Hungarian Revolution of 1956

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The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was a major revolution that occurred in Hungary from October 23 until November 10, 1956, and which temporarily overthrew the Soviet puppet government.

By order of Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) on 4 November 1956, a quarter million Soviet troops, supported by hundreds of tanks, drove into the Hungarian capital of Budapest and suppressed the Hungarian revolution.

In Budapest an estimated 30,000 people were killed by the communists and approximately 3 million refugees fled from their homes in Hungary. Communists claimed to have "crushed the forces of reactionary conspiracy against the Hungarian people". Criminals from the communist party still live in Russia. No one has ever been sentenced or jailed for this massacre of Hungarians.

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 is a major reason why Hungary and other Central European countries adopted conservative and nationalist after the fall of communism.[1][2]


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