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Religious freedom is the right to espouse the religion of one's choice, or none.[1] Religious freedom is guaranteed in the constitution of the United States and is commonplace in democratic countries. However, in many states and countries, secular and atheistic policies, particularly in the field of education, form in effect a restriction on religious liberties. Examples include the ban on classroom prayer in the United States, and opposition to the teaching of any alternatives to the discredited Theory of Evolution in many western nations. These restrictions on religious freedom are supported by liberals.[2]

The U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom reported in May 2017 that religious freedom around the world was "worsening in both the depth and breadth of violations."[3] A November 2018 report by Aid to the Church in Need came to a similar conclusion.[4]

Even more so than in the West, religious freedom is seen as a grave danger by Communist regimes—very few religious freedoms are given in China, and under Communist rule religion was banned outright in Albania—and by strict Islamic regimes such as those in Iran and (particularly) Saudi Arabia.

Ann Coulter said,

  • "For as long as I can remember, liberals have been running around in a state of indignation, shouting that the government is being taken over by a dangerous band of religious fanatics who want to abolish the First Amendment, establish a national religion, force their bizarre sexual morality on children in public schools, rewrite the nation's laws to enforce their personal moral preferences, and punish anyone who dissents from their views. Unfortunately it's all true. That's precisely what liberals are trying to do."[5]

Hyung Jin Moon said,

  • "If we don’t stand up for our own religious rights, nobody will."[6]

Atheist, lawsuits and restrictions to religious freedom

See also: Atheist lawsuits and restrictions to religious freedom and Atheist lawsuits

Atheist organizations in the Western World are litigious. They often use ligitation to restrict the degree of religious freedom in a society.

The Freedom From Atheism Foundation has a webpage on their website entitled "Ongoing Lawsuits".[7] The American Atheists has a webpage on their website entitled "Legal sucesses".[8] The Center for Inquiry engaged in lawsuits related to faith based initiatives concerning prison ministry.[9][10][11][12]

In June 2014, given the focus of atheist organizations on lawsuits, Sikivu Hutchinson wrote in the Washington Post that atheist organizations generally focus on church/state separation and creationism issues and not the concerns the less affluent African-American population faces.[13] Hutchinson also mentioned that church organizations do offer significant help to poor African-Americans.[13] See also: Atheism and charity and Western atheism and race

Atheist lawsuits against other atheists

See: Atheist lawsuits against other atheists

Examples of restrictions on religious freedom in the West

See also: Christian persecution and Homosexuality and religious liberty

Despite the fact that many people, particularly left-wingers, consider the West to be the "free world" due to leftist policies, Christians and others who espouse conservative or unpopular views (which interestingly were considered mainstream only a few generations prior) have experienced increasing levels of persecution in Western countries, whether socially or legally. Increasingly, it is considered "dangerous" or "evil" to hold legitimate biblical Christian or conservative views that (despite the fact they are completely legitimate and sincerely held) contradict the leftist "consensus" or to pass them on to the next generation. Even Christians who faced persecution in the third world noted the increasing hostility toward Christianity in the West.[14]

Due to their belief in the "Idea of Progress", left-wingers and even establishment "conservatives" believe that humanity is advancing and improving. Since they consider theologically conservative and orthodox Christianity to be "outdated," "archaic," or "narrow-minded," they believe that wiping out biblical Christian beliefs will only enhance progress and remove an obstacle to the betterment of humanity. Thus, despite the total lack of evidence, biblical Christian beliefs thought in love are increasingly considered "hate speech" or a "hate crime." Left-wing organizations such as Americans United for Separation of Church and State have fought against religious freedom for Christians in the United States.[15] Having a winsome attitude when dealing with liberals does little-to-nothing to persuade them to respect religious liberty for Christians.[16] Because Christianity is "exclusionary" – including, but not limited to, its claim that faith in Jesus is the only way to Heaven – globalists oppose it for being antithetical to the universal values required to "govern the Earth."[17]

This is a very non-exhaustive list of restrictions on religious freedom that Christians have experienced in the supposedly "free world" since the turn of the century:

