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A double standard is a harsher or stricter attitude against someone else than one holds about himself or strangers. Causes of double standards include a lack of forgiveness, or an inability to see anything other than one's personal worldview (whether the view is religious and/or political in nature), resulting in a bias.

The double standard in the liberal media is obvious. For example, when someone who is heterosexual declares to be a homosexual, it's top of the news; when someone prominent converts to heterosexuality, there is barely a word about it. The same applies when someone who once considered themselves Christian no longer does, the news makes headlines, but if an atheist converts to Christianity, the reverse will only be known in Christian publications (and sometimes not even then)

Many people undergo dramatic life changes when they wake up to their own double standard, and recognize the double standard by liberals:

  • Liberals preach about not using fossil fuels, but in practice are the biggest fossil fuel consumers with their private jets and energy-wasteful homes, while conservatives are more likely to go "off-the-grid", as Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and the Amish do.
  • Hollywood profits from chivalry in movies, but liberals humiliate and exclude premier actor Will Smith for being chivalrous at its Oscars
  • peaceful protesters against vaccine mandates are imprisoned, while gay pride parades are welcomed despite public opposition.
  • Liberals in Europe who tried to ridicule Trump suddenly demand return of migrants from Afghanistan amid the collapse of that country.
  • Liberals are just fine with multiple videos showing Joe Biden groping little girls, and numerous complaints about his groping women, but Roy Moore is somehow completely unacceptable due to an isolated, denied meeting he supposedly had many decades ago with a teenage girl.
  • Alleged isolated sex abuse by clergy garner headlines and relentless prosecution, but more extensive sex abuse by public school teachers and liberal politicians is largely ignored.
  • Images of blackface and the KKK approved by him for his own medical school graduation page did not result in the resignation of Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, while liberals insist on ostracizing Republican Steve King for paraphrased remarks that misquoted and distorted what he said.
  • When a mass murderer uses social media other than Facebook, then negative headlines complain; when he uses Facebook, it gets a pass.
  • Obama complaining to the poor about the rich, despite how Obama bought a $8.1 million home for himself.
  • Liberals use the euphemistic term "groping" to refer to molesting done by other liberals, but insist on referring to it with the highly pejorative term "molesting" if alleged against a conservative.
  • Obama did nothing for 8 years about the immense environmental harm caused by the cultivation of plants for marijuana production, and both environmental groups and liberal politicians say and do almost nothing to object to the environmental damage.
  • Liberals encouraged Al Gore to refuse to accept the election result in 2000, but then harshly criticizing Donald Trump for merely implying that he might not accept the election result in 2016 depending on whether wrongdoing occurs.
  • Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct was no problem at all to liberals, who then attempt to destroy Donald Trump based on mere allegations far less severe.
  • a Dem like Tim Kaine can be rude to a woman moderator without a political backlash, but media fury would rain down on any conservative who might act that way.
  • liberals are easily amused by their crass, vulgar comments about conservatives, but when Donald Trump criticizes liberals in a similar way, that's a no-no.
  • when Donald Trump uses the same verb that an NPR reporter used, in describing analogous political defeats, only the usage by Trump is shockingly vulgar and anti-women.
  • Donald Trump is supposed to "correct" a questioner if he says something Obama doesn't like, but Obama is not expected to correct anyone who says something insulting about Trump.
  • Indiana is somehow bigoted for defending religious liberty against the homosexual agenda, but the NCAA finale consisted of a mostly white team playing against a mostly black team for its basketball tournament in Indianapolis.
  • the deliberately crashing of a jet, killing all 150 on board, is terrorism if done by someone who is religious, but is not terrorism if done by someone who is atheistic[1]
  • the second baseman of the New York Mets was silenced because he criticized the homosexual lifestyle, but a few days later the New England Patriots and San Francisco Giants submitted a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court requesting that it create a new constitutional right to same-sex marriage
  • hold conservatives to a higher standard than liberals
  • a gaffe by a liberal such as Obama is downplayed, but a gaffe by a conservative is national news
  • claim a slow recovery after a hurricane when the president is Republican is his fault, but if the president is a Democrat then it isn't
  • object to exposes of liberal bias as "a right-wing conspiracy theory", "fake news by the alt-right", or "highly edited material taken out of context" (e.g. Planned Parenthood admitting to selling baby parts on video), but routinely do the same to conservatives (e.g. "Trump told you to drink bleach")
  • getting angry when personally lied to, yet raising no objection to liberal deceit
  • believe what is taught by liberals in school before believing what is taught in the Bible
  • hold grudges against others who acted no worse than one's friends
  • disparage voters when liberals lose, but act like majority vote means something special when liberals win
  • immediately believe anything that is contrary to the Bible, yet reject numerous counterexamples to liberal theories
  • question the truth of what conservatives say, while rejecting any questions about the truth of the Democrat claim that Obama is a Christian
  • racial remarks by liberals are no problem, but they will try to destroy anyone for making the slightest racial joke or remark against a liberal
  • kneeling for a Christian prayer after scoring a touchdown (Tebowing) is somehow offensive, but kneeling for a Muslim prayer after scoring a touchdown is proper
  • Liberals claimed to support free speech for decades until conservatives began using First Amendment rights to promote their own views[2]
  • describing conservative, pro-American immigration policies as "hardline" while failing to describe uncompromising globalists and open borders activists as "hardline."[3]
  • Leftists want to lower the voting age to sixteen, yet they want to raise the age of majority on most other topics, including gun ownership, driving, and living independently — in other words, they want children to remain "kids" longer and have those immature "kids" choose the political leaders.
  • Liberals strongly oppose discrimination in favor of men, but they support it when it is the other way around.[4]

