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Neil Oliver (b. 1967) is a Scottish television host, political commentator, author and archaeologist. He is currently a host on conservative UK television channel GB News.


On March 1, 2022, following Russian military action in Ukraine provoked by NATO and Joe Biden, Oliver was falsely accused by SNP propaganda pravda The National of supporting what it called "Russian fascism".


He opposes Scottish "independence", and called the possibility of a second referendum on Scotland seceding from the UK a "cancerous presence".[1] Oliver described Scotland under the leftist SNP government as a "one-party state".[2]

Neil Oliver has been highly critical of the establishment response to the CCP virus. In June 2021, he described lockdown as "the biggest mistake in human history".[3] He also blasted left-wing globalist oligarch Bill Gates for his influence in on global politics.[4]