

John Edwards is the recipient of some $800,000 in advance royalties for a book he wrote titled "Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives", from HarperCollins Publishers, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. When asked if he would return the royalties, the answer was "no".[288]

Harry Smith, co-host of CBS' The Early Show

On July 24, 2007, home and garden expert Danny Lipford demonstrated a product that can water a parched lawn from underground. Referring to the cost ($140.00), Smith said this:

"Now that the minimum wage is up, maybe we can afford it."

The minimum wage is $5.85 per hour. Smith can afford the product on his $3,000,000 a year salary.[289]

Diane Sawyer, co-host of ABC's Good Morning America

Good Morning America on July 18, 2007 criticized Rupert Murdoch as the “the man with everything” just after he bought the Wall Street Journal. Sawyer elaborated with this:

“You think he has everything? I'll bet the day after tomorrow there is something new he wants,”

Sawyer herself makes $12,000,000 a year.[290]

Michael Moore

In a short interview by CNS News on October 1, 2009, liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore was asked by reporter Nicholas Ballasy "Critics would say he’s [Moore] been very successful under a capitalist system. How would you justify making a movie where you paint capitalism as evil?" Moore replied "Well, capitalism did nothing for me, starting with my first film. You know, I had to pretty much beg, borrow and steal," he said. "The system is not set up to help somebody from the working class make a movie like this and get the truth out there."

To date, all of Moore's films and books have amassed more than $300,000,000 in profits due to America's capitalist system; one, Fahrenheit 9/11 – a film suggesting the United States Government caused the events of September 11, 2001 – earned more than $200,000,000 alone. [4]

Taking money (taxation)

In 2001 the state legislature and many liberals in Arkansas clamored for Republican governor Mike Huckabee to raise taxes to shore up an estimated $142 million budget deficit. In response, Huckabee created the "Tax Me More" Fund, in which liberals who feel they are guilty of not contributing more to the government can voluntarily do so and, according to spokesman Rick Nelson, "assuage their guilt". "We share responsibility for the [budget] fiasco," said state Senator John Riggs, a Democrat who represents Little Rock. "I am responsible for my actions and am as guilty as everyone else for letting the governor's budget go through."

Riggs ponied up $100 for the fund. One week after implementing the fund at the end of November 2001, the fund amounted to $260. By the following April, the amount was between $2,000-$3,000. The program ended in June, 2002.[291][292][293]

Taking taxes while avoiding them

John Kerry's Isabel; he doesn't have to pay the sales tax on it.

Senator John Kerry is on record as having raised taxes on the wealthy, as well as fighting the cutting of those taxes. It was revealed that Kerry bought a luxury yacht - the Isabel – a 76-foot New Zealand-built sloop designed by Ted Fontaine, with an Edwardian-style interior, complete with wet bar, wine storage, and VIP cabins. He paid $7 million for the boat, and would have had to pay over $435,000 dollars and a $70,000 annual excise tax to Massachusetts, the state he represents and calls home.[294]

Kerry purchased, and most importantly – ported – the yacht in Rhode Island, where he's aware of the 1993 repeal of the Boat Sales and Use Tax. He won't have to pay a dime in taxes for his new toy.

Financial hardships

The mainstream media mocked Republican U.S. Representative Sean Duffy's financial hardships, yet they fawned over socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's alleged money problems.[295]

Spending Money

Liberal Democrats decry the amount of money America has added to the budget deficit, blaming President Bush,[296] then refuse to pass an earmark moratorium to limit government spending.[297]

Wasting taxpayer money

While Democrats and liberal organizations made a lot of noise over Trump cabinet officials spending taxpayer money for charter and military flights[298] (enough noise to cause HHS Secretary Tom Price to resign[299]), they had no complaint when Obama Administration officials did the same thing.[300] Despite liberal obsession about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's spending on charter flights, Obama Administration Interior Department secretaries spent over 13 times in eight years as Zinke had spent by October 2017.[301] Similarly, while the media emphasized international travel spending by EPA director Scott Pruitt, the Obama Administration's EPA directors spend as must or even more than Pruitt with no media outrage.[302]

No to gas-tax holiday

For the privileged Democratic committee members, the last four months has been a tax-free gas fill-up in Colorado, home of the Presidential convention. Since Denver's municipal gas pumps are tax-free, Democrats made frequent use of the city's resources. These are the same Democrats that have refused the tax-break holiday for the American people. It is not a good for everyone, just a few select liberal people.[303]

Equality Earnings

Senate Democrats hold hearings on the pay equality for women, blame McCain. All the while, Obama is not criticized for paying over $12,000 more for male staffers than women staffers. McCain's campaign actually pays 24% more to women than does Obama.[304] For every dollar that Joe Biden paid his average male staffer, his female equivalent made only 73 cents.[305]

The hounding of the dead

Senator Charles Schumer wants an investigation into whether or not credit card companies are demanding that relatives of deceased card holders pay the bills. "These companies call surviving relatives, often shortly after the death of a loved one, to coax or cajole them into making payments on the deceased relative's credit card," Schumer said in a recent email sent to the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, Jon Leibowitz. "To say the least, this practice is distasteful and unethical. Moreover, this practice may very well violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act."[5].

