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Liberal censorship refers to liberal attempts to mute all opposition to liberal beliefs. This has become a core tenet of liberalism, and is an almost exclusively liberal practice in modern times. Liberals recognize that if the truth is publicized then many will leave liberals to embrace the truth instead. “The truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Deceitful techniques of liberal censorship include:

  • on the eve of the 2022 midterm elections, NBC hastily censored its own story about an attack on the husband of Nancy Pelosi when the initial NBC report did not fit the politically motivated liberal media narrative that distorted what happened;[1] the full video of the encounter was then withheld until after the election.
  • "a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that more Republicans than Democrats had their Twitter accounts suspended in the six months after the 2020 presidential election: 35% of Republican accounts examined received a suspension compared with 7% of Democrats."[2]
  • Two elder Canadian musicians, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, pulled their songs off Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan's anti-CCP flu "vaccine" podcasts there.
  • ABC censored its story about Jeffrey Epstein during the 2016 Presidential Election, which might have hurt the chances of then Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton (she later lost to Donald Trump), and then ABC fired a staffer in 2019 who told the truth.[3]
  • Democrat presidential candidates demanded in 2019 that Trump and his spokesman Rudy Giuliani be banned from Twitter and television, respectively.
  • On college campuses, liberals censor a conservative speaker by claiming he somehow makes some feel "unsafe"
  • Liberals exaggerate offhand remarks by sports players in an attempt to chill their speech, particularly if the comments are contrary to the homosexual agenda
  • The Huffington Post censored an article on the possible relationship between school shootings and violent video games[4]
  • Ben Carson was forced to withdraw as commencement speaker of his own school, Johns Hopkins University, because of his criticism of same-sex "marriage"
  • Liberal opposition to free speech forced Tim Tebow to cancel a speaking event at a large church because its pastor has opposed the homosexual agenda
  • Opposing information for women that would let them know that abortion increases their risk of breast cancer, as confirmed by numerous studies
  • Expelling a young athlete from the 2012 Summer Olympics because she tweeted a joke about immigration, despite her apology, thereby destroying her dream and years of hard work
  • Hiding of comments by conservatives (via shadow banning or placing of "warning templates" around comments) by liberals on websites because said liberals do not like what the conservatives have to say, particularly if such statements are the truth and are directed specifically at the censoring liberal
  • Monopolizing discussions and repeatedly talking more than the other side, despite saying nothing coherent
  • Censoring readership of the Bible by deceptively pulling people from it, as in their formative years
  • Feigning offense in order to censor classroom prayer and religious symbols
  • Branding statements as "hate speech," with the ultimate goal of marginalizing the Bible in that way
  • Intimidating sponsors of conservative speaking events by harassing them
  • Seeking information about donors to traditional marriage referenda in order to harass them
  • Engaging in violent protests at conservative events, vandalizing conservative wikis on the Internet (particularly Conservapedia), or censoring by forcing the removal of conservative YouTube videos via frivolous and baseless "hate speech" claims
  • Getting a legitimate contributor banned from all or part of a website because of remarks he made on a different website
  • Censoring quotations from the Bible that contradict their personal opinions of what God meant to say
  • Censoring conservative speech on liberal-controlled comment forums while allowing liberal hate speech and attacks on conservatives to remain; any complaints to the site administrators or moderators regarding their behavior on the boards is often ignored
  • Canadian cable sports channel Sportsnet fired longtime hockey analyst and former NHL coach Don Cherry for making on-air comments critical of people who do not support veterans of the Canadian military or those who sacrificed their lives to preserve the quality of life those people enjoy, which Sportsnet and liberal media outlets then proceeded to deliberately misinterpret and twist out of context by claiming that Cherry was referring to "immigrants", then proceeded to falsely label his comments as "racist" and "xenophobic".[5] Subsequent to the firing, the hashtags #BoycottRogers, #BoycottSportsnet, #IStandWithDonCherry and #CherryWasRight went viral on Twitter in support of Cherry and his comments and in criticism of Sportsnet and parent company Rogers Communications.

