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Pink News is an online magazine written by and for homosexuals that advocates the homosexual agenda. It is not noted for factual reliability or objective balance in its reporting. It has frequently engaged in libelous attacks against those who oppose the homosexual agenda, inciting bigotry and hostile and criminal behavior (including death threats) by its readers against the targets of the magazine's attacks (all noted below). Pink News is not affiliated to the UK Press Standards Organisation and has never signed up to the Editor's Code of Practice, which requires editors to take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of what they print, and withdraw false or grossly offensive content.

While Pink News claims to represent all homosexuals, it is disliked by many of them, particularly lesbians, who publicly attack it and call it an anti-feminist, male-centered concern. It is widely known by the satirical name "Prick News" and a parody account has recently been set up on Twitter with this name.[1]

Examples of Inaccuracy and Bias

In 2009, Pink News accused the UK lobby group Christian Voice of advocating the death penalty for homosexuality.[2] This was not true.

In 2011, Pink News reported the death of David Kato Usule, the Ugandan homosexual-rights activist, in such a way as to suggest strongly that he had been murdered because of his activism. They portrayed him as a martyr for a noble cause.[3] The facts were very different. Kato was actually killed for behaving as a sexual predator to a much younger man, Sidney Nsubuga Enoch, who did not wish to comply. When locked into the house by Kato and faced with homosexual demands he killed the older man with a hammer.[4] Pink News reported the event in such a way as to reinforced the myth about "homophobia" and claim persecution of homosexuals worldwide.[5]

In April 2013 Pink News claimed that a man named Wilfred Brujin had been beaten up in Paris for being homosexual, blaming this "homophobic attack" on the pro-family organization La Manif Pour Tous. They backed it up with a shocking picture of a man's bruised face, which was widely copied together with the allegations.[6] They repeated the story several times, each time with the emotive shocking photograph, and used this to claim that there had been a rise in homophobic attacks. In fact La Manif is a completely peaceful movement and police investigation concluded that the incident had no "homophobic" motivation whatsoever. The four people convicted were not in any way connected with La Manif Pour Tous.[7] Nevertheless, Pink News refused to withdraw its accusations or to apologize for the affront to LMPT.

In April 2013, Pink News reported that there had been an attack on a "gay bar" in Lille, France, and suggested that the pro-family movement La Manif Pour Tous were to blame.[8] In fact, the incident consisted of nothing but three men going into a bar during normal opening hours, ordering drinks and getting into a drunken tussle. The management claimed they had used terms of "homophobic" abuse but the suspects charged always denied it. Nobody was injured and none of the suspects had any links with any pro-family group. A special lawyer was appointed by Lesbian and Gay Pride Lille, and as a result of their allegations of "hate crime" the three men were given a one-year sentence. The mainstream press in France pointed out that this was excessive, but Pink News never retracted or apologized for smearing La Manif Pour Tous [9]

In 2013, Pink News accused the retired Conservative minister (Lord) Norman Tebbit of homophobia, for saying that the late Jimmy Savile, posthumously exposed as a pedophile, looked to him like a homosexual. They demanded an apology. [10] Evidence that came to light soon afterwards confirmed that Savile had a long-standing homosexual relationship with another prolific UK pedophile, Peter Jaconelli.[11] Investigators have now concluded that about 20% of Savile's victims were boys.[12] Pink News has not apologized.

In February 2014, Pink News reported that Richard Kennedy, a homosexual drama student in Preston, England, had suffered a horrific attack and had his teeth smashed in. They published a shocking photograph of his injured face with the headline that it was an "alleged homophobic attack". Richard had placed this picture on his Facebook page with the caption ‘An example [of] why homophobia is wrong and it’s disgusting that it’s still around in 2014′. And he told Preston police he had been “savagely beaten” by several people who had subjected him to "homophobic abuse". [13] They followed it up with another article repeating the allegation that there had been a "homophobic attack" and featuring even more graphic photographs.[14] Shortly afterwards, the police stated that they had found CCTV footage revealing that Richard Kennedy had received his injuries by falling over, and had never been beaten up by anybody. There would be no further investigation.[15] Nevertheless, Pink News went on to publish a third article about Richard Kennedy in which he insisted that he had not lied to the police and had genuinely been under the impression that he was beaten up. Many of their readers went on asserting that there must have been a "homophobic" attack. Kennedy was not charged with wasting police time although many others are charged under that law. [16] In February 2015, Pink News reported that a man in Ohio had been charged with murdering his transgender "daughter", Brian Golec.[17] A friend of the murdered man later explained that Golec was not transgender, but was murdered by his heroin addicted father after a quarrel that had nothing to do with his sexuality or gender identity. [18]

In September 2015, Pink News announced that Elton John had been invited to discuss laws regarding homosexuality in Russia with Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. Pink News even featured a mocked-up picture of the meeting. However the invitation turned out to have been a hoax.[19]

In 2017, Pink News turned hostile to the TV presenter Piers Morgan who had questioned transgender theories in a TV interview. Morgan asked "If you can basically come in and say, 'I'm not a boy or girl anymore,' what else can you say you're not?" He went on to comment on the rise in transgender ideas among young children and said that they were catching such ideas by suggestion, or "contagion". Pink News reported that Morgan had "called the children a contagion", slyly twisting what he had actually said, and accused him of "attacking" the transgender couple because he had disagreed with them and challenged their ideas. [20] Morgan has always been a devout follower of the homosexual movement, to the point of joining in its own rudeness towards those with any other view, but this history of compliance did not earn him any leniency or exemption from their misrepresentation tactics.

