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Patrisse Cullors is a trained Marxist community organizer and co-founder of the DNC fundraising arm, the Black Lives Matter organization.[1][2]

Cullors is an advocate for prison abolition and Marxist revolution.[3][4] She also identifies, in her words, as a "queer" activist.[5] Cullors describes herself as a “working class, queer, black woman.” She claims the country killed her father, a drug addict. At a 2015 Netroots Nation conference, Cullors led chants shouting,

“If I die in police custody, burn everything down … rise the f*** up! That is the only way m*****f**ers like you will listen!”[6]

Cullors founded and directs Dignity and Power Now, which claims to seek “dignity and power of incarcerated people, their families, and communities.”

Cullors was trained by Eric Mann, a former Weather Underground leader who exhorts followers to become “anti-racist, anti-imperialist” activists.[7] Mann runs another Liberation Road front, the Labor/Community Strategy Center. Like many professional leftists, he makes good money—over $225,000—living in “the system” he advocates destroying.

While addressing an audience at the Harvard Law School in 2015, Cullors called for the termination of Israel, referring to it as an "imperialist project" while standing up for "Palestine", defending Islamic terrorist Rasmeah Odeh and ignoring all of the Islamic terrorist attacks that have plagued Israel for decades; Cullors is also a supporter of the anti-Semitic liberal propaganda program of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.[8]


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