Liberals inevitably demand censorship of ideas that challenge and counter their views due to their fear of opposing views, ideas and facts (which would also expose the liberals' own views and opinions as weak, indefensible and unable to compete with conservative views on a level playing field), and thus attempt, contrary to free speech laws in the United States and elsewhere, to illegally silence all criticism of their ideology by slandering conservatives and other opponents as "racist" and "reactionary", "legally" enforce political correctness, and establish legislation making many forms of religious speech "illegal" under misnamed "hate speech" laws. This is especially true in its most extreme political manifestation, Communism.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee makes this claim:

  • Realizing that their ideas couldn't compete in the Free Market, Democrats schemed for ways to crush conservative talk radio's success. Their answer? The so-called "Fairness Doctrine" which, despite its name, was anything but fair except to those in the liberal media. Revival of the "Fairness Doctrine" would have the chilling effect of censoring conservative talk radio and freedom of speech by requiring radio stations to air liberal content. Democrats would demand that talk stations air liberal content or their station license would be revoked. It's unfortunate that Democrats are willing to trample on our First Amendment rights for political gain.[6] Fortunately, Ronald Reagan put an end to the forced inclusion of liberal content on talk stations with the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 and, as expected under a free market, the liberal talk format faltered and largely collapsed (including the demise of the short-lived liberal Air America radio network).

In an attempt to divert attention from this demand, liberals charge that conservatives also censor when they can. An example some give is Conservapedia. They claim that edits that disagree with the prevailing conservative viewpoint here regularly lead to a block, even though Conservapedia does not block for ideological reasons.

Unlike liberals, Conservapedia does not censor on ideological grounds. Occasionally it is necessary to take action to prevent liberals from abusing its hospitality to ideas by seeking to damage or destroy the project through waves of vandalism from outside and deep cover subversion from within by the site's few regular liberal-leaning editors. Such action is necessary to protect and defend freedom of expression.

Liberal Totalitarianism

The result of pervasive and institutionalized liberal censorship is termed liberal totalitarianism.

Such attempts to remove first amendment rights (see Fairness Doctrine), along with gun control and the outlawing of creation science and even homeschooling, have led many critics to note the parallel between the modern liberal movement and 20th century totalitarian regimes. The censorship of school prayer is consistent with Fascist beliefs.[7][8][9]

Georgia Congressman Paul Broun claimed that Barack Hussein Obama sought to establish a Marxist dictatorship in the United States.[10]

Gun Control

The term Liberal Totalitarianism extends to liberals' attempts to breach the Second Amendment by banning weapons. By removing guns, a government can remove citizens' ability to resist totalitarianism, as occurred in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. As Thomas Jefferson stated, "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Religious liberty

One can see liberal totalitarianism toward their attitudes toward religious liberty. Despite the fact that many people, particularly left-wingers, consider the West to be the "free world" due to leftist policies, Christians and others who espouse conservative or unpopular views (which interestingly were considered mainstream only a few generations prior) have experienced increasing levels of persecution in Western countries, whether socially or legally. Increasingly, it is considered "dangerous" or "evil" to hold legitimate biblical Christian or conservative views that (despite the fact they are completely legitimate and sincerely held) contradict the leftist "consensus" or to pass them on to the next generation.

Due to their belief in the "Idea of Progress", left-wingers and even establishment "conservatives" believe that humanity is advancing and improving. Since they consider theologically conservative and orthodox Christianity to be "outdated," "archaic," or "narrow-minded," they believe that wiping out biblical Christian beliefs will only enhance progress and remove an obstacle to the betterment of humanity. Thus, despite the total lack of evidence, biblical Christian beliefs thought in love are increasingly considered "hate speech" or a "hate crime."

Homeschooling and school choice

Liberals oppose the practices of homeschooling and school choice, preferring that all children be required to attend public schools, which indoctrinate students with left-wing and anti-Christian values.

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