The son finally decides to return to his father in the Prodigal Son when he realizes that among the people he left his father for, "no one gave him anything," in contrast to his father's generosity. The son had been applying a double standard against his father, but no longer.

A useful approach to avoiding double standards in family situations is to "treat your friends like family, and your family like friends." Had the Prodigal Son done that, he never would have senselessly suffered as he did.

Double standard flow chart describing offensive remarks by politicians

Examples of liberal double standards include:

  • Evolution: Ardent supporters of the Theory of Evolution blindly accept any study that purportedly "proves" their theory, without addressing (or even allowing the criticism of) any flaws in such studies. But when it comes to alternative theories (whether it be Creationism, intelligent design, or something else), the same people immediately reject them without even studying the details.
  • Wikipedia is much harsher in describing conservatives and sites perceived to be conservative. Compare, for example, Wikipedia's entries on Conservapedia and Scholarpedia.
  • Liberals supported and participated in a prayer for the late Ted Kennedy led by the chaplain for the House of Representatives, which expressly and repeatedly referenced the Lord, yet the same liberals insist on the censorship of classroom prayer.[5]
  • Liberals blame conservatives for SOPA even though it came out of Hollywood. Attack Lamar Smith almost exclusively for it, even though Republican Hollywood supporters are an abnormality, and give Patrick Leahy, Al Franken, and Chris Dodd a pass for advocating the same thing because they're Democrats.
  • Democrats running primaries kicking party members like Joe Lieberman out of their party for disagreeing with them on an issue and having disdain for the decades-nonexistent 'Blue Dogs' and "centrist" Democrats, and yet constantly lecturing Republicans on how they should tolerate any amount of liberalism in their party up to and including voting with the Democrats on any issue and endorsing them for President. Indeed, if Republicans are unsatisfied with even the most severe RINOs, they're "intolerant" "purists" and the Democrats claim to have the higher ground.
  • Although the Left has been colluding with Russia since at least the 1930s (including during the Trump Administration), they go hysterical over unfounded claims that conservative Donald Trump somehow colluded with Russia.[7]
  • While leftists claim that children who advocate for leftist policies must never be criticized, those same leftists make nasty attacks against conservative minors,[8] nor do they care when the leftist child activists make extremely nasty attacks against conservatives.[9]
  • In June 2018, a Muslim activist who violently beat a policeman at a Tommy Robinson rally avoided any jail time and only received a six-month suspended sentence, despite Robinson himself (a right-wing critic of Islam) serving actual jail time for a much longer sentence for a non-violent act.[10]
  • The media and the left-wing treat conservatives and liberals differently when they are harmed or claim to have been harmed.[11]

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