Schumer himself voted NO on raising the Estate tax exemption to $5M from $1M (Kyl Amendment; Bill S.Amdt.4191 to S.Con.Res.70 ; vote number 08-S050 on Feb 13, 2008); voted NO on raising estate tax exemption to $5 million (Kyl Amendment; Bill S.Amdt.507 on S.Con.Res.21 ; vote number 2007-083 on Mar 21, 2007); voted NO on supporting permanence of estate tax cuts (Bill H.R. 5970 ; vote number 2006-229 on Aug 3, 2006); voted NO on phasing out the estate tax (Bill HR 8 ; vote number 2000-197 on Jul 14, 2000) [306]

The Environment

German Finance and Economic Minister Robert Habeck of the far left environmental Green party bowing to the Qatari Trade Minister, begging for more crude oil and fossil fuels after imposing sanctions on Russian energy imports.[307]
  • A 2018 University of Michigan study found that despite being "highly concerned" about human-caused climate change and supporting big government programs to combat it, such people were least likely to have an eco-friendly lifestyle while people most skeptical of human-caused climate change and most opposed to big government policies had the most eco-friendly lifestyle.[308]
  • Climate change advocates often fly private jets and other vehicles that cause heavy pollution to travel to "green" events.[309][310][311] They also make other demands on ordinary Americans despite their lavish lifestyle.[312] The liberal EU has claimed to support a healthy environment because of its support for left-wing environmentalist policies, but it simultaneously worked to increase private jet use.[313] Private jet sales increased even as left-wing environmentalist elites hypocritically called for regular people to stop flying commercial.[314] Leftist climate change activist took a boat to the U.S. in 2019 to emit less carbon, but the boat's captain had to fly to the U.S. to sail her home.[315]

Seattle's anti-oil "kayaktivism"

To stop oil drilling in Alaska, "kayaktivists" in Seattle tried to prevent an oil rig from departing, while riding in kayaks made from plastic, which in turn were made from oil.

On May 16, 2015, a group of individuals in Seattle, Washington staged a protest to prevent the departure of a Shell oil rig bound for Arctic oil fields off Alaska. The total number ballooned to over 200 kayaks and other water craft, organized by environmental groups from across the country " demonstrate concern about the impact of fossil-fuel consumption on climate change"[316][317]. These kayakers returned to the water again in 2018, protesting the expansion of a Canadian oil pipeline[318][319].

What was entirely lost on these people was the fact that the kayaks which enabled them to protest the oil rig and pipeline were made from plastic, which is a product made from oil.

The strange case of Al Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore seems to go to great lengths regarding his own "do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do" attitude regarding a clean environment.

"There are many who still do not believe that global warming is a problem at all. And it's no wonder: because they are the targets of a massive and well-organized campaign of disinformation lavishly funded by polluters who are determined to prevent any action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming out of a fear that their profits might be affected if they had to stop dumping so much pollution into the atmosphere."

Sean Hannity reported on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, February 18, 2007, that when Al Gore was running his campaign: "On January 27th, 2000, Gore campaign in Concord and Manchester, New Hampshire, and on that very same day reimbursed the Thomas Lee Company $1,400 for the use of their corporate jet. That evening he left New Hampshire and flew back to Washington aboard Air Force Two, the vice president's official plane is a 757, which means that the flight from New Hampshire to Washington, well, the vice president emitted more than 22,000 pounds of CO2."[320]

On March 29, 2009, Gore further compounded his global warming hypocrisy by keeping many of his lights on at his Belle Meade (Nashville), Tennessee home – including his floodlights – when they should have been off for the Earth Hour that he helped to promote.[321][322][323]

On January 2, 2013 a deal was completed between Gore and the Qatar-owned Al Jazeera, allowing the sale of Current TV to the Middle Eastern news organization infamous for being the mouthpiece of terrorists like Osama bin Laden and Hamas. Being a green-energy man, Gore wouldn't allow advertising from oil companies on his network, yet he sold it to a country whose prime source of revenue is from oil. "Al was always lecturing us about green," said one disgruntled staffer. "He kept his word about green all right—as in cold, hard cash!"[324][325]