General examples
  • Any biblical Christian in the West who voices or acts upon their sincerely-held, biblically-based beliefs for biblical creation or biblical marriage will (at least) receive harsh scorn from others (and many of those "others" view themselves as "tolerant" of people with opposing views).
  • Homeschooling is illegal in much of the supposedly "free West", forcibly removing children from their parents and subjecting them to be indoctrinated by the leftist governments or private schools that do not support biblical Christianity.
United States
  • Numerous Christians, whether business owners or other people, such as Kim Davis or Roy Moore, have been persecuted in various ways (lawsuits, loss of business, arrest, etc.) for holding on to their sincerely-held beliefs and refusing to bow down to the homosexual agenda.[18] The number of religious freedom lawsuits against people of faith significantly increased in the early 21st century.[19] See also: Homosexuality and religious liberty
  • In a government report released in 2016, Martin R. Castro, the chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, stated that "The phrases “religious liberty” and “religious freedom” will stand for nothing except hypocrisy so long as they remain code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy or any form of intolerance."[20][21][22][23]
  • In 2014, the mayor of Houston, a leftist and the first openly-homosexual mayor of the city, briefly issued subpoenas on pastors, ordering them to turn over sermons concerning homosexuality.[24][25][26]
  • The Obama Administration and media's attitude toward a notable incident regarding homeschooling raised concerns over the future of the freedom to homeschool in the U.S. In 2008, a Christian homeschooling family traveled to the U.S. and applied for asylum in order to exercise their right to homeschool their children and give them a religious education.[27] Very few mainstream media agencies reported this notable incident.[27] The Obama Administration opposed the granting of asylum and sought to deport the family.[28][29] The administration argued in court that homeschooling was not a fundamental right and that the U.S. government could legally ban it and that the family's religious liberty was not being violated because not all homeschoolers are religious and because not all Christians want to homeschool (thus "suggesting that religious freedom is only the freedom to conform to a religious group, not the freedom to have individual religious convictions"[30]).[29][30] While the Department of Homeland Security ultimately chose not to deport the family,[31] the Obama Administration's legal reasoning had a major potential impact on religious freedom, as it could be used in the future to ban homeschooling in the U.S., hinder parents from being able to give their children a religious education, and assert that government – not parents – has the final authority over children.[30]
  • In February 2018, a judge in Hamilton County, Ohio, took away the custody of a 17-year-old gender-confused daughter from her parents because they would not allow her to undergo a sex change operation due to their religious beliefs.[32]
  • In October 2017, Wayne State University, a public institution, de-recognized InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as the student group required its members to be Christians.[33]
  • The City of Phoenix enforced a law requiring Christians to serve at homosexual "weddings" even if against their wishes, and threatened a $2,500 fine and six-month jail sentence for every single day disobeying the law.[34]
  • In 2019, the State of California attempted to evict an elderly woman from a veterans' home because she led Bible studies.[35]
  • The New York City government confiscated a homeschooling couple's children for "educational neglect" despite the charge being unsubstantiated.[36]
  • In 2019, several states moved to end religious exemptions to mandatory vaccine requirements.[37]
  • In 2019, the California legislature passed a resolution attacking religious freedom.[38]
  • In 2019, Virginia's government prosecuted a real estate agent for displaying "Jesus loves you" and John 3:16 in her email signature.[39]
  • Beto O'Rourke, echoing the preferences of left-wingers, called for revoking tax-exempt status for any religious organization that believed marriage to be between a man and a woman.[40]
  • Left-wing federal judges have blocked regulations intended to protect religious freedom.[41]
United Kingdom
See also: Persecution of Christians by homosexuals in UK
  • In 2010, a Christian street preacher was arrested for causing "harassment, alarm or distress" by calling homosexuality a sinful practice according to biblical teachings.[42] In 2015, another street preacher was fined for calling homosexuality an abomination.[43]
  • A pastor in Northern Ireland was charged and tried for making comments (in 2014) in one of his sermons against Islam that were considered "grossly offensive." Although he was found not guilty (in 2016), he should have never been tried in the first place, as Christians should be able to freely express and advocate their biblically-based theological positions.[44][45][46]
  • In 2014, the UK government banned the teaching of creationism in every school that receives government funding.[47] In 2016, a teacher at an Anglican school in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire was harshly criticized for stating on Twitter (in response to another teacher) that "Evolution is not a fact. That’s why it’s called a theory! There’s more evidence that the Bible is true."[48] In 2018, the UK Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills gave a Christian school its lowest ranking possible for quality of learning because it taught creationism and integrated its biblical values into its curriculum (aka. giving its students a Christian education, as a Christian school).[49][50] These are only a few of many examples of social persecution in the West, regarding numerous subjects, including creation science, the pseudoscientific theory of evolution, and homosexuality.
