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Scottish National Party
Party leader Humza Yousaf
Parliamentary leader
Founded 1934
Political ideology Claimed:
Social democracy
Scottish separatism
Police state
Islamic Socialism
Sharia law
Political position Far-Left
International affiliation
Color(s) Yellow and black

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is the ruling far-left,[1] racist,[2] establishment[3] and totalitarian[4] political party and hate group in Scotland, UK which has historic links to Nazism and claims to advocate for the "independence" of that country. It was founded in 1934. Its former leader was Nicola Sturgeon, under whom the party, whose principles are described by Cid Lazarou as being a mix of Maoism and Scottish fascism, established an authoritarian regime within the devolved jurisdiction of Scotland.[5]

With their support base grounded in anti-English hatred, SNP members regularly engage in racism, sexism, peddling conspiracy theories and bullying.[6][7][8][9]


1930s - 1960s

The party was established in 1934, from the merger of the Scottish Party with the National Party of Scotland.

In the 1940s, the party planned to set up a Vichy-style government in Scotland in the event of a Nazi invasion.[10] Founding party member Andrew Dewar Gibb admitted in his diary to "distinct fascist leanings" and frequently quoted Adolf Hitler in his public speeches.[11] When information on the SNP's collaboration with the Nazis was publicly released in 2005, the SNP flimsily tried to deny it.

In the 1945 Motherwell by-election, Robert McIntyre (1913-1998) became the first Scottish National Party candidate elected to the UK House of Commons. He lost his seat at the general election later that year. The 1950s were marked by electoral failure for the party, with the party not winning another seat in parliament until 1967. The party was led by Nazi sympathiser and criminal detainee Athur Donaldson (1901-1993) from 1961 to 1969.

First SNP government (2007 - 2014)

The party first formed a minority government in Scotland at the start of the 3rd Scottish Parliament on 17 May 2007. The government was headed by Alex Salmond as First Minister.

During the party's 2007 campaign, they received a £500,000 donation by millionaire businessman Brian Souter. Souter is known for hating homosexual people, posing with scantly clothed young girls and describing his northern English customers as "the beer-drinking, chip-eating, council house-dwelling, old Labour-voting masses".

Failure of independence campaign and Sturgeon regime (2014 - 2023)

Nicola Sturgeon became party leader and First Minister in 2014 following the resignation of Alex Salmond in 2014 in the wake of the pro-"independence" Yes Scotland campaign being unsuccessful the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. Her premiership was blatantly authoritarian, with commentators describing a merging of state and party similar to previous totalitarian regimes such as Hitler's Germany or Stalin's USSR.[5]

In March 2015, the party was accused of threatening the independence of universities as it stated plans to "bring politicians very close to the governance of institutions". St Andrews University in Fife stated that the SNP's policy was "a serious threat to responsible autonomy and academic freedom".[12]

A hate mob of SNP supporters vandalized UK politician Charles Kennedy's home and trolled him online after he lost his parliamentary seat to the party on 30 March 2015. Kennedy died an alcohol-related death that June and the bullying is considered to have weakened him in his already vulnerable state.[13]

In what Breitbart described as "undiluted socialism" and a "ransom note", the SNP promised a deal with the UK Labour Party to increase public spending by £140 billion in the UK General Election in 2015.[14]

Among the earliest examples of totalitarianism under Nicola Sturgeon's far-left SNP regime was the proposed Named Persons Act of 2015. This act, characteristic of police states, sought to give the government the authority to spy on every child in Scotland.[15]

Numerous SNP politicians joined Labour in praising Cuban communist tyrant Fidel Castro following his death in December 2016.[16]

In February 2017, SNP politician John Mason described the IRA terrorists who shot 3 Scottish soldiers in 1971 as "freedom fighters".[17] In that same month, the party approved Sonja Cameron, a convicted anti-English racist and friend of terrorist group member Andrew McIntosh, for its council candidates.[18]

A January 2018 party broadcast listed 19 things the SNP had achieved since rising to power in 2007, 2 of which were, according to The Ferret, totally false and another 5 being only partially true.[19]

SNP members bullied a fellow party member, Dr Lisa Cameron MP, for voting against legalizing the murder of unborn children in Northern Ireland. A Scottish Catholic bishop wrote to dictator Sturgeon expressing concern over the matter.[20]

The SNP-regime was slammed by the Scottish Conservatives for using taxpayer funds to push anti-Brexit propaganda in January 2021.[21]

