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Our Revolution, also Peoples Revolution, is the vehicle organized in 2016 to carry on the Bernie Sanders movement. In the 2018 midterm election, the Marxist organization with more than 100,000 members in 50 states helped elect one U.S. senator, 10 members of Congress including Democratic party Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), and around 70 state, county, and municipal officials.

Kris Jacks, chair of Our Revolution Weld County, who threatens assassination and murder of political opponents, is a member of the Colorado Democratic Party's Congressional District 4 Committee, the Colorado Democratic Party Executive Committee Central Committee, and dozens of other committees.[1][2] The Our Revolution movement was deeply involved in organizing the Kenosha riots in which two people were killed and others seriously injured.[3]

People's Revolutionary Movement member Gaige Grosskreutz still holding a Glock after sustaining a serious injury. The communist is also a felon illegally in possession of a firearm.[4]

Gaige Grosskreutz

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People's Revolution Movement member and career criminal Gaige Paul Grosskreutz,[5] had part of his arm blown off at the Kenosha riots. He has a criminal record that includes being intoxicated & armed with a firearm.[6] At the time of the shooting Grosskreutz was a felon in possession of a handgun. His mask had a pentagram from the church of Satan.[7] Social media posts by a friend of Grosskreutz named Jacob Marshall[8] said that Grosskreutz’s “only regret was not killing the kid and hesitating to pull the gun before emptying the entire mag into him,” contradicting mainstream fake news media reports of "peaceful protests."[9] Marshall later swore under oath that he was a liar.[10]

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