  • In early 2017, two Christian street preachers in Bristol were convicted for quoting the King James Bible in public because they supposedly used "threatening or abusive words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person . . . and the offence was religiously aggravated."[51]
  • In November 2017, Tim Farron, a Christian and the former leader of the Liberal Democratic Party who resigned due to the incompatibility of his faith and his position, admitted that social persecution of Christianity is a real thing and that the culture sees it as dangerous.[52]
  • An NHS doctor with 26 years of experience was fired in 2018 because he insisted on identifying patients by their biological gender rather than whatever the patients claimed to be.[53]
  • Speaking at a Pink News event, the UK House Speaker John Bercow stated that LGBT "rights" must supersede religious freedom.[54]
  • In 2018, Scotland became the first "country" to require "LGBT+" education in schools, with no exemptions or opt-outs.[55][56]
  • In February 2019, the UK Department of Education announced that public school children starting at the age of five would be required to learn about homosexual and transgender relationships, with parents being unable to withdraw their children from such classes.[57]
  • The U.K. Department of Education mandated the registration of all homeschooled children to "protect" them from "dangerous influences" such as religious parents.[58]
  • The UK government denied asylum for persecuted Christians – while accepting many Muslims – for reasons such as Christianity somehow not being a "peaceful religion" and because they requested asylum while also believing in Jesus as Savior.[59][60]
  • Between 2016 and 2019, Scotland had an extreme law that assigned every child a state guardian – a law strongly opposed by Christian organizations and which undermined the family.[61][62]
  • A British court explicitly stated that Christian values are contradictory to "incompatible with human dignity."[63]
  • In 2019, an English pastor was fired from his second job at a public school because he tweeted against homosexual "marriage."[64]
European Union
  • In January 2019, the European Court of Human Rights ruled it did not violate parental rights for a government to storm a family's house and confiscate its children to force them to attend a public school.[65]
  • According to the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe in 2019, Christian persecution on the continent is increasing, in the form of government attacks as well as non-government vandalism and desecration of churches, cemeteries, and Christian symbols.[66]
  • In 2016, the French Senate passed a bill making it illegal to post pro-life information on the internet.[67] In February 2017, both houses of the French parliament passed the bill, with the National Assembly's more severe and broad wording ultimately being adopted.[68] As of March 2017, the bill was being reviewed by France's Constitutional Council.[69] Regardless, this law would effectively criminalize the freedom of speech (at least on the internet) of those who support the true human right to life for unborn human beings,[67] and it illustrates the opposition to equal rights in the country.[70] France is already spiritually dead.
  • In February 2019, French MP and Secretary of Equality Marlène Schiappa compared supporters of traditional marriage to members of Islamic terrorists.[71][72]
  • In October 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron announced he would seek to ban homeschooling in France.[73]
  • Germany's government – like the governments of numerous other European countries – strongly opposes homeschooling, and homeschooling has been illegal in the country since the Third Reich enacted a law on this matter in 1938.[74] The German government bans homeschooling because it argues it must "counteract the development of religious and philosophically motivated parallel societies," something which nullifies religious freedom and parental control.[30] In 2013, for example, German authorities confiscated four homeschooled children from a Christian family who homeschooled in order to give their children a Christian education – the German government did this simply because the parents were not sending their children to the government school.[75] In 2008, a German homeschooling family traveled to the U.S. and applied for asylum,[27] something which they were guaranteed in 2014.[31] In January 2019, the European Court of Human Rights ruled it did not violate parental rights for a government to storm a family's house and confiscate its children to force them to attend a public school.[65]
  • A 2018 brochure supported by the German Federal Ministry for Family called for re-educating children from "right-wing" families who held conservative and Christians views on gender theory, "sexual diversity," and the "sexualization" of children, among other issues such as immigration.[76][77]
  • In 2019, a German court fined the parents of a young student for preventing him from going to school that day to avoid forcing him to attend a field trip to a local mosque.[78][79]
  • In 2017, a Swedish local government unit forced a Christian preschool to ban prayer to God under the country's Education Act, but the preschoolers were subsequently instructed to thank the sun and the rain before meals.[80][81][82] Also in 2017, the Prime Minister of Sweden stated in an interview that Swedish state church priests should "marry" homosexual couples regardless of what they think of it, and that they should leave their positions if they don't do it.[83] In 2017, the Swedish Labour Court of Appeal ruled that a pro-life midwife can be forced to perform abortions even if she objects.[84] As of August 2017, the case is being appealed in the European Court of Human Rights.[85]