Polluting the air

After lecturing Americans on the climate apocalypse, 17 Democrat presidential candidates dumped thousands of pounds of noxious carbon emissions in the air to roast 10,000 beef steaks from methane gas emitting cows.[326]

For the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, over 1,000 private jet flights transported the numerous globalist elites to the event so they could discuss "the 'major threat' of climate change," among other issues.[327]

After promising to end carbon emissions from fossil fuels and coal, and vowing to pass a hamburger tax to wean Americans off of beef and close down factory farming, 17 Democratic 2020 presidential election candidates had an outdoor cookout sponsored by the Polk County Iowa Democratic party where they roasted 10,500 beef steaks using fossil fuels and coal.

More exhaust, less walking

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, a long-time "champion" of the environment, ended a small celebration in Hollywood, California involving a newly released video by British singer Paul McCartney, stepped into her car and went to dinner with her husband on April 18, 2012. The restaurant was four doors down the street – 0.06 of a mile – and took approximately 10 seconds, while several others who were at the same event and went to the same restaurant walked the distance in less than a couple minutes. The car she was in – a chauffeured Lincoln Town Car – is a gas guzzler, getting 15 miles per gallon or less in the city.[328][329]

Liberals are trashy

For a more detailed treatment, see Environmentalism.

Liberalism has made repeated claims to care for the environment; they have had laws passed calling for severe penalties on anyone or any corporation who would harm it. However, the opposite is fully demonstrated here following the inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. One hundred tons of trash were removed from the National Mall in the days following, all of it thrown on the ground by liberals.

As with the inauguration of President Obama on January 20, 2009, liberals have demonstrated in mass numbers their own disdain for taking care of the environment; the earth is a trash can to them. On October 2, 2010, thousands of liberals who expressed desires of socialism and big government descended on Washington D.C., in part to counter the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally a few weeks before. Thousands of pounds of signs, trash, and garbage was strewn upon the grounds of the Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the Washington Monument;[330][331][332] by comparison, Beck's rally – which had tens of thousands more people – had no litter problem whatsoever.[333]

To protest the drilling of oil from which gasoline is made, Greenpeace frequently uses vehicles powered by gasoline engines, in this case, a Zodiac inflatable boat with an outboard engine.
Leonardo DiCaprio, actor

DiCaprio, a well-known Hollywood actor turned environmentalist is highlighting the plight of polar bears and global warming; however, in doing so, he is using reams and reams of unrecycled paper.[334]

Barack Obama

In May 2017, former U.S. President Barack Obama traveled to Italy to give a speech on climate change, but used pollution-heavy transportation to get to his destination.[335]

Oil tanker SS Prestige

Spain, a member of the Kyoto accords, refused to permit a stricken oil tanker, SS Prestige into a safe harbor; the reason given was to prevent pollution in Spanish waters. On November 19, 2002, the Prestige sank, spilling more than 77,000 tons of fuel oil – which could have been pumped out of the ship while docked - into the open ocean, which washed ashore within days onto much of the Atlantic coastal areas of Spain, Portugal, and France.[336]

The New York Times on waste

In an article published in the New York Times on February 25, 2009, Dr. Allen Hershkowitz of the Natural Resource Defense Council, stated emphatically that “No forest of any kind should be used to make toilet paper.” The writer of the article, Leslie Kaufmann, called her piece "What Mr. Whipple Didn't Say: Softer Paper Is Costly to Forests," seemingly lecturing Americans on wastefulness via the subject of toilet paper, and emphasizing how countries other than America use more recycled content in creating toilet paper than in the U.S. (20% vs. 2% respectively).[337][338]

The New York Times prints over one million newspapers daily; it admitted to an ordinary blogger that its own use of recycled paper is 21% to 28%; he further stated that it "takes 75,000 trees to print the Sunday edition of the New York Times".[339] Taking away the top percentage for recycling leaves well over 50,000 trees cut down.

