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Political Affairs is now an online daily magazine of the Communist Party USA promoting, in its own words, class struggle.[1]

In the early Cold War it was a monthly publication. Its editor then was Max Weiss; associate editors, V. J. Jerome, Alex Bittleman, Abner W. Berry, and Jack Stachel. Political Affairs is direct successor to The Communist.[2]

Gerald Horne

In 2007 New Zealand blogger Trevor Louden reported Prof. Gerald Horne of Political Affairs had outed the identity of "an old poet" only known as "Frank" in Barack Obama's Dreams from my Father.[3] Horne and Louden identified the future president's early role-model as CPUSA operative Frank Marshall Davis, a controversial figure assigned to carryout subversive activities in the Territory of Hawaii in the late 1940s and 1950s. These activities included, but not limited to

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