Darren Grimes

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Darren Grimes
Darren Grimes Headshot.jpg

Born 22 July 1993
Consett, County Durham, England
Political Party Conservative
Occupation Political activist
Political commentator

Darren Grimes (b. 1993) is a British political activist, broadcaster and commentator.


During the campaigning period for the UK EU membership referendum, Grimes established a movement, BeLeave, which aimed to enfranchise younger voters to vote in favour of leaving the globalist and socialist European Union.

On 20 April 2020, Darren Grimes was attacked by the bigoted, pro-homosexual agenda newspaper Pink News. The biased publication patronizingly described Grimes as "a gay may who should know better" because he asserted that the existence of only two biological genders was an "immutable truth".

Darren Grimes launched Reasoned on 25 May 2020, an online news and political commentary platform for those who feared being ostracized or even physically assaulted by the woke mob for their political views.[1]

In an interview with TalkRadio, Grimes gave a list of reasons in why he, if he was an American voter, would support Donald Trump during the President's 2020 re-election campaign. Although Grimes acknowledged that Trump was "probably not" his ideal leader, he acknowledged the Republican's position on standing up to the Chinese Communist Party and achievements in bringing prosperity to the working-class.[2]

In December 2021, it was announced that Darren Grimes would join conservative UK television channel GB News as the host of a new program known as "Real Britain".[3] That show ran on GB News for just under a year between January and November 2022.

Darren Grimes opined in March 2022 that there should be a "Margaret Thatcher Day".[4]

Following the Roe v. Wade leak in May 2022, Grimes exposed the hypocrisy of men being denied an opinion on abortion when the trans agenda claims that men can get pregnant.[5]

On 31 March 2023, Darren Grimes said that the sham indictment of former US former President Donald Trump showed that Democrats were "desperate" and distracting the public from their "failed attempt at the presidency", and that it would only enthuse the MAGA base.[6]

In April 2023, Darren Grimes returned full-time to GB News programming, this time co-hosting a show called The Saturday Five, which airs on Saturday evenings. He also stands in for other hosts on the channel such as Neil Oliver.


Grimes identifies as a "conservative".[7]

Abortion and ethics

Darren Grimes has not publicly expressed whether he is pro-life or pro-death on the issue of the murder of unborn children. That being said, he called out the self-contradiction of SJW feminazis denying men the right to an opinion on abortion whilst the same people claim men could get pregnant.

Grimes has, however, made clear his opposition to late-term abortion. After in incident in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in which a woman was jailed for 2 years for taking abortion pills past the legal limit (which is 24 weeks), Grimes said he "had no words" and described the actions as "kill[ing] a child".[8] Grimes faced online bullying by some pro-choice trolls for thinking it wrong to murder a fully-formed unborn child.[9]

He also said that he "respected" the honesty of Kanye West for expressing his anti-abortion and pro-Trump views.[10]

Black Lives Matter and related

Darren Grimes has called out the violence of the Marxist insurrectionist hate group Black Lives Matter, for example, exposing the hypocrisy of BLM looters who destroyed an African-American woman's store.[11] This followed the 2020 left-wing riots in America, which were apparently provoked by the death of George Floyd, which Darren Grimes acknowledged to be "horrendous"

Grimes slammed the systemically anti-white racist teaching of so-called 'critical race theory', which aims to divide society along racial lines and teach the black supremacist falsehood that being black inherently makes somebody a victim, and being white inherently makes someone an oppressor, as "divisive" and "nonsense". Grimes is a native of County Durham in the UK, traditionally a majority white and highly economically deprived area, and he said "how dare you suggest people in [County Durham, and equivalent places in the USA] are guilty of white privilege?".[12]


Darren Grimes, who believes that Christianity is central to the identity of Britain as a nation, said in November 2022 that it was "sad news" that Christians were now a minority in Britain; the Office of National Statistics in the UK showed that only 46.2% of Britons identified as Christian in 2021 against 59.3% in 2011.[13] This statistic may be down to the increasingly atheistic culture of British education and mass, uncontrolled immigration from Muslim-majority countries.

Homosexual and trans agenda

Darren Grimes, who is homosexual, has said he feels "no pride" in the LGBT 'pride' movement or the rainbow flag (which Grimes describes as an "eyesore") which Grimes correctly identifies to stand for the sexualisation, indoctrination and even genital mutilation of children. He stated that pronouns such as "they/their" effectively mean "me, me, me". Grimes has observed that the LGBT movement, which claims to promote tolerance, is in fact incredibly intolerant, hateful and, as Grimes described, "intolerable", as an overweight drag queen at a Newcastle upon Tyne gay bar told Grimes he "wasn't welcome" because he worked for GB News.[14]

He also criticised the Biden junta navy for changing its social media profiles to fit in with homosexual agenda propaganda.

Grimes has on numerous occasions asserted the scientific reality that there are two genders, determined by biological sex.[15] For affirming this immutable truth, Grimes has faced bullying by the biased, pro-homosexual agenda media.

US politics

Darren Grimes stated in April 2023 that he believed that the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump regaining the White House in 2024 would be a "good thing" for the United Kingdom, saying that he believed that a second Trump presidency would make the "special relationship special again". Grimes stated that US Democrat ruler 'Scranton Joe' Biden (a known Anglophobe who farted in the presence of British Royals) "does not like Britain", observing that Biden (or "Slow Joe" as Grimes calls him) took selfies with IRA sympathiser and alleged member Gerry Adams while "smiling like a Cheshire cat" (Benjamin Butterworth described Biden's downfalls as "Gerry Adams and geriatrics").[16]

Following the 2020 US presidential election which Joe Biden is alleged to have won (see Democrat voter fraud), Darren Grimes argued that the "closeness" of the election proved Trumpism was alive and well. Grimes predicted that the incoming Biden regime would be short-lived "about as strong and stable as Mrs. May".

Grimes stated that the US Democratic Party have turned American cities into "crime-ridden hellholes".