  • In Sweden, the government is allowed to confiscate children from their parents for trivial reasons – such as when one of two parents in a household saw their mental state deteriorate – and send the children to a household with completely different values, such as sending Christian children to a Muslin household.[86][87]
  • Sweden has also denied asylum for persecuted Christians despite accepting large numbers of Muslims not facing persecution.[88]
  • In 2019, a Finnish legislator and former minister can under criminal investigation for promoting her biblically-based view that marriage is between a man and a woman.[89]
  • The Spanish government rescinded the non-profit status of a pro-family organization because of its opposition to transgender ideology.[90]
  • On January 1, 2019, Belgium's government banned kosher and halal animal slaughtering methods, important rituals in Judaism and Islam.[91]
  • The Belgian establishment, including the media, strongly called for removing the religious freedom of private, Christian organizations to refuse euthanasia for their patients.[92]
  • After 250 Dutch Christians signed the Nashville Statement, which affirmed traditional Christian sexual morality, the Public Prosecution Service reviewed the statement to see if it and the Dutch signers violated Dutch law.[93]
  • In 2018, the Swiss National Council voted to criminalize speech that it called "homophobia" and "transphobia."[94]
  • A Swiss federal court ruled that no right exists for parents to homeschool their children.[95][96]
  • The Canadian government is adopting an increasingly statist ideology which does not respect religious liberty for Christians.[97]
  • In 2017, a local Canadian school district, the Battle River School Division, ordered a Christian school to stop teaching "offensive" passages from the Bible, something that would alter the Christian message and omit key portions of the Bible from being taught.[98][99][100]
  • In 2017, the Canadian government chose to ban employers who oppose abortion or homosexual "marriage" from being able to receive summer job grants for students,[101][102][103] and in March 2018, the Canadian House of Commons voted 207–93 against reversing the requirement that employers sign an attestation affirming their support for such issues.[104] Although the government made some changes to the policy in December 2018, it continued to violate freedom of religion for pro-life people.[105]
  • In January 2018, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau indicated that pro-life speech is not protected speech. When asked on where the Canadian government limits free speech, Trudeau mentioned abortion, stating that "an organization that has the explicit purpose of restricting women’s rights by removing rights to abortion, the right for women to control their own bodies, is not in line with where we are as a government and quite frankly where we are as a society."[106][107] Trudeau stated in August 2018 that it is not enough simply to "tolerate" homosexuality, but that "acceptance" of it is necessary.[108]
  • The Canadian state of Ontario enacted a bill in 2017 that banned pro-life speech around abortion clinics.[109]
  • In June 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against an explicitly Christian law school, saying that is was "proportionate and reasonable" for some Canadian law societies to deny accreditation to the school's graduates because the school opposed homosexuality due to its Christian values.[110]
  • In 2018, a Canadian man was sentenced to two years in prison for committing "Wilful [sic] Promotion of Hatred against an identifiable group" – aka. passing out pamphlets at a 2016 "gay pride" parade that shared the Christian message that homosexuality is a sin and that repenting of all sin leads to "the free gift of eternal life."[111]
  • The New Democratic Party government of Alberta heavily promoted the homosexual agenda in the state's education system, such as forcing Christian schools to create Gay Straight Alliance Clubs even if only one student wanted one, and threatened to defund religious schools if they do not remove religious content from their curriculum.[112] The government of Alberta has persecuted Christian schools in other ways.[113][114]
  • In December 2018, Facebook took down a pro-life video of the pro-life group Choice42 because it was somehow "discriminating," and it placed restrictions on what videos the group could create.[115]
  • In April 2019, the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled that a father would be arrested if he calls his daughter a girl or uses her original name.[116][117]
  • An appeals court in Ontario ruled that Christian doctors can be forced against their conscience to participate in abortion and euthanasia.[118]
  • In July 2019, a man in Toronto was arrested for offending onlookers for criticizing homosexual "marriage."[119]
  • In July 2017, the Queensland Department of Education and Training issued an unofficial policy banning Christmas cards, any reference to Jesus, or anything else that might be seen as Christian evangelizing by primary school students.[120]
New Zealand
  • In 2017, Family First, a socially conservative organization that supports marriage being defined as between a man and a woman, had its status as a charitable organization taken away by the Charities Registration Board due to its stance on marriage.[121]
South Africa
  • In March 2019, a South African court forced the Dutch Reformed Church to recognize same-sex "marriage" and drop its former opposition to it.[122]
  • In 2019, a doctor went on trial for "obstetrical violence" because he conscientiously objected to performing an abortion.[123]
  • The Brazilian Supreme Court banned "homophobia" – criminalizing the very opposition to homosexuality as expressed in words or nonviolent actions rather than simply violent actions.[124]

See also


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