Hypocritical care for endangered animals

The Sonoran pronghorn antelope (Antilocapra americana sonoriensis) is listed as critically endangered by the Federal government, numbering about 80 estimated animals in their former range within Arizona. Groups such as Defenders of Wildlife, Wilderness Watch, and other environmentalists are opposed to the construction and placement of watch towers within the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge by the Department of Homeland Security to detect illegal immigrants crossing into the United States, stating that "human presence" would disturb the animals in such a way as to drive them to actual extinction. "They always end up causing a lot of unintended consequences," said George Nickas, director of Wilderness Watch, about the towers. "I don't know which straw will break the camel's back, so to speak, but I do think what's happening will incrementally lead to more and more difficulties."[340]

Environmentalists are more concerned about the effects of the Border Patrol on the animals. Ignored by these liberals are the hundreds of illegals moving through the pronghorn's habitat on a daily basis, leaving man-made destruction of the environment and tons of trash in their wake.[341][342]

Progressive Secular Industry

Neil Stevens of criticizes Google for not practicing what they preach, otherwise known as Leftist hypocrisy.[343]

Attention leftists: hypocrisy is not a failure to live up to one’s own ideals. Hypocrisy is a willful professing of a belief, that one that does not truly believe.


  • While liberals claim to support unions and increased union rights and privileges, they oppose unionizing their own campaign workers.[344] Similarly, the Democrat-controlled California legislature refused to allow its own employees to join unions despite supporting other pro-labor union policies.[345] In 2018, Planned Parenthood publicly opposed a pro-abortion state house candidate because she supported unionizing abortion clinics.[346]
  • Despite claiming to support unions, many liberals support globalism, free trade agreements, and open borders, all of which lower wages for native workers.

Outsourced picketers

For decades Labor Unions allegedly presented themselves as defenders of the oppressed, and against the "capital exploitation of labor." Labor Unions were supposed to have won for workers certain rights, guarantees, benefits, and fair wages. Unions were said to have forced businesses to be accountable for "fair labor practices," and through the higher pay scales, they won for themselves paid more taxes on income collected from their paychecks by employers which had the support of the government. Trade Unionism had been an important part of the liberal coalition within the Democratic party. In the late 1990s, Unions began protesting the loss of jobs through outsourcing.

Exploitation of the poor

By the 21st century, Unions began outsourcing picket lines to non-union, scab labor. The non-unionized workers were recruited from the most vulnerable of society willing to take on the most undignified type of work. The Unions offered no benefits, no healthcare, no job security, low pay, and intolerable working conditions. The Unions likewise paid in cash and did not collect taxes due to either federal, state, or local governments. Further, the Union's exploitation of workers on outsourced picket lines contributed absolutely nothing to the workers Social Security retirement fund. Unions did not pay required Workers Compensation premiums for a hazardous job known to be risking life and limb. All this, so the greedy employer, in this case, the Union membership, could enjoy higher living standards for themselves.[347]


The cost of gasoline

Katie Couric, CBS News anchor

While a co-host for the NBC morning news program Today, she said this on August 15, 2005:

“I had to take out a loan to fill up my minivan. It’s crazy.”

At the time, she had a contract with NBC worth $15,000,000 a year.[348]

Cigarette smoking

As part of the progressive revolution of the early Obama administration, Democrats radically increased the federal cigarette tax in another effort to regulate human behavior;[349] within a decade, children were dying from electronic cigarettes and vaping, an industry that did not exist prior to the Democrat's tax increase.[350]


The state of Tennessee in July 2007 enacted an increase in the tax on cigarettes; the plan was to discourage smoking by youths, new smokers, and get others to break the habit. The state's treasury also expects to see an increase in revenue from the resulting taxation. Among the organizations supporting the new tax is Campaign for a Healthy and Responsible Tennessee (CHART), which has this written on their website:

"For the past six years, CHART has taken a public stand on key issues related to tobacco policy. Among other victories, the coalition helped to secure a 7 cent increase in the state's tobacco excise tax in 2002 which has reduced youth and adult smoking rates, generated vital state revenues and provided significant health care savings." [351]

The only way to generate the vital state revenues that Tennessee needs from this cigarette tax is for people to continue smoking.

Fast Food

John Banzhaf III is a legal professor at George Washington University [352] who has filed public-interest lawsuits against cigarette manufacturers and fast food restaurants. Among the defendants was McDonald's, which was targeted in 2002 [353] for contributing to obesity. This was posted on his website:

McDONALD'S TRANS FAT: McDonald's was sued after it announced, with great fanfare and publicity, that it would remove trans fat from its offerings, and then quietly reneged on its promise. McDonald's agreed to make the requested disclosure, and to pay $8 million to settle the law suit. [354]

At about the same time Banzhaf began his suit, he made an appearance on Morgan Spurlock's documentary about obesity from fast food, Super Size Me (2004), and Banzhaf is clearly shown in the film eating a large McDonald's hamburger, fries, and drink.[355]

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