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Climate agenda

2084 Days Until Final Destruction of the Planet, Liberals Claim
Climate activist and shaman Jake Chansley at the Arizona Climate March in 2019.[1] Chansley was escorted by welcoming police to the Senate floor during the J6 Capitol protests, for which he was shockingly sentenced to years in prison.[2]

"Climate change" or climate agenda became the new, ineffective name used by liberals for their global warming hoax, which they coined as it became obvious that there is no crisis in global warming. The modification in terminology is identical to what liberals did in redefining "evolution" to be "change over time," which of course is a meaningless expression just as "climate change" is. Numerous past predictions of climatic catastrophes have failed to hold up.[3]

While on the one hand, secular scientists (and those who believe in a old earth) claim "Climate change occurs naturally" in repeated cycles of cooling and warming (known as the Milankovitch theory), they occasionally argue that man-made climate change can occur and is more impactful.

See also: Ice Age (a period of cold atmospheric worldwide temperatures and intense precipitation that followed the the worldwide flood)

Many writers have been urging America to fund an ill-conceived initiative to "stop global warming" as if warmer nights or winters would make human life more difficult. The term "climate change" has largely replaced the term "global warming", in ideological discussions.

Ideologues insist that the world's top scientists have reached a "consensus" that most of the warming which land-based weather stations have recorded in the last century is due to human activity. The basis for this claim is a set of reports published by the IPCC, an agency of the United Nations. The assumption is that the government-appointed representatives who run the IPCC would be completely objective and neutral, and would place finding and revealing the truth ahead of any nationalistic interests.

A lot of money is spent publicizing one side's position in the debate:

  • Newsweek purports to take readers inside the world of “Global-Warming Deniers: A Well-Funded Machine” without mentioning that the global-warming alarmists are even better funded, in some cases with government support. [2]

Journalists omit mention of key scientific points:

  • Good news is no news, which is why the mainstream media largely ignores all studies showing net benefits of climate change. [3]

Ideologues use all sorts of tricks to convince the general public to support them on the climate change issue. A perennial favorite is to trumpet the current year as the "warmest year on record", as if one outlier denotes a trend. Probably the most insidious kind of trick is to accuse objective people of cherry-picking and censorship, while hypocritically doing just that themselves.

The allegedly harmful effects of climate change include warming temperatures, changing weather patterns, an increase in sea level and in general any climate event affected by global warming.[4] Climate change is one of the top environmental issues, with liberals and conservatives evenly divided on whether global warming is man-made or, if it is significantly occurring, is a natural event — along with global cooling. By 2019, voters were increasingly rejecting radical climate change policies.[5]

Jack M. Hollander wrote:

  • The planet has warmed since the mid-1800s, but before that it cooled for more than five centuries. Cycles of warming and cooling have been part of Earth's natural climate history for millions of years. So what is the global warming debate about? It's about the proposition that human use of fossil fuels has contributed significantly to the past century's warming, and that expected future warming may have catastrophic global consequences. But hard evidence for this human contribution simply does not exist; the evidence we have is suggestive at best. Does that mean the human effects are not occurring? Not necessarily. But media coverage of global warming has been so alarmist that it fails to convey how flimsy the evidence really is. Most people don't realize that many strong statements about a human contribution to global warming are based more on politics than on science. Indeed, the climate change issue has become so highly politicized that its scientific and political aspects are now almost indistinguishable.[6]

In March 2021 during a "hot mic" moment when he thought no one was listening during a speech he gave, Joe Biden publicly admitted indirectly what many people have already known, that "climate change" does not exist, when he said in an aside to someone off the stage that "...(you're) starting to convince the American people there’s a thing called climate change".[7]


  1. What is the most important greenhouse gas?
  2. What is the role of clouds?
    • Low-altitude clouds reflect some of the sun's radiation back into the atmosphere, cooling the earth. It's not yet known whether global warming will dissipate clouds, which would effectively speed up the process of climate change, or increase cloud cover, which would slow it down. [4]
  3. What are the uncertainties in understanding climatic change?
    • The UN's climate panel said recently there is a 90% chance that most of the last 50 to 100 years of global warming are due to human activity
    • Sallie Baliunas points out that the same climate panel also said, "Our ability to quantify the human influence on global climate is limited because the expected signal is still emerging from the noise of natural variability, and because there are uncertainties in key factors" [5]


Many times, AGW advocates pay lip service to general principles which they themselves violate, while broadcasting false accusations that their opponents are violating these principles. The AGW side has made every effort to censor their opponents, heaping enormous pressure on scientists and other academics to silence them. Accordingly, the US media gave great publicity to James Hansen when he accused NASA of trying to silence him.[9]

Environmentalism and climate change

The main contention of environmentalists like Al Gore is the argument that:

  1. The earth's atmosphere warmed one or two degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 Centigrade) during the 20th century.
  2. Most of this warming is man-made.
  3. The warming is likely to continue and to be harmful to human, animal and plant life.
  4. We must all work together to stop it by reducing emission of greenhouse gases.

