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Cid Lazarou (b. 1978), better known online as Rocking Philosophy and formerly RockingMrE,[1] is a political commentator and conservative author based in Wales. Lazarou is also a musician.[1]


The first time Cid Lazarou ever voted was in the 1997 UK general election. He voted for Tony Blair's left-wing Labour Party.

Lazarou's earliest videos centered around libertarian and classically-liberal philosophy and criticising feminism and anti-family values.

Lazarou's first book, Pulling Back the Curtain: Feminism, Socialism & the Nature of Freedom, was published in February 2020.

In 2021, he attended protests in Cardiff and London against lockdowns in response to the Chinese Communist Party pandemic. During this period, Lazarou's online content focused primarily on criticising Klaus Schwab's Great Reset, the climate change agenda, transhumanism and the agenda to introduce social-credit in the West.[1]

Lazarou's channel was removed from YouTube in March 2022. It has been said that this was due to the discovery of it by the school at which he worked. As of February 2023, Lazarou hasn't been heard from online since, though his existing videos remain available to watch on Odysee.


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