Bullying Campaigns Against Private Individuals

In December 2015 Pink News ran a series of articles about a mother in London who had objected to her daughters being forced to participate in an "LGBT Week" at school. The girls, pupils at King Solomon High School in Ilford, London were told that if they refused to wear the badge of the LGBT movement, and publicly endorse its agenda, they would be put in detention. The pupils were given materials that promoted unnatural, unhealthy deviant behavior and promiscuity along with somewhat amateurish dubious versions of history. The Nazi Ernst Rohm was one of those glorified in the teaching materials for being homosexual. The mother, Mrs Anna Erickson-Hull, a Christian, objected. She mentioned the badge incident on her Facebook page, and the information was used by Pink News to launch a global bullying campaign against her and her family. They branded her a "homophobe" and a "bigot" and accused her of somehow "attacking" other people by simply asserting her right not to participate. They misquoted her and used all the resources of overblown rhetoric to launch a full-scale witch-hunt against her, even stealing her family photographs from Facebook and featuring them to make her a target of personal violence.[21]

For the next month, Mrs Erickson-Hull and her children were bombarded with thousands of obscene, threatening, viciously insulting messages from homosexuals all over the world. They accused her of attacking or being responsible for attacks on homosexuals and sent her death threats, or told her she deserved to be raped, beaten up, gassed or pushed off a cliff. They expressed this in every possible term of crude, scatological, anatomical and illiterate abuse. They sent her and her children obscene pornographic pictures of a disgusting kind. They harassed her with aggressive telephone calls at her home and contacted her employer and demanded that she be summarily dismissed from her job because she had committed the "crime" of offending the "gay community". All of this is of course quite common for the average homosexual bullying campaign, and only pathological by the standards of normal people.

One of the things the Pink News readers did was to set up a special Facebook page in which Mrs Erickson-Hull and her children were subjected to lies, abuse and insult. They stole her private photographs and included the children in their invective and threats.

The UK police, acting in dereliction of its duty, never intervened, even when the Erickson-Hull family started getting threats to their safety at their home. Eventually in 2016, the whole family had to leave England and have lived abroad ever since.

This is only one of many such examples. Pink News always denies that it is in any way responsible for the behavior it incites. Nevertheless, when readers place comments on its website calling for people to be raped, assaulted or killed, the editors do not remove the comments.

Connections with Pedophilia

In August 2017, Pink News ran an article about Prince George, the four-year-old great-grandson of Queen Elizabeth II entitled "“People think Prince George looks fabulous in this new photo" and suggested that he was a "gay icon".[22] The comments generated in the magazine and on social media left no doubt that there are a large number of pedophiles among Pink News readers. One UK newspaper wrote "AN LGBT news outlet’s labelling of four-year-old Prince George as a ‘gay icon’ has caused national outrage, with politicians and members of the public branding the piece as ‘sickening’. One British MP said "Sexualising a young child in this fashion is entirely inappropriate...To take an image of a little boy and to fantasise of him being an icon for a life defined by sex is outrageous and sick." [23]

Pink News refused to apologize, retract or remove the article from the website.

Unpopularity with Lesbians

Pink News is unpopular with lesbians for many reasons, including its alleged condoning of pornography and advocacy of transgender ideology, which is vigorously opposed by many radical feminists and lesbians. They refuse to recognize transgendered men as women and continue to argue and campaign for the preservation of separate female facilities and female-only sports events. They have dubbed the magazine "Penis News" or "Prick News" and recent Twitter comments on it include these.

@mayday4women Mar 15 More MAYDAY 4 WOMEN Retweeted PinkNews Also, notice Penis News avoids any mention of Anne's discussion of lesbianism, despite it being solidly within their journalistic remit. Why?

FeministRoar‏ @FeministRoar Mar 15 Here's a letter being circulated as a template for people wanting to complain to their MP about last night's #waronwomen meeting. It's really stupid. My favourite bit is how calling PinkNews 'Prick News' is hate speech against LGBT people.

Replying to @JessPGlass A mainly female meeting discussing feminism and legislation which will affect women “horrifying”? My, what a lucky sheltered little life you must have led. We'll be here for you when you start to realise that Prick News is no place for a woman.

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