Science and climate change

Nuclear physicist Jack M. Hollander wrote:

... climate change remains a fascinating and important scientific subject. Climate dynamics and climate history are extraordinarily complex, and despite intensive study for decades, scientists are not yet able to explain satisfactorily such basic phenomena as extreme weather events (hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts), El Nino variations, historical climate cycles, and trends of atmospheric temperatures. The scientific uncertainties about all these matters are great, and not surprisingly, competent scientists disagree in their interpretations of what is and is not known.[10]

Physicist William Happer wrote:

The current debates about global climate change are complicated by our not understanding the physics of the sun or of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans well enough to dismiss them as major causes of climate change on the earth. Dramatic climate changes like the medieval warm period at the time of the Viking settlements of Iceland and Greenland from about a.d. 900 to 1250, and the subsequent “little ice age,” from about 1250 to 1700, which led to extinction of the Greenland settlements, were certainly not caused by manmade changes in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.[11]

One of the major problems with many scientists' conclusions about climate change is a misunderstanding of correlation versus causation. Some studies show correlations between increasing concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases and increasing precipitation, and between human activity and atmospheric greenhouse gases, and then go so far as to conclude that humans are causing increased rain, snow, and catastrophic flooding.[12][13] Correlation does not imply causation. This is especially true considering the relatively short periods of data used (a few decades at most) compared to the Earth's age, and the fact that weather patterns have been cyclic throughout history (see climate cycles).

Climate change is neither anthropogenic nor apocalyptic. Douglas Pollock comments that 95% of greenhouse gases are water vapor 3.6% of these gases are CO2. Of the gases in the atmosphere 0.04% is CO2, only 0.01% is generated by humans. All greenhouse gases represent 1% of the gases. Carbon dioxide is the gas of life, it is vital for life, in fact the earth has greened between 1982 and 2014 by 15% and the Sahara has shrunk by 300 thousand km2.[14]

In the Middle Ages there was a warm period on earth, instead of being detrimental, it was beneficial, as fewer people died from cold (cold kills 20 times more than heat), the greatest cathedrals and castles in history were built (including Notre Dame). In the last 8 glaciations CO2 has been at its maximum level and in the warmings at its minimum.

Between 1945 and 1970 the temperature decreased as the world became more and more industrialized. The current warming has been the weakest since the last 10,000 years. The sun and the Earth's oscillations (Milanković cycles) are the main causes of climate change, scientists have found a correlation. The environmentalism business moves 1.3 trillion dollars. Is it worth sending the economy down the drain? In Germany, electricity has risen by 215% for using "renewable" energies (which are more expensive and less efficient).[15]

Prominent personalities have spoken out on the matter: John L. Casey, NASA scientist has said that climate change is the "biggest scam". Patrick Moore, co-founder of GreenPeace talks about this being a scare campaign to steal more funds from taxpayers. Dr. Ottmar Endenhofer said in 2010 "We at the IPCC de facto redistribute the world's wealth with climate policies..." "One must free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is about environmentalism. This is no longer about environmentalism." In the past 41 climate "experts" have made erroneous predictions about environmental catastrophes. The water level is not going to rise 3 meters as predicted, the Archimedes Principle says that ice has the same density as water, it is not able to rise much when the ice melts.[16]

Who started with the myth of 97% of scientists agreeing that "the Earth is warming and human emissions of greenhouse gases are the main cause" is John Cook of the Global Change Institute in Australia, "main cause" meaning over 50%, but an analysis reveals that it is only 2%. To get to 97% he added papers that explicitly said there is anthropogenic climate change, without saying how much of it was anthropogenic and added papers that said there is climate change, without saying it is anthropogenic although he could say implicitly.[17][18][19][20][21][22]

The Spanish Geologist Lluís Pomar states that: "The cause is not human, it is solar. The energy varies, the distance to the Earth changes. [...] The media are dominated by the official version, and those who don't follow it, cataclysm. [...] Geology is a science with a practical side, studying economic resources such as groundwater or soil permeability. And it has another historical dimension, which allows us to know that the concentration of CO2 in dinosaur times was a hundred times higher than it is today. Without human beings. [...] Yes, because the climate crisis is determined by computer models, with extrapolations of those who believe they are able to establish the future. Not me, I look to the past. [...] No one denies that the planet has warmed since 1800, but it has cooled before. [...] I consider myself a scientist who is not afraid to tell the truth. I will give you facts, not slogans. Those who indoctrinate are progressives, I am evil, fascist and whatever else can be added. [...] The Global Climate Intelligence Group was started by Dutch people five years ago. At the beginning there were very few of us, but more and more scientists are joining. [...] Those who listen to the official version, their big lie about climate change, should be more surprised. CO2 is life. Why is it bad, if its levels have never been so low since the end of the Primary Era. This is ecoterrorism."[23]

History of Climate Change vs. Global Warming

The term climate change has its origins several decades ago when physicist Gilbert Plass published a study called The Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climatic Change in 1956.[24] In this study, Plass postulated the release of CO2 into the atmosphere by industrial and other human activities may have caused the temperature rise noticed in the twentieth century.

The term global warming was first thought to be used by Wallace Broecker, a geochemist from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory. His paper, Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming? [25] acknowledged the scenario of global warming, though there was a common acknowledgement that airborne aerosols may cause global cooling.

A National Academy of Science study of carbon dioxide's impact on climate published in 1979 also used the term global warming to refer to surface temperature change.[26] Jule Charney of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge declared: "If carbon dioxide continues to increase, we find no reason to doubt that climate changes will result and no reason to believe that these changes will be negligible.” Climate change was still used to refer to the other changes thought to be caused by increased CO2.

Extreme weather events

With regard to the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, Fox News reported that Pakistani senator and “the country’s top climate official" Sherry Rehman, said on Twitter that Pakistan is in 2022 experiencing a "serious climate catastrophe, one of the hardest in the decade." The senator said that “we are at the moment at the ground zero of the front line of extreme weather events”, and described “an unrelenting cascade of heatwaves, forest fires, flash floods, multiple glacial lake outbursts, flood events and now the monster monsoon of the decade.[27]


Heavy seasonal snow and extreme snowstorms occur with great frequency, with. the number "of extreme snowstorms in the eastern two-thirds of the contiguous United States" increasing over the last hundred years. There were about double the number of extreme snowstorms in the second half of the 20th century than the first.[28]

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