The party was slammed by former leader Jim Sillars in February 2021, who labelled the party "corrupt" under Sturgeon's leadership and described her years ruling the party as a "setback", urging voters not to back the party. Sillars also accused the party of a conspiracy against former leader Alex Salmond, who had been cleared of sex offences the year prior.[22]

As part of what has been described as an "establishment stitch-up", the SNP prevented former leader Alex Salmond's full story being told when alleging that Sturgeon broke the ministerial code.[23]

The Scottish Parliament election on the 6 May 2021 resulted in a power sharing agreement between the SNP and the eco-communist Scottish Green Party, who share with the SNP support for fake Scottish independence within the EU, with these parties together controlling 55% of Scottish parliamentary seats despite only receiving only around 48% of the vote between them.

In August 2021, the SNP-led regime introduced new guidelines that allowed school pupils aged as young as 4 to change gender without consent from parents. The policy sparked fierce backlash from women's groups.[24]

The party came under fire by Jewish groups and the Scottish Conservatives in January 2022 for not making Holocaust education mandatory.[25] This followed numerous SNP candidates being inculpated of antisemitism in 2021.[26]

In February 2022, the party was accused of misogynistic abuse of Sarah Smith, daughter of former Scottish Labour leader John Smith.[8] An SNP politician claimed that Smith had "imagined" the hate to which she was exposed.

Another example of SNP racism occurred in March 2022, when SNP policy advisor Tim Rideout posted a Tweet saying that English Conservative politician Priti Patel should be "sent back to Uganda".[27] That month, an SNP council candidate and executive committee member came under fire for calling Pope Benedict XVI a "c**t" and her outlandish conspiracy theory that 9/11 was an inside job by the FBI and CIA.[9]

Nicola Sturgeon resigned in 2023. Many political commentators agree that the party's trans insanity was the reason for her downfall.

Post-Sturgeon (2023-present)

In March 2023, Humza Yousaf, the Scottish-born son of Islamic immigrants (the father from Pakistan, the mother from Kenya) and an anti-white racist, was elected leader of the SNP and assumed the office of First Minister of Scotland.[28]

Ideology and policies

The party are a "far-Left extremist" organisation, in the words of party defector Andrew Wood.[1] Even liberal-biased newspaper The Guardian described Scotland under the party as a "police state".[29]

The SNP are fake "nationalists" who hold the hypocritical position of wishing for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom only to join the globalist European Union.

They are racist; Yen Hongmei Jin, an SNP councilor of Chinese descent, quit the party to become an independent after accusing other members of the party of racist bullying.[7] Additionally, SNP politicians have fostered anti-English hatred and resentment such as a protest at the England-Scotland border in June 2020,[30] and it is this Anglophobia that Rod Liddle described as the "bedrock" for SNP support.[6] In 2021, SNP candidate for Bannockburn, Diane Tortolano, mocked a Scottish-Nigerian's experience with racism in Scotland as 'a lot of s***'.[31]

The party also supports abortion and, despite record high numbers in Scotland, has been seeking since 2020 to expand access to such services.[32]

Despite the UK already having some of the most extreme gun control laws in existence, the SNP has pushed harsh airgun licencing and limits to the number a of guns a person can own on a certificate.[33]

A policy known as the "Named Persons Act" was pushed heavily by the party, but ultimately scrapped in 2019.[34] This authoritarian act would have forced every child in Scotland to have a government-appointed official monitor their "wellbeing" and "happiness".[34]

They support the Homosexual Agenda. One of the party's policies is to allow 16 year-olds to legally change their gender after just 6 months of applying to the government.[35] However, it appears that the SNP's "tolerance" for homosexuals applies only to those who support the party, as evidenced by an SNP parliamentarian defending the labeling of lesbian Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson as a "dyke".[36]

The SNP has a radical agenda against free speech. In 2021, the party introduced legislation that creates a new offence of "stiring up hatred", prosecuting anyone who "behaves in a manner that a reasonable person would consider to be threatening, abusive or insulting", even if the behaviour took place in the privacy of the home.[37] The "woke" SNP recently declared that in dealing with drug addiction and alcoholism, it wants the terms "addict", "alcoholic" and "junkie" replaced with politically correct terms such as "person with problematic substance use" and to treat drug abusers as if they have a "health problem" instead of as people immersed in self-destructive and, at times, criminal behavior with their addictions, even though illegal drug use and some cases of excessive drunkenness are officially criminal offences in Scotland.[38]


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